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Meriam Ibrahim and Daniel Wani | Courtesy Gabriel Wani  A Islamic Court in Sudan has sentenced the woman in this picture to flogging and death by hanging for being a Christian. Her husband is an American and her two children, both of whom have rights as American citizens, are imprisoned in her cell where she is shackled by her ankles to her bunk. She was arrested when she was eight months pregnant and gave birth in prison while wearing leg shackles. There is little public out cry in America over this.

 Listen up English speaking bipeds before its too late! While you're busy debating in some quarters whether or not your Islamic minorities ought to be able to have Sharia Law in their neighborhoods  Meriam Ibrahim  is chained at the ankles with her new born baby and small child in a prison cell in Sudan. SHE IS AWAITING 100 lashes with a whip before being hanged. Meriam is a 27 year old medical doctor and mother of two, born in Sudan and married to an American. What terrible crime did this doctor and mother commit to warrant a flogging that in and of itself could be fatal, and death by hanging preceded by imprisonment with her children?  SHE IS A CHRISTIAN. That's it plain and simple.  

 Under Sudanese versions of Islamic law she is to be flogged for "Adultery" which is defined as having sex with a non Muslim man, in this case her husband with whom she has had two children. Death by hanging is reserved for what the Sudanese court considers her worst crime...she is a Christian. They call it "apostasy" because death is what is demanded of converts to any other religion from Islam and Dr. Ibrahim's father who left her family in her infancy was a Muslim. Meriam was raised a Christian. She must be the kind of Christian that every pastor of every Christian denomination wishes he had in his congregation because she is a witness to her faith. She could have avoided her death sentence if she had abandoned her faith and renounced Jesus at her initial trial. She refused, she was eight months pregnant with her second child at the time.  

 You English speaking bipeds think that the days of throwing Christians to the lions ended in Roman times?  Think again. These people deny the Holocaust and they are planning one for you.
Yes, for the moment, Sudan doesn't claim the right to hang any and every Christian, just "converts" however they choose to define them.  Logically if they can hang anyone for simply being a Christian, they can hang every Christian and probably will if they go unpunished for this heinous act.

 Now you American bipeds really wake up. If Barrak Hussain Obama is an American citizen despite being fathered by a non citizen,  Dr. Meriam Yahya Ibrahim's children are American citizens since they were fathered by an American, who is still married to their mother and cares very much for them.  His struggles to free his wife and children are made more difficult since he is confined to a wheel chair.  These children are American citizens and they are being held in a jail cell with their mother who is chained by the ankles to her bunk. There is a likelihood that if the flogging and execution takes place these tiny children will be forced to watch. Meriam is the wife of an American citizen. She is entitled to permanent residency in the United States and a fast track to citizenship. Why is there no outcry in the American media over this situation? Where are America's Muslims? How are they decrying this abomination or does their silence mean they approve? 

 We don't think so, but the Court in Sudan claims to be acting on behalf of the global Islamic community as if their view of Islamic law is the only one. Their view frankly is absolutely barbaric, as would be the view  of anyone who could justify flogging and hanging a woman or man for their religious beliefs, imprisoning children. Rest assured these arrogant evil people have no respect, they are doing this to babies and a woman, who legally should enjoy the full protection of the United States of America. If they get away with it what will ever stop them from visiting such abuse on anyone? If the most powerful nation on earth isn't ready to use military force to free its children and the wife of a citizen if necessary what hope is there for anyone else caught in the web of these Islamic heretics?  I refer to them as heretics because their law is inhumane on its face and obviously so to anyone with common sense and an informed conscience, and this type of thing is definitely not found in many other nations that claim to be Islamic. But where is the public condemnation of these nations directed towards Sudan? 

 Because these Children should be considered American citizens by birth, even if dual nationals, the President needs no Congressional authorization to take immediate military action should diplomatic efforts fail to rescue Dr. Meriam or if the flogging and execution take place in secret to punish those responsible with a military strike. Why isn't this front page news, where is America's outrage? What do you think the American public reaction would be if Dr. Ibrahim were a blonde haired Canadian married to an American WASP and those kids in her prison cell looked like the Gerber baby?  Why isn't our black and supposedly Christian President up in arms? 

 Wake up English speaking bipeds! Seventy nine percent of you are still formally affiliated members of Christian denominations. Roughly 86% have a baptismal certificate somewhere on record even if you don't go to church. What these Islamic heretics plan for Dr. Meriam Ibrahim is what they have in mind for each and every one of you because these terrorists hate you, hate Christianity and all that it stands for, and are utterly devoid of morals Islamic or otherwise. These are enemies of mankind. As ruthlessly as they want to extinguish Christians like Meriam they also want to eliminate from the face of the earth all Jews and any Muslims that don't adhere to their particular beliefs. 


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