Monday, November 27, 2017


NAMAZU  Retired Japanese Giant Catfish Demigod Turned Journalist and Analyst
 I've said it before and I'll say again; Chad Prather owns the best biped brain ever stuffed under a Stetsen cowboy hat. You can't beat him for real insight wrapped in humor. I've been around 3,000 years observing the biped condition and social evolution and I havent seen a biped brain like this since Will Rogers. Unfortunately Will Rogers succumbed to the omnipresent biped condition, short life span, at least compared to us "personifications of nature" ( a title I always preferred to "demigod', being a monotheist I love my Christian readers, but please just because I'm very open about my monotheism don't start trying to get me baptised, that's for you bipeds not a giant catfish, I'm simply not eligible). Unfortunately many of the current generations have no memory or knowledge of Will Rogers. Fortunately, you now have your own personification of the same spirit, chock full of wisdom and humor and stuffed under a Stetson, or once in while a seed store baseball hat and very rarely bare headed. Chad Prather, the Texas philosopher, humorist.  

 Chad holds forth on many subjects one that struck me recently was his discertation on "TRUE MASCULINITY" . If you are an American male, especially if you have ever been tempted to abandon the role of husband and father, you need to hear the brain under the Stetson on this subject:
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