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"An underwater assault was all caught on camera, and now authorities are investigating the incident. 

Coral reef consultant Rene Umberger and her team were documenting damage to a coral reef off the coast of Hawaii. That's when a fish collector attacked her" VIEW VIDEO

Editor's Note: This would have been a fatal attack if Ms Unberger had been an inexperienced diver. We don't know the exact depth but being experienced divers ourselves we can tell by the color video that the event happened well below the 33 foot depth mark where decompression becomes a serious consideration.  Had Ms Umberger panicked and kicked to the surface as fast as she could, a not unnatural but potentially deadly reaction, this may have been a fatal attack. If she had not been able to recover her regulator and stayed down too long dealing with that issue she may have drowned. We think what we saw was a diver engaged in some dubious activity who really did not want to be on video tape. His response was rapid but did not continue beyond the regulator rip off. He did not hang around to insure that Ms Umberger was finished off. This was an aggressive unthinking thug who just wanted to be off camera. Unfortunately what was caught on video was an assault and aggravated battery with truly deadly potential. When caught, the thug diver could be facing an attempted murder charge. So add to the hazards of scuba diving the rare occasional under water thug. here are two lessons to take away from this video:

1. If you encounter divers doing anything that you suspect is of dubious legality, don't wip out your camera and start shooting.

2. If you are thinking about becoming a certified sport diver don't get your training at some fly by night diving school that tries to convince you that you don't have to be a strong swimmer and you can get the skills you need in three days flat. Go to our DIVING SECTION  and check out the links and write ups about diving schools. There are also lots of books reviewed there on diving, but we warn you in the Diving Section and we warn you here that diving is not something that you learn in book. Start with skilled competent formal in water training. 

 If in fact you are an experienced diver looking for a good read check out :

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