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EDITOR'S NOTE: We noticed that we are getting visitors almost daily on key word searches that feature the word "ugly" with modifiers such as "women", "girls", "people". Neither the word "ugly" nor the modifiers appear much if at all together in our various texts. Eventually we did notice that visitors clicked on this June 2013 post a lot on the same days we saw the "ugly searches". If you scroll down to the bottom of the post past the photo of the lovely Jeri Ryan, an early Bot Backer you will see an IMAGE of a really ugly woman. You have to read the blog to understand the context of why this image is there. What we can't understand is how an image can result in a positive "hit" in key word search...or is that in fact happening. We have no other explanation that we can find of why our site gets referred to on key word searches involving the word "ugly". Is there a reader out there with serious "geek" credentials who can enlighten us?
We also remind our readers that the BOT still needs backing even if a particular fund raising event is not being advertised in these pages at the moment. Use the links in the post below to learn how to contact and donate to the Bot developers. If you never read Namazu's explanation on how donating to the Bot's development can improve your sex life be sure to use the link in the article below and read it. This is the Great Catfish at his wittiest, have a good laugh then please contact the developers ( a university consortium) and donate. BACK THE BOT!  

Back The Bot


 And Now A Few Words From  The Great Namazu, The Earth Shaker; Famous maritime journalists, and star of legend, stage, screen, and outer space,not to mention Music video cover model. 

Click here to donate:
   OK Bipeds listen and listen tight!

Namazu, Giant Japanese Catfish and former Demigod                As you all know by now I'm a 3,000 year old giant catfish the size of Japan. I was formerly employed as a demigod in charge of coastal earthquakes and tidal waves. As I mentioned in my dialogue with the religious right when I began a career in Journalism I didn't select the job title of demigod, that was an unfortunate usage of the era. I've always thought of myself as simply a personification of the forces of nature behind destructive coastal events of natural origin. That job kind of fell apart when people started thinking about cause and effect in such circumstances in a supposedly "scientific" vice holistic way. Some people tend to think that science is a sort of destructive testing lab, but regardless of the cause of the attitude, I was forced to seek new employment. Being a 3,000 year old catfish it seemed to me that my sort of (pardon the pun) "in depth" wisdom would serve best somewhere in journalism, and my best area of expertise tends, as one would suspect of a catfish, in things of a maritime nature. So far dear gentle biped readers you have been most kind in accepting my reports and opinions and I would hope that some trust has evolved around me. That is why I'm so very disappointed in your response to my "Back The Bot" fund raising drive.  We have explained in our most honorable and reliable blogosphere that this project is vital, needed, scientifically sound, and of political necessity at the moment, must be funded by public donations or it will be left undone. Yet we have not made our goal. Please reconsider any of the following:

  The Bot is sexy and backing it will make you more sexy. Really, twice we tried to give you precise instructions on how to use your bot contributions to improve your sex appeal. Could there be a anything more motivational to a biped than improving his or her sex appeal? Just in case you missed that all important blog we re-post the link here: "Namazu sez: ....And don't forget that contributing to the CoralBot project vastly improves your sex appeal. Click here to read how the CoralBot program can vastly improve your sex appeal:"

The Bot is backed by the best people and famous personalities:  I personally back the bot. Johnas Presbyter ancient mariner and editor in chief of this publication backs the bot.
Photo  Jeri Ryan backs the bot: Really, check it out at:

On the other hand : ugly weird strange funny people girls men world pictures black images pics humor photos 1 Another Round of Most Ugly People In The World [18 Photos] This woman did not back the bot....we think that you get our drift. It's not too late to upgrade your associations back the bot today! 

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