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Thank you for joining us this Sunday. Today we introduce a new feature, its future depends on you. Below is our "Sunday Classifieds". The "Classified" description simply means that we have classed certain literary works by broad subject and then linked you to large cyber "shelves" of books related to a particular subject. We try to relate these links to subject matters that have appeared recently in the blog and provide some notes on that relationship below the link to each "shelf". We of course also provide some links to individual books of particular note and to non book items where it seemed appropriate. When it started to simply get crassly commercial we stopped. Please keep in mind that your patronage of Amazon through the American Admiralty Books portal keeps us on the job and all of our services free to the public. When you enter Amazon through any link on our site your purchases are tracked for as long as you continuously stay on line with them and credited to our portal for advertising revenue purposes even if your purchase is not from among goods specifically advertised on our site such as diapers, perfume, art works, etc.. So please try to use our portals ( any link to Amazon or an Amazon product found on our site) whenever you think of purchasing something from Amazon. Your support of Amazon through our portal keeps the Great Namazu from having to go back to doing rock album cover modeling, keeps Surfing Muse away from the dreaded "real job, keeps Ratso, Iggy, Fiber, and Bruno ( the warehouse crew you met two Christmases back) out of the joint and off the streets ( trust me you don't want them back on the streets), the library Elves happily employed ( yea they're happy again having won that little labor dispute a while back) , and me focused on developing this site instead of going back to the AAIS contract consulting labor pool. American Admiralty Books and Amazon can be a winning team for you. Our service will continue to improve and will remain free if you, the readers decide to "make it so". 

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The ISIS invasion of Iraq brought about a renewed interest in terrorism and counter terrorism in general recently. Of particular interest was not only the daily developments between the ISIS and the Iraqi Army but the history of the development of ISIS and their evolution out of AQ in Iraq. The ISIS invasion marks the debut of Islamic terrorists wholly dedicated to the "near enemy", namely Islamic states and individuals not conforming to Jihad as preached by the religious leaders of the ISIS. AQ had been focused on the "far enemy the U.S. and the Western World generally. That of course doesn't make ISIS good news for non Muslims. The ISIS leader is a former U.S. prisoner who when freed made the comment "See you in New York" . The link above takes you to hundreds of books on the subjects of terrorism and counter terrorism that you can browse , even electronically open and look through titles at any of the "Book Shelves" displaying the book shelf image..


          The UKRAINE has been constantly in the news ever since Russia force entered the Crimea. The Ukraine will stay in the news for the indefinite time being because the situation isn't going to be resolved quickly. Serious observers of current affairs will want to do some serious back ground reading on the region. Any of the above suggestions would be a good start and clicking on any of them will also lead you to more titles on the Ukraine.

RUSSIAN MILITARY READING SHELF   The Bear is always up to mischief not only in the Ukraine, but in Georgia, elsewhere in the Black Sea and in the Arctic. The old days of the post Cold War of fire sales of Russian military equipment have only served to clear the shelves for the new wave of high quality Russian armament once again used to enforce the iron will of the Bear on its neighbors. In the High Arctic the U.S. is actually a neighbor. Hundreds of volumes of background and current events orientated reading are linked above. 


Product DetailsProduct Details Product Details
TEXAS ANGLER'S GUIDES  Remember "Katherine", the 14ft Great White Shark that we reported as heading to Texas early last week? Well, big as she is she won't eat all the fish in Texas Partner. We've got books that will tell you where to pick up the ones that the big girl misses.

Daiwa D-Shock 170 Yards 8 Line 6 1/2-Feet Fibreglass Spin Combo (Medium)

ON LINE FISHING EQUIPMENT SHOP      Of course you can read about fishing , or fish, or both. If you decide to fish we hope you'll consider supporting our work by purchasing some of your tackle here.

KOREAN BOOK SHELF   Korea is another one of those places that is constantly making maritime news most recently with controversial naval exercises and a tragic ferry sinking.This link takes you to more than a 100 titles on the Korean Peninsular north and south. 

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SPACE COMMERCIALIZATION BOOK SHELVES   We recently reran our PROTOCOLS posts which are always available in our Ocean Literature pages as a sort of E book in progress. There have been some exciting new developments in the commercialization of space that parallel certain historical developments in the evolution of modern merchant marines. There isn't a big collection of literature on this subject so far but you can find what there is by following the link above.

THE PANAMA CANAL BOOK SHELF We haven't published much on the Panama Canal or the new Panama Canal construction progress in the last few weeks. However the Panama Canal Authority and other Canal interests are tweeting like crazy construction on the "new canal" or "canal expansion" resumed several months ago. Dozens of titles available through this link. At the book shelf you can red reviews, dest jacket descriptions and in many cases actually flip a few pages.

STAR TREK   Maritime? Not really though the parallels are uncanny. We link you to Amazon's Star Trek shelf simply because the "franchise" is mentioned so many times in our evolving E Book "PROTOCOLS which compares elements of space exploration with the European maritime explorations that started in the late 1400s. There is probably more ink and video on this subject any one subject in the maritime world. We even linked some Amazon advertising to our recent PROTOCOLS reprints. Uh..... its a little cheezy but I guess we're going to do again here:

Join Amazon Prime - Star Trek Into Darkness Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video

THE BOATING SAFETY BOOK SHELF: Summer is now officially here. Good time to book up on boating safety, Winter would have been best, Spring better, but if you're headed out on the water and haven't read the latest regulations, or reviewed navigation and the Rules to Avoid Collision, now before you take the wheel, tiller, sheet line etc. would be a good time to do that.

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