Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ga day Mate! Australia Joins in the Relief of the Philippines

Australian Warship Arrives to Support Philippine Recovery Story from MarineLink.Com

File HMAS Tobruk: Photo courtesy of RAN
HMAS TOBRUK To Join Rescue Effort in the Philippines, Photo Credit: RAN

The HMAS TOBRUK is in the Philippines to help out in the post typhoon recovery efforts. We're sure the Philippine Navy and Coast Guard are happy to see them. The U.S. Navy which is already in country is always happy to see our "cousins" the Aussies in any operation of this sort. With The Japanese aboard as well there are three Naval responders on board with long histories of working together.
China finally sent over their hospital ship after some embarrassing prodding. It is interesting to watch the Philippine / Japanese rapprochement.  Sixty years ago they were very bitter enemies but now are cooperating in the face of the mutual threat to territorial integrity represented by China. The Philippines has long had productive and cooperative relationships with Australia and the United States. Yet it is China that seeks to be and claims the right to be the leader in the region. Why do the smaller regional powers prefer the company of each other and the Aussie/American alliance?  Because every one has confidence in the good will of the other, none are trying to dominate the other or steal territory. A lot of this mutual confidence and respect was built over many years of participating in joint multinational naval operations. So far the Dragon just can't seem to imagine using its Navy for diplomacy. Maybe they'll get some ideas working with these old partners on a disaster recovery mission.

 You can read the full story of the HMAS TOBRUK's arrival and mission in the Philippines at: 



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