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World War II U.S. Navy Armed Guard
World War II U.S. Merchant Marine

This website pays tribute to the men of the Armed Guard and the merchant marine of World War II who bravely sailed together into harm's way, and in particular honors those who never returned."

 We here at American Admiralty Books are nearly all military veterans of the U.S. Navy or Coast Guard and licensed Merchant Marine Officers. We have a high level of interest in the history of all of the American Sea Services and like to report on and link our readers to important sites. We've explored the above linked site and find it real resource both for those with a casual interest in the maritime history of the WWII era and the serious historian. Researchers may find here many useful sources of information and analysis. Most importantly there are some serious primary source material documents readable on line here. The best example we can point out are some WWII issues of the "POINTER", and official magazine of the Merchant Marine started in WWII. We are pleased to direct you attention to this most useful site, and to include it in our "Big Links Locker". We note also that this site has no sponsor and is need of donations. We commend the site you you attention, please consider donating.Click here to reach the site:

Johnas Presbyter , Editor

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