Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Summer Bull Redfish Fishing around Jekyll Island in Coastal Georgia  

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Today was a good fishing day, (editor's note: an understatement. You know damn good and well that most of us fishermen would be sorely tempted to sell a sister to a slave trader for such a fish!...serious understatement!) and another step toward figuring out a long overdue Redfish movement pattern in several areas near Cumberland Island... The target - - Summer Bull Redfish in Coastal Georgia.

And today, we were lucky enough to hook and land 2 very large Redfish today, one of which exceeded 40 pounds... A Stellar size Redfish in anyone's log book, mine included.

Over the past few seasons, I have been working to prove we have huge Bull Redfish (Males and Females) that are resident Redfish to our area. Meaning, the fish stay here year round and are part of a small group of fish that do not migrate offshore with the rest.

It seems this is small, "elite" group of Huge Redfish. In this colony (when we can find them), the fish are above average size Bull Redfish. These boys and girls are HUGE!

Taking good care of these fish is our responsibility and we take it very, very seriously. We always take special care and precautions to release these fish quickly and without harm at all possible times. A quick photo or two, and these fish are released back into the ocean fighting condition, ready to battle another day.

Remember, when you're fishing for these big Redfish, always use large circle hooks to help prevent "gut" hooking the fish. Using circle hooks will also increase your hook up ratio and prevent other types of foul hooking as well.

If you're interested in catching Bull Redfish this season, feel free to contact me via email at or visit my official website for more info on all of Georgia's saltwater fishing from Jekyll and St. Simons Island at
Editor's note: Why are you passing through Georgia to get to Florida? Stop and Smell the Peachs! 

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