Sunday, July 2, 2017

July 4, 2017 A Message before the Fourth;


      Have A Great Time In, On, Or Around The Water On The 4th. But Take a Few Safety Precautions  So That We See You On The 5th.

U.S.Navy sailors Take A July 4th Break  In Kuwait

As the Fourth approaches it is a good time for parents planning pool side recreation to put some thought to safety , especially the recent discussions that we carried by MARIO VITTONE  on distinguishing drowning from the aquatic distress syndrome. Just by way of review the final stages of drowning is quiet, not accompanied by a lot of splashing about. Kids in the water make noise, if the noise stops find out why.  Now would be a good time to visit Mario's "BE SAFE BLOG". MARIO IS A FORMER COAST GUARD RESCUE SWIMMER WHO WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED ABOUT STAYING SAFE ON THE WATER:

Recently the Coast Guard announced that it was doing a major crack down on drunken boaters over the Fourth. Keep in mind that the blood alcohol level that will get you in legal trouble is less than two beers consumed over a two hour period for a typical 150 pound individual. Out in sun on the water with a little wave action the effect of alcohol is magnified and your boat handling performance could be off with far less alcohol in your system. The penalties for operating a motor vessel under the influence can be even more expensive than a DUI. 

 At this time last year we reported that the Coast Guard recreational boating fatality statistics were up over the 2015 boating season. We don't have new statistics for 2016 yet but the indications were that things weren't improving. There will be a lot of of inexperienced, under trained boat operators out there some under the influence of alcohol. stay alert, stay awake, stay alive. If you have the helm, don't drink and don't surrender the helm to anyone who has been drinking. Have a great Fourth and be around with fond memories on the fifth.


Johnas Presbyter, editor, and the crew of American Admiralty Books.


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