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According to a story carried in the Hindustan Times yesterday the Indian Navy will induct into its service a Russian aircraft carrier newly acquired , refurbished, equipped, tested and ready for service. We make no bones about it we are admirers of the Indian Navy who we call "The Tigers". They have built a world class navy out og whatever they could afford at the moment, mastered all of the world class navy skills including air craft carrier operations, and are slowly building a domestic war ship and military aircraft production industry that eventually will bring standardization to the fleet. Whenever a new generation of Indian ratings enter an Indian navy with standardized equipment they will be standing on the shoulders of giants. There is no way that India could have forged their highly competent and impressive fleet out of bargain equipment with out the World's most versatile, skilled, and innovative corps of electro- mechanical petty officers and operated their ever growing and improving ships without deck and gunnery officers and petty officers of the most intensely skilled  caliber.

 Watch this naval proficiency fans. This Russian acquisition will be nothing like the Chinese acquisition of a retired Russian carrier. The Tigers are ready to fly on arrival in Indian waters.They have been operating aircraft carriers since 1961. This used Russian hull will be a second active carrier, not an experiment or simply training platform. The INS VIKRAMADITYA
as the carrier is to be renamed (Ex AdmiralGorehkov ) is likely to be in service until at least 2018 when the first Indian built carrier should come on line. The presently operating  operational Indian carrier the INS VIRAAT  is also good at least until 2018. Our bet is that once the first domestically built carrier has entered service that the Tigers will extend the service life of these foreign built carriers , operating three carriers to the Dragon's planned three until domestic built replacements are on line. Its not just a numbers game it takes time to develop carrier operational skills. The Indians have been developing them for decades under trying circumstances . The Dragon will need at least 40 years to come anywhere near the Tiger's proficiency in the carrier game.

Sometimes a navy can leapfrog over a technological gap. Our money however for any leapfrog advancements is on the innovative Tigers. India has built her navy from her sailors up. The Tiger's sailors literally evolved as corps and a service in an atmosphere where they had to innovate, adapt, over come, reinvent or fail. They have succeeded beyond the wildest positive speculation on their chances. India is moving into the top three circle with her present navy. Tomorrow's Indian sailors will have a better , more standardized fleet but we hope they meet the challenge of keeping the tradition of broad technical competency and the spirit of experimentation and innovation alive. The generations of Indian sailors from admirals to seamen  since 1961 have been truly extraordinary, a new thing to history. They deserve a special place in Indian naval history which is actually thousands of years old.

Go Tigers!


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