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Contrast the clothing of the participants. The victors are in simple cotton, mostly khaki uniforms, some slightly rumpled. The Imperial Japanese who have come to submit to unconditional surrender arrived in top hats, and morning coats, their officers ribbon and aiguillette bedecked.  Previously in history the dress code was reversed and the victors wore the finery.  Some of the  most senior officers including Gen. MacArthur wore no ribbons at all, in essence they attended to the ceremony in work Khaki. It was as if  MacArthur was sending a message, get ready for the hard work of occupation and partial demobilization ahead. The pictures above are well known but motion picture film with sound is much more rare.

 About a year and half ago we received an E-mail with the hyper-link below attached. There seem to be many photos of the Japanese surrender ceremony at the close of World War II. But film footage with a sound track seems to be a bit rare these days. The hyperlink below includes not only film footage of the surrender ceremony but also some of the actual voices of the participants including some very rare recordings of General Douglas MacArthur's remarks. If you are a history buff, especially a naval history or battleship buff, click on the hyper-link below for a rare treat. 

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