Monday, September 29, 2014

Golden Gate Ferry Captains Stage One-day Strike

The BAY CITY a "Rocking Arm sidewheeler about 1908 (PD) 

"The Golden Gate passenger ferry system, California's largest, was shut down on Friday by striking boat captains, disrupting service for thousands of San Francisco Bay-area commuters in a wider labor dispute over wages and benefits for transit workers."  Full Story at MARINE LINK.COM

2.7 Million Passengers a year depend on this ferry system for their daily commute. The 20 or so Captains went out on a one day wildcat strike to underscore the importance to management of bargaining in good faith. The Captains wildcat action was apparently part of a larger maritime labor dispute involving the ferry system as part of the larger urban mass transit system including the BART system. The smaller Bay Area Ferry System apparently is not involved in the labor dispute.. We first learned of the strike at MARINE LINK.COM

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