Wednesday, January 30, 2019


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In Texas the Attorney General Ken Paxton found something startling after an 11 month investigation. He recently announced that his investigation uncovered 95,000 non citizens on the Voter rolls. Additional analysis indicates that about 58,00 of these have voted in at least one Texas election between 1996 and 2018.

 President Trump, long concerned with the impact of illegal aliens on the civil rights and safety of Americans picked up on this information and tweeted a one line condensed version of the facts we just described for you above. His tweet drew cricket noises in the main stream media. They certainly didn't want to carry this story before they could discredit it. Enter the Internet verification services to quickly lable the story "FALSE". 

 Politifacts , claiming to be an internet fact checker of reliability and neutrality cited Donald Trump's tweet directly , ignoring the sources for his statement and promptly labeled the President's one line  tweet; " 58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas, with 95,000 non-citizens registered to vote", FALSE. Of course they didn't label the source , the investigation of the Texas Attorney General "false", just the President's one line description. Their reasoning ? Their own convoluted logic applied to a cautionary note by the Texas Secretary of State that the figures are somewhat tentative. Illegal voting is a felony in Texas and there have been a number of prosecutions of late , some involving illegal aliens.  There will be more. But the findings of the Attorney General have to be turned over to county Registrars of Voters for action. It is doubtful that Texas will be able to locate and prosecute the tens of thousands of fradulent registrations and actual votes involved. Neither does Texas have the jail space to incarcerate such a large criminal population. However,  the county officials are empowered to review the cases and remove suspected fradulent voters from the poles. 

 The voters so removed have an appeals process. Would anyone care to bet how many ultimately removed voters will expose themselves by making use of that appeals process? Would anyone care to speculate on how long the cleaning of the Texas polls of illegal alien voters will take? Now that the lapdogs of the main stream media posing as "fact checkers" on the Internet have labeled the President's one line summary of events "FALSE" how much coverage do you think this discovery of massive illegal alien voter fraud will get as the several years go by that it will take to cover the clean up? How many of the previous Texas trials for voter fraud were covered even in the local electronic media much less the national media. 

 The rush to selective and convoluted judgement by the Internet so called fact checkers in this case illustrates how the MSM and the Internet elites collude to assure that nothing gains credence or much exposure that doesn't support their basic narrative which is simple: Republicans are Evil, come take shelter on the Democrat's plantation and get free stuff. 

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