Thursday, April 24, 2014


Pirates Hijack Japanese Oil Tanker Along Malacca Strait

 Map U.S. Department of Commerce

Editorial note: 2/8/2020: The link to the original reporting source The Japan Daily Press now seems to lead to a cooking site. To learn more about this 2014 incident and the latest from the Strait of Malacca we suggest reviewing the sources listed in our : 

THE NEWS SERVICE AND INTELLIGENCE RESOURCES especially the ICC ( International Commercial Crime Services) site checking today (2/8/2020) it would appear that the Gulf of Guinea is the new hot spot for piracy incidents against large commercial vessels

"Armed pirates boarded and stole the fuel cargo of the Japanese tanker Naninwa Maru 1 on Wednesday in the Malacca Strait off the coast of West Malaysia. The cargo ship was bound for Myanmar with its cargo of around 5 million liters of diesel and the pirates were able to hijack and steal over half of the fuel, transferring them to two boats waiting at the scene of the crime. Three of the Japanese cargo ship’s crew members were also taken by the pirates, this according to Malaysian maritime police." read the complete story in THE JAPAN DAILY PRESS


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