Friday, October 17, 2014


 Islamic State Militants Have Been Flying 3 Captured Warplanes Over Captured Syrian Air Base

MIG 23 at Israel Air Museum, photo by Alexey Goral CC Lic.

Editors Note: 4/12/2015 Still no word received that this target has been taken out.
1/21/2016 Still no word on damage or destruction of this target
 According to a recent account carried by Reuters Islamic State Terrorists are flying three captured war planes in the vicinity of a Syrian Airport that they captured. It is Known that the ISIS / IS has captured a number of war planes from Syria but it is thought that most were not in condition to fly. Apparently some skilled military aviation personnel including pilots have crossed over to the dark side. It is not known if the planes reported as flying over the captured al -Jarrah military airport east of Aleppo are capable of undertaking military missions yet. But this is an ominous report. Remember that with only 18,000 terrorists armed mostly with semi automatic rifles the ISIS rolled over the Iraqi army and captured tanks. In only weeks the ISIS "army" doubled in size, and they have already successfully used captured tanks against the Kurds. So ISIS has moved from a light infantry of 18,000 to a combined infantry and armoured force of about 36,000 in only weeks. Now we see the start of an aviation wing. This can not be allowed. We should be bombing al-Jarrah to dust now. This evil beast must be killed on the ground before it learns to fly. 

 The apparent source for the story was  Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. We believe that his sources were human agents on the ground in the vicinity of the al-Jarrah. More over we recall ISIS news releases touting their capture of Fighter pilots and their plans to do exactly what Mr. Abdulrahman claims is now happening. We believe that this is actionable intelligence. If the training and flying assets are allowed to continue we will be looking at a full fledged army shortly this is a high value strategic target. The target is a former military air base now enemy occupied, not a residential area. There will probably be some collateral damage, but this target must be destroyed immediately. The quality of information is reliable enough to qualify as "actionable intelligence" and the target is both strategically important and in conformance with international law as a legitimate target. Disrupt the development of an aviation wing by ISIS at all costs, and do it now

 It was not clear whether the jets observed by the reporting parties to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights were equipped with weaponry or whether the pilots could fly longer distances in the planes. Reporting parties said the planes appeared to be MiG 21 or MiG 23 models captured from the Syrian military. Obama's U.S. Central command claims that the command is unaware of any flight operations by ISIS/IS/ISL et al. Wake up America! All of this is happening just 75 miles south of Turkey which still refuses to put a dog in the fight but expects to scream for NATO's help if ISIS crosses their border. Shorten the targeting decision chain of command, take a more aggressive posture, and never fail to provide air cover to engaged Kurds. Get some air strike targeting experts on the ground with the Kurds. Bring ISIS to a bad end now while you still can at reasonable costs. To the Congress, impeach this President if you have to. This does not have to be a quasi war that lasts for years. 



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