Monday, May 16, 2016

Captain Cook's Ship ENDEAVOUR Found After 240 Years Off Of The U.S. East Coast Harbor.

Captain Cook's Ship ENDEAVOUR Found After 240 Years  

Painting of HMS ENDEAVOUR by  Samuel Atkins c. 1794

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The HMS ENDEAVOUR, commanded by Capt. James Cook during his first voyage of discovery in the far Pacific, from which he discovered Australia and New Zealand, was to known to have been sunk off or near the U.S. East Coast during the American Revolution. The ship's wreck has been lost for close to 240 years now but that status may be about to change. Marine archaeologists are increasingly certain that they have located the remains of HMS ENDEAVIOUR at the bottom of a harbor of the East Coast of the United States. If  the current evidence holds true, one of the most famous ships in naval history has been found. The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project  known as "RIMAP" discovered the wreck site. The HMS ENDEAVOR apparently does not rest alone. The all but confirmed site of the HMS ENDEAVOUR is one of 13 sunken British ships resting across nine sites in Rhode Island, possibly five are in a certain corner of Newport Harbor. According to FOX NEWS :

"The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) says that Endeavour, which was renamed Lord Sandwich, is one of 13 ships scuttled in Newport Harbor in 1778. Lord Sandwich had been used to transport troops during the American Revolution and was scuttled in the days leading up to the Battle of Rhode Island.
The vessel was a bark, or three-masted sailing ship." FOX NEWS STORY
As of today 5/16/2016 RIMAP estimates the chances that their recent find is in fact the HMS ENDEAVOUR at about 80% certain. Follow the evolving story at RIMAP's website:

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