Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Service Module Damage: A Photographic Analysis By Andy Saunders In The Apollo Flight Journal

The APOLLO FLIGHT JOURNAL published a recent photographic essay on the service module damage to the ill fated but surviving Apollo 13 capsule by Andy Saunders. Apollo13 was damaged and had to circle the moon instead of landing in order to get a gravity boost for what has been called a "sling shot '"return to earth, As illustrated by the APOLLO FLIGHT JOURNAL the postmortem on this flight is still studied for the lessons that can be learned. The links above take you to the article by Andy Saunders. Below is the link to the APOLLO FLIGHT JOURNAL home page.
Journal Home Page

Details of the original photographic analysis which formed a significant part of the 1970 investigation can be found in Apollo 13 document collection. of the Apolllo Flight Journal.  with particular reference to the following documents

We urge serious STEM orientated students of space technology to read this post and read regularly The Apollo Flight Journal . We'd also like to suggest to the various law school space law instructors the flight and aftermath of Apollo 13 as a case study. While we don't know of any post landing litigation identifying the potential of liability cases would seem an excellent exercise.

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