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 An ancient Christian invitation to prayer and the antidote to the demands by Muslims to sound out their five times a day calls to prayer from loud speakers and bell towers at universities all over the nation. Since Muslims want all Christians converted or dead we have every right to take offense at the sound of their prayers which for too many Wahhabi influenced ( most Shitte and Sunni groups) are prayers for an end to our civilization, legal system, beliefs, laws and the lives of any one who objects.

 For centuries many Christians, especially Roman, Orthodox, and Coptic Catholics prayed a special series of prayers and recollections of scriptural passages three times daily called the Angelus .
Here is a link to the history and words of the prayer:   THE ANGELUS

 With 79% of Americans formally participating in organized Christian congregations it is time for Protestants, Catholics, Coptics, and Orthodox to ban together in prayer against the demonic forms of Islam which seek to devour us all. We Christians, the vast majority of believers in the United States have cheerfully accepted separation of church and state but are having Mosque and Islamic law shoved down our throats forcefully by publicly financed institutions like UCLA. Well if Muslims can demand the right to have their 5xs a day prayer calls sung out on campus, Christians have every right to demand that our ancient three times a day invitation (vice the demands of Islam) to prayer be rung out with the traditional bells daily. Oh, the university doesn't have bells? They certainly have loud speakers for the Muslim prayer calls, demand use of the system to play a recording of the bells of the Angelus.

 Although the Angelus has been traditionally said three times daily, at 6 am, noon and 6 pm, you can pray it at anytime! It is still accompanied by the ringing of a bell (the Angelus bell) in some places such as Vatican City and parts of Germany and Ireland and South Louisiana. By demanding the bells of the Angelus be rung at the traditional times you are bound to conflict at times with the Muslim call to prayer. Take it a step farther, gather in groups as often as possible within sight of the Muslims at prayer and actually recite the prayer of the Angelus out loud as a group responding to a leader. Even if you are a dyed in the wool Protestant who would never allow the words of the Hail Mary to pass your lips , attend and join in the final prayer spoken out loud:

Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts, that we to whom the Incarnation of Christ Thy Son was made known by the message of an angel, may by His Passion and Cross be brought to the glory of His Resurrection. Through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.

 If you don't have Catholic prayer leaders anti Mary faction Protestants could gather together in response to the bell and pray just the final prayer quoted above, if you want call it a "reformed Angelus service".

 No one can stop you from gathering outdoor in public prayers, you have "the inalienable right to peacefully assemble". If any place other than a Mosque denies you the right to the Angelus but allows the broadcast of Muslim prayers make no end of protest and even law suits. The Christian practice of the Angelus and insistence on it as a right, can end the abuse of public institutions denying Christians a place in the public forum while reserving special privilege to Islam. .083% of the population may not govern 79% of the population. 

 As a reminder to our Jewish friends the names invoked in prayers of the Angelus are those of ancient Jews; Jesus and Mary. The God prayed to is the one who spoke to Moses in the Burning Bush. You are always invited to join in the Angelus and if the prayer is offensive to your personal beliefs, you are always free to remain silent while supporting this spiritual act of defiance to Islamic aggression that so threatens both Christians and Jews. An Angelus gathering can be political act as much as most Muslim gatherings are in fact a political act. Remember the political goal of Islam is the destruction of Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. 

 Which brings up another point. If you are Jewish, Buddhist, or Hindu do you have a multi times a day invitation to prayer tradition that you can demand? We Christians will cheerfully share the bell tower and public square/university quad with you. But the moral cowards we have for officials who are already bowing down to Muslim demands won't like it. More over the Muslims won't tolerate it and eventually will make trouble. eventually they will have no choice but to reserve the quads and bell towers to secular purposes and run all of us off. So be it, we've always been content to meet in the privacy of our congregations for group prayer. It is only Islam that political philosophy of  looting and pillaging that demands that its prayers for our destruction be the only prayers heard in the public square. 

 If you understand Islam you know that the sound of their accursed prayers is the sound of your own death knell. Fortunately in Europe and America we have not yet resorted to the gun to silence that horror. Instead let's sound the Angelus bells and gather in the Angelus prayer and insist on our ancient Angelus rights which are an ancient  part of our Western Culture. Why do our governments ignore our rules about government establishment or enforcement of religious practice when it comes to Muslims granting them rights usurping our peace because "its part of their culture". Why does cultural tolerance in the name of diversity apply to any group other than the dominant and original groups who formed the Western nations. WAKE UP! DEMAND THE RIGHT TO PUBLICLY PRAY THE ANGELUS AND SOUND THE BELLS. IF the sniveling moral cowards who have let the Muslims rule the public square do allow it , do it!  If they don't allow the practice, by law they can't allow the use of public bell towers and announcement systems for Islamic calls to prayer ( for the destruction of the rest of us.)    

 Push back in prayer! Push back in the courts! Push back in the media! Remember as Christians unlike the Muslims we have no mandate to kill even our enemies (The command is to love your enemies). But we do have the right of self defense. So before we resort to armed force, we are remiss in our Christian duty if we do not push back prayerfully and politically. Islam is already on the march and killing Jews, Christians, other non Muslims, and those Muslims deemed insufficiently devoted by the thousands daily. The Muslims have not only beheaded people in the Middle East and Africa but also in Britain, and America.  There are those who among the Christian and secular communities who already advocate resort to the gun. In America there wouldn't be a Muslim left in a week. But as a Christian would you be justified? Not when we have not yet pushed back in prayer, political action, litigation, and evangelism.   Let the push back start with a very public and evangelical demand for the bells and prayers of some form of Angelus! 

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  1. Good idea but I don't think most of the Catholic Bishops would risk irritating the Muslims.