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Editor's Note 3/12/2018: Syria seems to be a bigger mess today than when we first published.
We think this may be a useful post in terms of understanding the recent history of this still on going problem.

Editor's note: It's been over a year now since we published this post. We ended the post with the admonition "stay tuned". Well we did and as we all know something totally unexpected happened. ISIS, a terror organization worse than the Nazis or al Qaeda, emerged co-opted the Syrian rebels and laid claim to statehood and declared its intent for future world domination. Reading this post again we have to admit we did not see ISIS coming out of left field. Now what? Some thoughts at the end of the post. 
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 This unusual set of bedfellows each have contributed to an alternative plan that is starting to take shape. First we had Syrian Plan, gas the whole neighborhood and take out everything that moves. Then the world was treated to pictures of piles of dead men, women, and children all in civilian cloths and no weapons in sight.Obviously civilization could not ignore this crime against humanity. So the leader of the free world announced his plan. The United States (Obama Administration)  will go in and lob missiles and air strikes, kill the Syrian government forces and tell God they died. Then Syria noted that if you did that, al Qaeda wins in Syria. Besides said Mr. Assad, attack me and I'll see to it  Israel burns. Great Britain which usually goes in shooting at anyone the U.S. is also aiming at balked, their Parliament voted down participating in a naval turkey shoot off of Syria.The President of the United States (Obama) back peddled and decided to run his idea by Congress . Congress and the American people are showing a decided lack of patience with the kill them all and tell God they died school of the enforcement of international law. It was starting to look like a choice between a shock and awe attack or doing nothing. Then the Catfish published.

 The Great Namazu, star of ancient legend, stage , screen, and cyber space published his plan. Indictment of Assad for crimes against humanity by the World Court at the Hague. This answered all of the critics who said they didn't trust U.S. intelligence. The evidence would be tested by a court and only the individuals responsible for the horrendous act would be targeted as opposed to anyone living within several blocks of a Syrian chemical weapons catch. Two days later his Holiness the Pope came out with his plan, everybody pray and fast for peace, don't shoot anybody, start discussions for peace immediately, bring the responsible parties to individual justice. Basically the Pope's plan added prayer and discussion to Namazu's plan to put the responsible parties on trial as individuals. Then yesterday the big surprise from Russia. Mr.Putin suggested that Syria immediately turn over all Chemical weapons to UN Inspectors. That really caps the plan. The immediate turn over of chemical weapons removes them from the field and the possibility of further use. Discussion may or may not work but continuing to shoot only works for al Qeada. The evidence gets tested by a neutral third party tribunal before any arrest warrants are issued. The nations of the world are free to organize any type of service of process force they can put together from their combined resources. No new shooting in the area by new parties, yet the offense is far from ignored.

 Then to add frosting to the cake German intelligence came out with communications intercepts that indicate that Syrian field commanders used the chemical weapons against the specific standing orders of the regime. Mr. Assad is suddenly presented with a choice relative to an indictment. He may be either an accessory after the fact or a material witness depending on how he decides to handle the information from Germany.

 The bottom line is that this is no longer a shoot don't shoot decision. There are options on the table and Congress looks likely to select a no shoot option. The big remaining question is will the President (Obama) change course and champion a third way, or insist that he can run off shooting even if Congress votes no? Well its going to be an interesting week. Will the Catfish, the Pope, and the Russian leader prevail or will the President rush headlong into disaster? Stay tuned.

12/14/2014: The U.S. and world chose the don't shoot option, Syria surrendered her chemical weapons, U.S. Naval forces received the weapons in Italy and are processing them into hopefully harmless compounds. But the ISIS a vicious Islamic organization that is too vicious even for the mass murdering al-Qaeda co-opted the Syrian resistance and the people in ISIS occupied Syria and Iraq are in more miserable conditions than they were before. The Russians blocked any attempt at an international tribunal bringing any of the Assad regime to trial and once again the U.S. is back to shooting at Muslims to try and reduce their capability of mass murdering Kurds, Christians and others including thousands of other Muslims insufficiently Islamic for their tastes. U.S. military efforts are trying the U.S. public patience and are not effective at deconstructing ISIS. A sort of Islamic "Intifada" is erupting in Europe and Great Britain which is being ineffectively dealt with and ISIS now calling themselves "The Islamic State"is occupying parts of Iraq and Syria and planning on occupying Rome within 5 years. . 

 There would be an Islamic Intifada in the U.S. but the major HAMAS players in the U.S. are actually welcome guests in the (Obama) White House and some sit in high echelons of the Department of Homeland Security. The President is a Muslim but also a media darling. The Muslims represent only .083% of the U.S. population so the implementation of Sharia in the U.S. is moving ahead slowly under the media radar and unnoticed by most of the population. The real push will come when the liberals manage to disarm the American public. With both houses now solidly in Republican hands it is unlikely that attacks on the 2nd amendment will prove fully successful any time soon. But despite an open sympathizer of  the Islamic world caliphate movement in the White House this is what keeps the U.S. free of outright muslim dictatorship, the fear that the majority may turn from the ballot box to the bullet if pushed too far while still armed. (2018 Note President Trump has agreed to more gun control than the NRA would like, but the biggest fundamental change is in raising the age for gun sales from 18 to 21. This is nothing more than a return to an earlier condition) 
 We have more than one gun in private hands in this country for every man woman and child in the nation and we are still 79% Christian. The remaining 21% includes Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus  all of whom have long histories of persecution and invasion by Islamic armies and are disinclined to agree to conversion or Islamic rule. About 76% of the population owns firearms and there are many military veterans among us. A resistance capable of sweeping the Muslims out of America by force will surely arise if the resistance by the ballot that swept the complicit Democrats out the House ,  Senate (and White House in 2016) proves ineffective. This is why we don't expect America to experience the level of Islamic terror and unrest that Europe is experiencing in the immediate future.  Unfortunately with a birth rate 4 times higher than any other segment of the population, and virtually unlimited immigration, Muslims will reach 4 to 5% of the U.S. population by the time Europe has sunk into Islamic rule in a process started by their own Muslim populations presently accounting for 4 to 6 % of the EU nations populations. 

 We disagree with the visions of certain Dutch legislators who have made recent U.S. speaking tours who believe their own nation is lost already and that America must prepare to be the last stand of Western Civilization. Western Civilization is making its last stand now in the ISIS occupied areas of Iraq and Syria and in the streets of Europe. Europe and America must act now to dismantle Islamofascism everywhere immediately and simultaneously. What we are facing is not a religion but a philosophy and system of states and organizations hell bent on world conquest and deadly dictatorial rule. 

 Let's take a lesson from Japan, Japan bans Islam, prohibits its teaching, prohibits Islamic immigration, prohibits the construction of mosques, even prohibits the teaching of Arabic. Culturally in Japan if a Japanese woman marries a Muslim, she is shunned by her family.  In Japan all forms of Islam are viewed as dangerous and all Muslims as potential enemies of the state. In Europe and America our belief that diversity is a national strength and our belief in freedom of religion have been played. 

 Pushback must begin now at the ballot box, on the floors of Congress, from the White House when it becomes available and accessible to the citizens again, It must be felt in court, in immigration reform, in suppression of funding of terrorists with Mosque "Charitable revenues". Push back must be exercised by European and American city governments by denying building permits for mosques placed in incendiary locations like within sight of the former World Trade Center site, or towering over the landmark  cathedrals  of  Paris. Christian evangelists must turn their attention to Muslims in their mists and make a maximum effort to convert them. Civil authorities must be diligent in protecting those who would abandon this murderous enterprise from apostasy murder. Christian and Jewish groups need to finance safe houses and societal integration programs that don't attempt to make religious converts for the 35% to 55 %  of  Western Muslim women who either want to escape the entire Muslim community or escape a brutal husband without risking an "honor killing". As adherents of actually peaceful religions we have a duty to attempt peaceful political pushback and to avoid armed conflict. But the Muslims should be ever mindful that we are under no obligation to accept martyrdom, or domination. We have the means and will to resist as armed free men and we will if we have to. 

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