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Scroll to the bottom for a link to a video of the Boatlift narrated by Tom Hanks
We introduced our readers to Kerry Patton about 16 months ago, today, with this partial post and link to his blog it seems a great time to again introduce those of you who are not familiar with this American author. Below the link to Kerry Patton's blog is a link to "Boat Lift" narrated by Tom Hanks, the story of how American merchant mariners working the Jones Act work boat fleet evacuated Manhattan in a marine evacuation that moved more people than were moved at Dunkirk . 

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9-11: Don’t Look Away

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Editor’s Note: Since 9-11-2001, every anniversary on this day, its been incredibly difficult to express myself. Words just never come to me with ease and to be honest, most of those I see are already saying what is on my mind. For the most part, I simply become a hermit on this day wishing to speak to no one, especially speaking about my feelings on this day. It is a day that forever changed America, and forever changed me. Social media and the news serves as a constant reminder, a reminder I hate. All I want to do is simply “look away” on this day. But looking away is simply not the right thing to do. The reminder is good. It serves a purpose to turn the negative energy I feel into a positive. I had written this a while ago after an incident I was exposed to overseas. I don’t know how I found it today, and while many may not understand it, for me, it serves a purpose. I apologize for my poor attempt at poetry 
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Don’t look away
My eyes are tired
My mind is confused
I want to just look away

Buildings shattered
Bodies motionless
Chaos ignites
Don’t look away
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Kerry Patton
Author, CONTRACTED: America's Secret Warriors

Jones Act Merchant Mariners Perform The Largest Waterborne Evacuation Since Dunkirk


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