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IF ANY OF THIS IS TRUE ASSAD MAY BE AN ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT TO THE USE OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS, AN INDICTABLE OFFENSE Editor's Note:  Update 9/12/2014 :This was published in September 2013 before Americans had heard of ISIS and our concern was with Assad's apparent use of chemical weapons on "his own people". The Obama White House was naively thinking that they were looking at some sort of "Arab Spring". Obama and France wanted to attack the Assad regime and replace them with the "moderate rebels". 

NAMAZU Giant Japanese catfish and former demigod, now an analysts for AAB
The Congress, European leaders and Russia were against any invasion and forced ouster plans. So was the Pope ,and even our own Namazu argued for investigation , international prosecution, and military intervention only in support of arrest of principles. Eventually the invasion crisis ended when Russia brokered a deal for the removal and destruction of Syria's chemical weapons. A U.S.Navy Sealift Command Ship is in Italy now processing those chemical weapons into inert materials. But as that progressed Obama provided arms to the "moderate" Assad opposition and pulled our troops out of Iraq. Many of the so called moderates went over to ISIS with their weapons and ammunition. ISIS turned towards Iraqi and an 18,000 man horde of thugs caused an army 15 times their size and much better equipped to drop or leave their weapons and run. ISIS slowed down to pick up the abandoned armament and they are now an army estimated to be about 36,000 in number with some heavier equipment than they had before. ISIS is the outgrowth of our mistakes in the region and you can't blame those mistakes on Bush,this wasn't inherited it was manufactured on the watch of this POTUS. 

 This monstrous evil incarnate calling itself the "ISLAMIC STATE' is partially a monster of our own creation and we have an obligation to mow it down. The less than half measure of this administration will not work.ISIS must have their declaration of war returned in steel and be utterly annihilated.We must realize that Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are joined at the hip with ISIS and cast the Muslim Brotherhood out of the leadership positions they enjoy at the White House and DHS. We have to stop the flow of cash from our so called "moderate Muslim"  population that supports ISIS, sometimes with out the knowledge of some of the donors We have to stop American Muslim propaganda activities and public demonstrations in support of the enemy. We must get Britain , France, the Netherlands and Italy to join us in crushing ISIS but also in bringing their own Muslim populations under control by eliminating  Sharia law  grottos, prosecuting "honor killings", closing down "Rape Houses", arresting Muslim pedophiles, and cutting the flow of cash from their Muslim population to the enemy. We hope the article below will help you understand how the world looked just a year ago. There was no "Arab spring" just another in the series of rises in the violent Caliphate movement that has run nearly continuously through Islam for 1400 years. 

From The Reuter's Report as Carried in The Huff News:
According to German Intelligence:

"Syrian brigade and division commanders had been asking the Presidential Palace to allow them to use chemical weapons for the last four-and-a-half months, according to radio messages intercepted by German spies, but permission had always been denied, the paper said.
This could mean Assad may not have personally approved the attack close to Damascus on Aug. 21 in which more than 1,400 are estimated to have been killed, intelligence officers suggested.
Germany's foreign intelligence agency (BND) could not be reached for comment.
Bild said the radio traffic was intercepted by a German naval reconnaissance vessel, the Oker, sailing close to the Syrian coast."


 This could well be true, which puts Assad between a rock and a hard place with his own army. He has a moral and international legal obligation, if true ,to bring his responsible officers, probably the highest on his staff to trial either before his own military tribunal or before the World Court at the Hague. But if he uses his own tribunal it must be open and fair and the World must hear the evidence. The world is not going to accept pulling a few NCOs off the line and claiming they did this on their own, then standing them before a wall and calling it over. Unless he  chooses full disclosure and open trials for the responsible parties just about immediately, he is an accessory after the fact, at the very least. From his more immediate perspective if he holds his commanders personally responsible his army could turn on him. 

 The indictment route vice an air strike or missile bombardment will eventually bring all of this information out. An indictment allows the world's intelligence services to sift through their information and decide how best to protect human intelligence resources that may be the source of their information. The unclassified version of the U.S. intelligence establishes that the gas attacks came from Syrian government held positions and were deployed toward areas either held or strongly contested by the rebels. This information, sufficient for "probable cause' and an indictment by itself obviously comes from technical not human sources. The German information clearly comes from electronic eves dropping and is already out, so it should be available for evidence. From it no doubt we can discern which officers were advocating for use of the chemical weapons. 

 In short we now have enough evidence for multiple indictments of some of the people actually responsible for the attack. Once we have an indictment in hand, the armed forces, intelligence services, and police organizations of the United States and any cooperative nations may combine in any manner acceptable to the court to serve the indictments and effect arrest. No more Congressional debates required, but Congress must tell this President not only that they don't approve use of armed force right now but that they want the indictment option pursued. Throwing more ordinance into Syria will not kill Assad, or any rogue military officers who may have taken matters into their own hands. We can only add to the suffering of the Syrian people. We can't do nothing, we can't start shooting, what's left? Seek and indictment, get an indictment and a warrant, then rethink the use of force along the lines of special forces "snatch teams" to bring in the defendants to the court. Have ready special international extradition teams to legally argue for the delivery of the defendants from any nation where they may seek asylum , form an international "special rendition team" to extract the defendants from any nation that doesn't respond to legal argument. This is the only plan that isn't full of potential for immediate violent unintended consequences. It provides a vehicle for the World Community to immediately condemn in strong terms the use of WMDs and demonstrates thgeir resolve to punish those responsible. It proceeds in the open, slowly at first, but deliberately and steadily until the use of the right kind of force is authorized to bring the indicted to justice. 

 Congress of the United States, the people put a man into the oval office who lacked the experience to properly handle a situation like this. They have bombarded you with feedback this last week to not let this President compound their mistake and use the armed forces of the United States to kill people to smooth over his ego for speaking too soon and advocating a rash course of action. Use your constitutional war powers to not only disapprove the use of arms right now, something that he has said may not deter him, but to describe the course of action that you expect the Commander in Chief to take. Push for the formal multi- nation sponsored indictment, and authorize use of force to effect arrest only.

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