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"Executive Bulletin
Tension in the South China Sea..."
Updated 1/15/2020
Photo Credit: U.S. Navy. Chinese Navy Ship leaving Honolulu
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Lee Bellinger, founder of the INDEPENDENT LIVING website on financial and investment information recently addressed the situation in the South China Sea and held forth some cautionary notes for investors, his main readership. He also noted as we have so often that the U.S. media has virtually ignored the situation and the Obama administration appear completely unready to deal with a ratcheting up of tensions by the Chinese Navy /Coast Guard team.  About the situation the noted: 

"The tensions are building between the U.S. and China at an alarming pace.
I've already expressed my concerns about a brewing conflagration between the two superpowers. More evidence has come to light showing that my concern is valid. One that you should make note of.

Editor's Note: Since this was first written Donald Trump became president and began demanding equity in Chinese / American trade relations, something of a "trade war" erupted but as of 1/15/2020 appears to be subsiding a bit. Tensions between the Dragon and her neighbors in the Exclusive Economic Zones of her neighbors continue, as the Dragon has formed a massive "Coast Guard" as a tool of territorial acquisition under the guise of maritime law enforcement". The entire down turn in relations between the Eagle and the Dragon began with.....

Obama Got Passive-Aggressive With China"

Obama has cut our naval resources to extremely dangerous levels. His "turn to the Pacific" is simply the low budget approach to the fact that our Pacific fleet is inadequate, so the Atlantic fleet and Indian Ocean and Mediterranean flotillas are being robbed to beef up the inadequate Pacific fleet. Actually the "Mediterranean Flotilla" is techno legally the "6th Fleet", but today it is down to one permanently assigned ship, a command and control vessel or "flag ship", the other U.S. naval craft plying the eventful Mediterranean are loans from the Atlantic Fleet. Mr Bellinger is cautioning investors that China may not be such a good bet anymore since we could end up at war with them over their island disputes with our formal allies in the region, and we may not fare as well in a naval conflict as the American people have come to expect. In the words of Mr. Bellinger:

 "My prediction is that China will strike at Japanese ships and planes at some future point.  If so, our mutual defense pact with Japan comes into play. It puts us into the fight.  Mr. Obama has cut our Navy to about 100 deployable ships. At the same time, he has quietly extended the U.S. military umbrella to numerous small countries in the South China Sea.  In effect, Japan is making alliances in our name to protect the Philippines, Australia, Vietnam and many others. Most of the nations on that list have territorial disputes with Beijing." 

Editor's Note: While Mr. Trump is more positive on America's military /naval strength than the previous administration, an obstructionist Congress has effectively damaged our forward momentum in restoring our Navy. Our weak Pacific fleet tempts the Dragon, at the moment only our technological superiority gives the Dragon pause. While we sit idle thanks to Congress the Dragon is closing the technological gap and beating us at the hull numbers game as well. 

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Maritime Territorial and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Disputes Involving China: Issues for Congress by Congressional Research Service

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