Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Links to Free Downloadable Major Ship's Accident Guide.


Download: New FREE Pocket Guide – Major Accidents On Ships

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 Ships are inherently dangerous work places and accidents happen every year despite extensive safety regulations, union watch dogs, classification society and regulatory agency scrutiny, drills, training, and regular inspections. Ships also operate within the confines of a complex international and national legal system and very detailed regulatory framework. It is a challenge to the ship's officers and shore side management to know exactly who to call, in what order, and what to do in the event of an accident. MARINE INSIGHT a provider of premium E-books for mariners and marine professionals is offering a free downloadable pocket guide to ship accidents.

cover 2 backAccidents covered in this E-book include:
  • Man Overboard
  • Enclosed Space Accident
  • Electrical Shock Accident
  • Explosion in Machinery
  • Mooring Operation Accident
  • Falling from Height
  • Lifeboat Testing
  • Hot Work Accident
  • Fall from Gangway/Pilot Ladder
  • Fire Accident
 We always like to repeat offers for free maritime safety information. Our mission is to help you find all of the maritime information that is out there even when you can only remember one web site AMERICAN ADMIRALTY BOOKS. We are an Amazon portal and sell books, but we are not the source of every worthwhile publication on maritime subjects in English. As those of you know who have followed our blog for some time we also link to what appears to be competitive vendors if they carry publications that we don't or offer free services to mariners or managers. Marine Insight produces a number of unique E books available only from Marine Insight and many interesting blog posts on maritime safety in the big ship environment. We are adding them to our NEWS SERVICE links permanently. Remember we, American Admiralty Books are an ENCYCLOPEDIC service with no intention of being the primer detailed information site on any and every maritime subject. We are the place where we suggest that you start research we are pledged to link you to as much quality maritime information sites as we can find, not just those who we may accept advertising from. Truthfully we have never had contact with MARINE INSIGHT nor do they advertise with us. We have reviewed the site and found it professional, utilitarian, and insightful. When we noticed their highly useful free offer we felt it was time to notify you our readers and link them in to our system as a legitimate news and information source.

 To get your free downloadable marine accident guide click here: MARINE INSIGHT SAFETY

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