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" Like a lot of fish I'm very sensitive to vibrations. When I occasionally take human form and can hear the entire mammalian sound spectrum I dig new wave. Nana Oh Land is as new as it gets!" 

The Rock Star who dedicated a song to the big guy, Namazu!   MS Oh Land's music is available through Amazon and we, the staff highly recommend it. Below is a link to a YouTube music video of the "Namazu Theme"with the lyrics as a streaming text. Particularly when you read the lyrics you know MS Oh Land was writing about our Namazu. .

 The link above will take you to a YouTube version of Namazu by Oh Land which provides the Lyrics as streaming text. Below, the album cover icons link you to MP3 , and CDs of music by Oh Land available from Amazon.  

 Album         single              album

MP3 and Cloud Players are the latest thing in music recording and replay. Click on the blue link below to learn more about them or to order one. 
MP3 and Cloud Players 

Oh Land's music has been called "whimsical meets electronica, with a little bit of mystery mixed in". Others call it "unique and ethereal". One of the best ways to catch music these days whether you like Namazu's blonde bombshell and talented friend, or prefer Willie Nelson ( Our staff like both) is with an MP3 or Cloud Player. Some of the singles you can play on these things go for as low as 99 cents. The blue link above will take you to the Amazon counter where they sell these devices. The Blue link below will take you to all of the Amazon MP3 downloads available. 

 Remember when you link to Amazon for your music via our links you help support Namazu, our free infotainment features like Listen to the Ocean, and free on line books like Space as an Ocean, The News Service and so much more. Presently we carry no other advertising; what may appear as advertising within the blog space are public service announcements about seminars or on going class actions on behalf of seamen, or worthwhile maritime fund raisers that we run at no charge.  Using our links doesn't add a penny to the price of Amazon products but unless you use them the blog doesn't make a penny. This is an experimental service in the public interest, an encyclopedic reference of all things maritime, it requires a full time staff and must eventually pay for itself. Please think about us when you are thinking of purchasing anything via Amazon, it matters where you link in. 

American Admiralty Books Link to MP3 Downloads 

The link below takes you to Amazon CDs and other non MP3 and Cloud Player choices.

American Admiralty Books Amazon Music Link

The link below takes you anything and everything else Amazon has to offerAmerican Admiralty Books Amazon Shop By Department Link


 Amazon - Shop. Connect. Enjoy. All from Earth's Biggest Selection.                                                                                        

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