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  Ivan, the Bear is focused on and operating in the High Arctic as we have been reporting for quite some time. Of all of the Arctic Council nations we have the least developed infrastructure and least Naval/Coast Guard presence in the area. If we don't start catching up soon, we are going to find ourselves losing out to the nations that are prepared to expand operations in the area. Below is a lead in and link to a recent article on the status of our High Arctic readiness. We think of our selves as having Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Great Lakes coasts but we also have thousands of miles of Arctic Ocean Coasts that are becoming navigable for longer portions of the year each year of late. There is an international "gold rush" for the riches of the High Arctic. Exclusive Economic Zones and some island claims as well as sea floor geologically based claims are unsettled. We have no claims of effective settlement or effective administration in the region. We could be big losers in the international race for the High Arctic.

In Rapidly Changing Arctic, U.S. Playing Game of Catch-Up

In Rapidly Changing Arctic, U.S. Playing Game of Catch-Up
At a meeting on the impacts of an ice-diminishing Arctic on maritime operations, held in Washington this week, top U.S. Arctic officials at the Coast Guard, Navy, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and other agencies acknowledged that the U.S. still lags behind several other nations in its capabilities for operating in the … Read More

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