Sunday, July 28, 2013

NEWS FLASH MEXICAN ADMIRAL Carlos Miguel Salazar Assassinated 7/28/2013

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"MORELIA, Mexico (AP) — Gunmen ambushed and killed one of Mexico's highest ranking navy officials and the officer escorting him Sunday in the rough western state of Michoacan, authorities said. Two other people were injured in the shooting.
The state prosecutors' office said Sunday's attack on Vice Adm. Carlos Miguel Salazarhappened on a dirt road near the town of Churintzio. Salazar is the top navy commander in the Pacific coastal state of Jalisco.
Alejandro Arellano, spokesman for Michoacan attorney general's office, said Salazar's driver apparently took the dirt road because the main highway had been closed. He saidRicardo Fernandez Hernandez, an officer serving as the vice admiral's bodyguard, was also killed.
He added that a woman and another man traveling with in the car were injured."
EDITORS NOTE: We are extremely sorry to have to carry this news. The Mexican Army and all branches of the Mexican police have been in constant pursuit and thus regular contact with the various drug cartels plaguing Mexico. The cartels have been successful in their campaign that we have reported as "the bribe or the bullet" in infiltrating many Army and police units. In recent months the Mexican Federal  Government had turned to its Navy and Marine Corps for high priority and intelligence sensitive anti drug missions with encouraging success. Recently the Mexican Navy had captured the leading king pin of the Zeta Cartel which has been terrorizing both sides of the Rio Grande Valley.
  Now, we have to report that the Mexican Navy/Marine Corps team is under attack from another group of thugs and that the trouble has spread farther west and includes a new war between drug factions featuring the established "Knights Templar" and the "New Generation". The history of the Zetas and the Rio Grande troubles tells us that the "New Generation" is likely meaner, more deadly, more amoral, and more violent than the Knights Templar who believe me, you wouldn't want to meet on the streets of San Diego much less than in a dark alley. The Navy Marine Corps team does enjoy some advantages in comparison to the army in this type of encounter as they are better equipped institutionally to keep their personnel insulated from "the bribe or the bullet" campaign, but sadly they too will endure casualties across all ranks. Mexico is locked in a literal civil war between its democratically elected government and the what has to be described as the resident forces of evil.  Let us all pray for the success and final victory of the Mexican Navy/Marine Corps team. If they are not successful our border states, already starting to feel pressure will be the next to be engulfed in war like violence.
Johnas Presbyter, Editor

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