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Editor's note 2/4/2015: It is still summer 2015 in the Antarctic, but winter is far enough along in the Arctic for preliminary ice reports to be available. The High Arctic again appears to be achieving record ice cover. The Global warning crowd complains that it is not "old multi-year ice". Well technically some of it is "new multi-year ice. If there had never been any interim warming periods in the Arctic and "Multi year" ice built up indefinitely, there would never be any open water. Why do some climatologists still insist on "global warming" or "climate change" despite evidence. We suggest "follow the money". 

Editor's note: 9/11/2015 Still too early for reliable High Arctic Ice Reports for climate analysis purposes, but at this time of the year we feel this post is well worth a second look. 

A couple of weeks ago we carried the news of a growing Arctic Ice pack.

We'll let the Washington Post tell you about the other polar region

Sea ice hit 35-year record high Saturday

By Jason SamenowPublished: September 23 at 3:23 pm
Antarctic sea ice extent Sunday compared to 1979-2000 normal (NSIDC)

Antarctic sea ice has grown to a record large extent for a second straight year, baffling scientists seeking to understand why this ice is expanding rather than shrinking in a warming world.

On Saturday, the ice extent reached 19.51 million square kilometers, according to data posted on the National Snow and Ice Data Center Web site.  That number bested record high levels set earlier this month and in 2012 (of 19.48 million square kilometers). Records date back to October 1978.

How can all this growth in the polar ice caps be happening when global warming is supposed to be a fact? In the immortal words of the Great catfish himself ,Namazu.......
"Climates change...that's what they do"

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