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The Great Namazu, AAB's Maritime and Political Analyst

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 As most of you who follow my analysis know by now, just as I predicted ,(See: The Great Catfish Ponders An Islamic Ban ) Presidential control of visas, and traveler / immigration entry has passed initial muster with the U.S. Supreme court, on its first pass before actual legal scholars. The previous Federal District Court Hearings were all in forums controlled by judicial activists Clinton appointees (basically socialists with only contempt for anyone not a "liberal progressive" and no respect for the separation of powers or the constitution itself.)  We note that we described the approval of the present version of the entry and immigration controls as "initial".  We describe it as initial because the court announced in the face of immediate liberal announcements of coming legal challenges that the court would be willing to hear certain counter arguments  perhaps in September. The specific arguments that court indicated an interest in would have to be based on any lack of real security threat (fat chance of that argument taking root after the events of 9/11, ISIS threats against the US, and so many acts of Islamic terrorism inside our borders), or religious grounds (also not likely to be upheld since the present order makes no mention of Muslims specifically, and does nothing to change entry or immigration status of Muslims from other than the six nations judged by the President as high risk). 

 In fact if the treasonous rabble behind the opposition to executive control of our borders does launch such challenges, almost certain to fail, they could open a door to even more powerful executive control of border entry and immigration. If they challenge executive control claiming there is no real security threat, a claim that fails before tests of common sense, history, and specific evidence, they open the door to direct Supreme Court recognition of a real state of security emergency, opening more doors to direct executive control of the very object of their affection, open borders and the illegal registration of illegal aliens as US voters. If the libtards file based on religious discrimination they are sure to fail before the Supreme court. First none of the people affected by these executive orders are citizens of the United States, the only people the constitution applies to. The enabling statute that I described in a previous post allows the President to impose entry and immigration restrictions on any group for any reason if he and he alone suspects (no obligation to prove) that the targeted group represents a danger to the United States. If anything would open up a clear pathway to the absolute banning of Islamic immigration and the deportation of all non citizen Muslims it would be a loss in the Supreme Court based on a religious challenge.  

 We predict that any further challenges to executive control of entry, immigration, or borders will fail at the Supreme Court level each and every time. The President is simply doing his job under the constitution. Sorry Snowflakes, you lose.

 Again if you would like to examine some specific legal citations for my original argument that the President's acts were legal see: The Great Catfish Ponders An Islamic Ban . and THE GREAT CATFISH'S OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT

 The next issue is the much needed "wall" or otherwise enhanced border long physical barrier. For more on that issue see: Despite the early success of the opposition we that as another Trump campaign promise that will eventually be fulfilled. See: WHY MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL

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