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NOTICE: We posted up a little early, before midnight local time so the dates shown on this home page may conflict, but this is the home page and notices for Friday June 13, 2014. Check out the comments section in our Antarctic Tooth Fish Post we caught some flack and we responded, then we caught some more and we're still responding. See what you think, join in.  You don't have to agree with us.  Today we bring news of Vietnam and the Philippines military personnel playing ball games on one of the Spratly islands, find out why that is serious news. In that post you will also find a link to film of Chinese naval personnel killing Vietnamese sailors over the Spratlys in 1988.  It wasn't a battle, it was mass murder. As you can see the Vietnamese sailors were unarmed and waist deep in water. The World watches China more closely today and there hasn't been a repeat, but if you want to know how far the Dragon will go to get its way, watch the film.  It will give you more of a gut feel for why Vietnam and the Philippines playing ball on one of the Spratly Islands is important.  If you haven't done so already, you're invited to a visit aboard an under sea lab for a discussion with Fabien Cousteau. Today we also post up on Boutique piracy again arising in Malaysian waters. 

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