Friday, January 5, 2018




Greetings Bipeds! 

 As we all know Donald Trump won big enough to over come massive voter fraud , especially in California and other states with large populations of illegal aliens and demented but unfortunately "legal" democrats (see: TRUMP WON BIG ENOUGH TO OVERCOME THE ANTICIPATED VOTER FRAUD ). But , illegal voting by illegal aliens is not the only way they tip the balance of any Federal election in favor of the deranged (er...I meant to say "democrats" but you get it) . The mere presence of illegals within a state , especially a state like California now declared as a complete "sanctuary state" by their own "Governor Moonbeam" tips Presidential elections. You see these illegals are counted by the U.S. Census Bureau as "citizens" or "residents" of the states they illegally reside in. This practice in turn skews the numbers that determine how many congressional seats a given state gets and how many Electoral College votes the state gets in determining Presidential elections. 

 We have another census coming up in 2020. That census will determine how many congressional seats and Electoral College votes states like California and all others that disregard Federal immigration law will have in the subsequent elections. We estimate that there are about 22 million illegal aliens residing in the United States. They are not evenly spread across the land scape. They favor residence in states like California, New York, Florida, and Texas. Their presence dilutes the strength of Republican legal residents in Texas and Florida and puts California and New York over the top in Electoral College seats and Congressional seats, where illegal voting by these pesudo democrats is not only tolerated but encouraged. Giving these states additional Congressional seats and Electoral College votes is manifestly unfair and disenfranchises legitimate Republican voters. It is illegal, when people like Governor Moonbeam collude with others to hide illegal aliens in residence to the disenfranchisement of lawful voters they violate criminally the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is obviously unconstitutional to allow such a twisting of the census. The problem is so large that there exist a real possibility that the House could switch  to Democratic control by 2022 and a demonic Democratic global socialists again would occupy the White House by 2024. 

 Write the President, he could issue an executive order requiring the Census Bureau to identify only lawful residents and to take pains to establish such lawful identity. This would mean more burning of shoe leather and the related expense and less reliance on forms returned by mail. Of course such an executive order would be immediately challenged by the so called "justices" of the "Deep State" as they have challenged every Trump Executive Order and rubber stamped any and all Obama orders in the past, but it's worth a shot. The sooner it is issued the sooner it can be challenged and fast tracked to the US Supreme Court where it would have a fair chance of being upheld. In the meanwhile also write your Congressional Representatives and Senators for a legislative attack on this problem. Now is the time to act.  Remember the next Democrat in the White House probably won't be "Obama light" but a far more virulent form of the cancer than that which recently vacated the White House. 

I'm a 3,000 year old giant Catfish as large as Japan and I approved this message- Namazu

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