Monday, June 9, 2014


Story from: Arutz Sheva

 Diego Garcia is far off India in the Indian Ocean, owned by the Brits, it is serving as a U.S. Navy base of operations in the Indian Ocean. ARUTZ SHEVA an Israeli news service reports Iran claims the ability to hit it with missiles. We doubt it right now we just think that Iran thinks Obama is gullible and weak so now is a good time to claim the capability though at best they are "working on it". Given that the island is a long irregular strip of land surrounding a central lagoon accuracy is more important than range. Iran might be getting close to having the range but actually doing any damage as opposed to splashing a missile near by or in mid lagoon will require accuracy that Iran doesn't have. Worse for Iran some of the ships they would hope to catch in the Island's harbor have missile capabilities that can reach them. Iran can be reduced to a parking lot without having to go anywhere near making it glow in the dark. We have little confidence in Obama as Commander in Chief, but its not as if he doesn't have some competent Admirals to call on. Iran has no illusions about America's military superiority, but underestimates the President. Frankly we don't think much of his leadership either, but he is no where near as dumb as the Iranians think, nor is a President the sole decision maker in the U.S. government. Some strike back authority is located as far down as the individual ship commanding officers, area commanders have some immediate coordinated force strike back authority. Obama might well hold off a real nation breaking retaliation, he is so reluctant to resort to arms, but if U.S. Navy ships are attacked the Congress , both sides of the aisle will be quick to demand and authorize use of force.

 By contrast Iran hates India viewing it as a hot bed of non Muslim religions  including what they consider to be "pagan" religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, not to mention the Christians that date back to the missionary efforts of the Persian Church ( that's right at one time Persia,  now modern Iran was a militantly Christian missionary nation). These early Christians have been joined by converts from Anglican communion missionaries, and most recent Roman Catholic missionaries like Mother Theresa who came to serve and didn't try to seek converts; she attracted them anyway.
  Iran can hit the Indian subcontinent and it is much more target rich than Diego Garcia including in terms of "collateral damage", something that Iran does not try to avoid,  than an Island spec in the ocean.   This latest puffery by the peacock should be a warning to the Tigers. Iran wants to push America out of the Indian Ocean, the British have already left. India needs to continue to build a cracker jack Navy and rightly should assume the leadership in Indian Ocean security. But India should insist on a strong U.S. and EU presence as well. Given the defense cuts in the West right now in the face of massive Russian, Chinese, and N. Korean, and Iranian military build ups India shouldn't let the West use India's defense spending as an excuse to "let the locals bear more of the cost of their own defense. The West needs access  to the Indian Ocean and shouldn't expect a free ride. Nor should the price of bearing the collective security costs be India's independent role in the world. India may be "non aligned" but they are a democracy and a trustworthy state. That doesn't mean that they have to join in every military adventure of the West, or be the sole bill payer for Indian Ocean Security.

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