Thursday, November 27, 2014

Capt.. Richie's Fishing Report Winter Bottom Fishing

EDITOR'S NOTE: This just in from Capt. Richie. Why battle the Polar vortex? 

                              Its not just the Sea Islands of Georgia. 70s expected at Grand Isle , Louisiana for Thanksgiving Weekend. Below 33 degrees North in the United States There is a lot more than Florida. Lots of room, lots of fish, and bargain prices. could shiver in the dark.

Richie Lott

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><((((º> "Georgia Offshore Fishing - Winter Bottom Fishing is our Top Booked Fishing Charter! <º))))><

WHEN: December - February
WHAT: A variety of Great Eating Bottom Fish    

Here's the Deal...!

Why is this trip our number one booked fishing charter? Because the fishing this time of year offers non-stop bottom fishing action in "off the beaten path" locations only a short ride into the Atlantic, in most cases.

Many species reside on the ocean floor off the Georgia Coast including; very large Sea Bass in secluded locations, Grey Trigger Fish, Gag Grouper, large Sheepshead and in some cases Vermilion Snapper (B-liners) in deeper water locales.

Using a specialized, hand made Jig and Jigging technique lures these fish to bite on "Instinct", even when they're not hungry. The flash and hand picked colors of our Jigs are irresistable to most bottom dwellers.

Last but not least, most fish caught on the ocean floor with very few exceptions, are great on the dinner table afterwards. That is one of the greatest aspects of bottom fishing the Georgia Offshore waters in Winter. Clean, cold and crisp clear water offers and even "fresher" taste than bottom fish caught in the warmer months. <')))><

Happy Holidays to you and your Family!
Capt. Richie Lott and Josh Cook

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