Monday, January 4, 2016


January 3, 2016 The Game Changes

 The Dragon announced today that it had landed a test flight on its brand new airfield in the disputed Spratly Islands in The South China Sea. China's military capacity in t he region is starting to build up. One wonders if they have become so emboldened as to start to abandon their law fare based antics in favor of good old fashioned naval conquest, a sure recipe for disaster. The flight from an island located in what should be Vietnam's exclusive economic zone waters drew a quick protest from Vietnam. In a more symbolic protest involving actual sailors and a flag on disputed island territory in the 80s the Chinese simply opened fire and killed sixty some odd Vietnamese sailors, mostly unarmed. According to the usual forked tongue Dragon spin doctors China completed the air field recently and on Fiery Cross Reef and used a civilian plane to test land and determine if the facility met civil aviation standards. Vietnam issued a protest Saturday with the Chinese embassy in Hanoi. The Spratlys are a bone of contention between China, Vietnam, and U.S. ally  the Philippines.

 The flight followed close on the heels of a visit to Hanoi by the Dragon prince (President) Xi Jinping which was meant to address the territorial dispute between the  two nations. The dictation of terms is more like the theme of the meeting, followed by the flight, a simple demonstration of power. Beijing now acknowledges that it has completed two air fields within the Spratlys and all  other contenders may now stick their protests somewhere where the sun doesn't shine. The Dragon is quite simply flexing military muscle, and will continue to do so as long as the Obamamoron is in the White House. 

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