Friday, December 14, 2018


SS United States in her heyday (file image courtesy SS United States Conservancy as featured in the linked article in Maritime Executive

 We first wrote about the SS UNITED STATES in November of 2016 in COULD THIS BE A FEMA ASSET OR WILL IT CRUISE AGAIN OR HEAD FOR THE SCRAP HEAP: Exploring Decaying SS United States Ocean Liner  Since then there has been extensive exploration of what to do with the the aging but seemingly potentially utilitarian and historic hull. 
File:SS United States postcard.jpg
 A recent study indicated that the vessel is structurally sound but can not be brought up to the present SOLAS code without modifications that would negatively impact the ships stability.  One New York real estate company proposes to make over the historic vessel as a permanently moored hotel, condo or mixed use facility.Maritime Executive has the story and you can link in here:

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  1. If you were to buy a condo on it, I think you would want to amortize for say 30 years. If you then sold it, the new buyer would want similar life. The ship is already about 70 years old. How much life is left in it sitting in the water?

  2. We agree, an old mild steel hull is not likely to be condusive to realestate like values if the spaces are condos. Owner managed rental spaces for hotel operations, lounges, eateries, etc. could work. But we don't think the new owners have a long term propritery/ managerial interest in mind. But another buyer might. We doubt the story of the SS UNITED STATES is over yet.