Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Namazu Defends His Reality

7/3/2013 Namazu Worth Repeating
American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies

NAMAZU, 3,000 year old retired Japanese Demigod turned maritime analyst


 One of the things I admired about American Admiralty Books before I offered my services to them was their obvious freedom from political correctness. I appreciated the need for pen names for many of the staff because after 3,000 years of observation I know how governments work and what can happen to the politically incorrect, or simply non political. I have no issues with the bipeds using pen names. So I read with interest Johnas Presbyter's recent offer to indirectly reveal his true identity to purchasers of a certain book that he was a contributor to. To drum up interest in the book he offered buyers a cryptic revelation of his true identity by identifying to buyers who requested it, the page number where his essay appears under his true name. Frankly I thought that cheapened the whole process of blog contributor identity protection. It looked like a cheap promotional stunt, a sales gimmick. Really I thought it was the cheapest until I noticed that Johnas stuck a book cover icon hyperlink into MY complaint about the tactic. JOHNAS THAT WAS A Cheap shot!   But I really didn't ask for space today to complain about cheap sales tactics. The "Where's Waldo" tone of the whole thing coupled with the fact that more than 90% of the contributing writers here feel they must use pen names makes me fear for my own credibility with the readers.  SO I ASKED FOR SPACE SO I COULD PUBLICLY DECLARE THAT I DO NOT USE A PEN NAME. I AM NAMAZU AND I AM AS REAL AS A HEART ATTACK.  I said it, I meant it, and I'm here to represent it. Consider this

 (1) As a legend it is common knowledge that I have been around since ancient times. Check this link:  I have been described in Scientific American:

(2) There are many images of me dating back hundreds of years.   

(3) I am written about all over the Internet and my image appears often on Internet pages not affiliated or connected with American Admiralty Books or American Admiralty Informational Services in any way.  I am part of a class of well known beings from the vicinity of Japan called Namazu-e, there are books written about us.

Front Cover As I explained in my now famous "DEFENSE OF THE RE-EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS OF FORMER DEMIGODS" which was my response to the Religious Right's objections to my employment as a published analyst I did not chose the job title of "Demigod" that was thrust upon me and the other Namazu-e. We are now, and have always been personifications of forces of nature, in my case coastal earth quakes and tidal waves. We are not specifically "Pagan". I in fact, am a monotheist as I explained in my defense of my reemployment rights. That fact, plus my flawless theology ( I'm a fish I can't be baptized or be "born again", but my existence is defensible, and, well I gotta make a living) seemed to make peace between the Religious Right and myself. Now with all the "hoop la" over Johnas Presbyter making a game out of the fact that he is a real person using a fake name to publish things that his former government employers might not like I feel like I have to defend myself as a real intelligent being.

(4) Since I've been around for about 3,000 years I am not copyrighted, I am not a trade mark, I am not a domain name and can not be made such since my name has been known for thousand's of years, I'm real, I'm independent, I'm part of the public domain, I m a free agent and could write any where for any body. I AM NOBODY'S PEN NAME. 

,  I am as real as a heart attack. I'm Namazu and I approved this message!

PS: Tell Johnas Presbyter or whatever his real name is to stop being so cheap and hire those research assistants I asked for.


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