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Island of Saipan , photo by P. Miller, (Pdmiller) donated to Public Domain
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Image believed to be in Public Domain


The 48,000 American citizens who live on the tropical island of Saipan are located quite some distance from other Americans. Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd. (IPIH) of China saw in that an opportunity. While the island is American soil, and served by the US Post office, and the dollar is the legal tender there ; being located twice the distance from the West Coast of the United States as the distance between Denver and Honolulu makes it in fact, extremely remote US soil. Among the types of Americans not real common on the island are OSHA inspectors, and INS investigators. That is where Imperial Pacific Holdings of China saw an opportunity to open a back door into the American economy. You see the growing rich of China's crony capitalist commie hybrid system are in desperate need of a place to convert their Chinese profits into currencies thought to be safer from government confiscation than China. Quite a few of these folks remember the "Cultural Revolution" and know that a one party authoritarian state can turn on a dime and resume confiscatory taxation programs enforced at the point of gun.  So a lot of the cronies of the system seek to quickly convert their yen into dollars, pounds, or franks. They needed a place and activity reasonably close but strongly separated from the Communist Chinese mainland. The American territory of Saipan typically a 3 to 4  hour flight offshore and physically about the size of San Francisco seemed appealing, particularly due to certain short falls in America's protection of the Island and Islanders.

File:Line3757 - Flickr - NOAA Photo Library.jpg
 Bird Island Saipan, Photo by David Burdick. for NOAA Licensed under the Creative Commons license.

After WWII Saipan became a permanent US territory, but the scenic tropical isle seemed to have no economic reason for being. To encourage development, the Federal government exempted Saipan from certain minimum wage and immigration laws. A few major US based major retailers came to the island to set up clothing factories paying $2.15 an hour.  Imperial Pacific Holdings of China found that a Casino would be the perfect cover business for transferring Chinese wealth into international currencies. Of course casinos are large buildings and on an island with hardly any hotels an adjacent resort hotel would be needed. Given the lack of OSHA attention, corners could be cut, but even the low minimum wage of Saipan didn't satisfy the IPH managers. They brought in even cheaper Chinese mainland workers on tourist visas and illegally put them to work on the casino complex. There was one thing they didn't count on , the high rates of injury and even death on their uninspected and unregulated construction site. The local hospital did however notice and they noticed that the injured and killed workers were not native. 

File:CNMI hospital.JPG
The Island's only hospital , photo by Stephen Ewen licensed under the Creative Commons

 The islanders had been very reluctant to allow gaming on the island but faced desperate economic conditions. They were expecting both construction and casino floor jobs. They were not expecting an invasion of a bogus work force posing as "tourists", especially after all of the tax advantages granted IPH. It is starting to look like a classic Chinese Bandit run. The island gets a new Casino that pays virtually no taxes, runs on an illegal foreign work force, and is being built by an illegal foreign labor force rapidly becoming a burden on local medical facilities due to unsafe working conditions. So all things considered the casino mega resort complex is not doing a whole lot for the island. But how is Imperial Pacific Holding doing? Amazingly great, super lucrative. 

Map MP.png
Saipan is the capital city of the Northern Mariana Islands

 IPH at the moment is probably moving more Chinese money through Saipan than any other place in the world. Before the mega resort opened last July an IPH store front facility handled more than $2 billion a month in supposed "wagers". That is  almost six times typical gamboling casino revenues in places like Macau which has a more lively trade than Las Vegas. Nothing in the islands economy compares to the cash machine of the IPH temporary casino. Indeed perhaps only the entire gaming economy of Las Vegas  compares. Yet the islanders outside of a very small elite group of power brokers receive any economic benefit. The mega resort's advisers and board of directors include such mainland prominent people as former directors of the CIA and the FBI and former governors of New York, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi. There are reports of millions finding their way into coffers close to the territorial governor. So far not much ,if anything. to ordinary local folks including any relief on the tax front.

File:Saipan from ISS 2.png
Saipan as seen from the International Space Station. Photo Credit NASA
 Update: 2/20/2018

 The construction contractor on this job has been MCC International Saipan. But other than having an office on Saipan, MCC has little to do with any natives of the Island. It is part of the mainland Chinese group of companies affiliated with Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. According to stock exchange filings MCC is the Hong Kong and Shanghail exchange listed arm of China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MGC) , a state run construction enterprise.  MGC in turn is a unit of the state run metals trading giant known as China Minmetals Corp. It was the construction part of the business that first drew US regulatory attention. As described previously the construction company brought in Chinese nationals on tourist visas and used them to work on the actual construction. The construction site wasn't run per OSHA standards or any US standards and delivered enough injured "tourists" to the local hospital as to arise suspicion and then a formal investigation.  

 The entire program appears to have been organized by a former Trump Casino employee Mark Brown. He last served in a senior position in a Far Eastern Casino after leaving Trump's employ, where he was recruited by Chinese interests to help put together the Casino program and recruit an elite group of corporate directors / advisors including former US governors and senior retired federal law enforcement officers. Imperial Pacific, the Casino operator is run by Chinese entrepreneur Cui Lijie.  Lijie's directors and consultants for this project allegedly include Americans James Woolsey (former CIA director and "neoconservative democrat"),  Eugene Sullivan (Former senior Federal Appeals Court  judge, and an apparent Republican)  , Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour ( Republican governor of Mississippi 2004-2012) Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (Democrat, served as governor 2003-2011 thought to be an adviser vice a director, stepped down in April of 2017 stated the company was too far away geographically to effectively monitor)  , and former FBI director Louis Freeh ( FBI Director 1993 to 2001, a Republican appointee of Bill Clinton). This prominent group of American directors and / or advisers come from both political parties, from the judiciary, executive branches of government, and law enforcement. All have very high personal net worth, far beyond what could be amassed on typical head of agency or federal judge salaries.  If  accumulated after Federal service it appears more likely than not it would have come from fees as directors and consultants. Looking at the situation on Saipan, one has to wonder how these people go about vetting the projects they agree to serve; or are they simply selling a facade of legitimacy to the highest bidders?  

Either the directors /consultants were clueless or colluded in the evasion of US law and not just in the construction of the casino but also in apparent money laundering.  Attention was drawn to the possibility of money laundering when a "temporary casino" opened in a former laundromat in a duty free mall. Known as "Best Sunshine" the temporary casino's VIP tables handled just under $3 billion in March of 2017 which was up from $1.67 billion in February 2017. This was an unheard of amount for a new start up even in Las Vegas. Where did these VIP bets come from? How could all that money be earned on only twenty tables? The mega resort was unfinished and there were few hotel rooms on the island at the time. So far there have been only six arrests and those are related to the labor and immigration law violations associated with the resort / casino construction. Apparently, the money laundering charges are still under investigation and construction on the mega resort /casino continues as does casino operations in temporary facilities continue. Lijie et al remain in charge, if any of the high powered American directors consultants besides former Governor Rendell have resigned we have not found any accounts of it. Indeed what little MSM coverage of these developments that we can find seem to be determined to link Donald Trump to the fiasco because a former employee of Trump Casinos was involved, ignoring that so was a Bill Clinton appointee, or the bipartisan make up of the entire group.   Apparently the distance of Siapan from the continental US and the little known details of American soverignity there have lessened the interest of MSM news editors, especially since they can't seem to make a case for blaming the mess on Trump. We feel the still evolving situation on far away Saipan warrants more scrutiny by the American public. The situation is a clear demonstration of how the "Swamp" and the related "Deep State" work and its somewhat bipartisan nature. Could it be that America wasn't wrong in electing a man who was already independently wealthy and with no prior office holding experience to it's highest office? Might Saipan shed some light on why both RINO Republicans and nearly all Democrats are so vehemently opposed to the presidency of Donald Trump?  We think the "Swamp" is real and the home of an all too real "Deep State".  In this age of the Internet citizens are able to watch developments on Saipan independently of what the MSM puts out , if anything. 

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Solar Image from NASA

  Recently we reported on "The Bias Field" a new discovery in the physics of crystallization. It seems that already new understandings of the process of crystallization are yielding progress towards derivative new technologies. One of the most promising developments seems poised to emerge from the lab and onto the market fairly soon. "NanoCrystal" electrical generation and transmission seems just around the corner if only technological considerations vice economic and marketing considerations were controlling. 

   NanoCrystal technology refers to new power crystals that generate electricity. The emerging technologies evolving around these crystals have been lauded by some technology analysts as leading eventually to the unplugging of the globe from the electrical grid. Everything from your I phone to your toaster could go wireless if they are correct. The technology is real at the lab level. Market research clearly indicates that the public is ready to go wireless on any and everything that we either now have to plug in, or plug into a charger. This Nano Crystal technology isn't about a better battery  it's more about a wireless plug in, continuous feeding of useful electricity via portions of the radio spectrum to devices which then convert the energy into useful electricity, vice consuming energy from a battery. In fact this technology is already starting to advance a bit beyond the lab table.

  Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT) has developed a wire free, distance electrical charger they call WattUp (R) and has already received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification for a field transmitter designed to send radio frequency based power to devices at a distance. FCC certification for distance charging under part 18 of the FCC regulations (Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations Part 18), This would appear to open up great new opportunities for the electronics industry. Indeed it eventually will. But our analyst think the stock of Energous Corporation is over hyped.  NanoCrystal technologies including "distance charging" is not going to make billionaires over night. The real developmental time lines are complex. This development hits as many manufacturers have spent a great deal of research and development money on new battery and programming formats for their long planned upgrades of successful electronic devices. They will probably not trash those developments to suddenly turn to developing products that can take advantage of NanoCrystal generated and transmitted electricity. Additionally this new technology while unplugging consumers, none the less requires some as yet undeveloped infrastructure to work. As presently approved by the FCC the  Energous Corporation distance charger only works at a distance of three feet. While the technology is scalable up so that at some point all an electronic device user has to do is enter a room or even a mall equipped with the chargers and it is charging or simply running off the supplied current as the user moves about the area at will. We can see this is going to sell one day and gain a major market share of the personal electronic device market and maybe one day even household appliances. But it won't be over night.

   Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT) common stock was selling at about $20.16 a share today (February 14, 2018) that's up almost 57 cents since yesterday. But its down about 99 cents from about 5 days ago. (please note these figures reflect a cursory check once today with a single source and not a market study). If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy into this company be sure to research their fundamentals. Having some early intellectual property in the field and an apparent leading position and strong visibility doesn't translate to staying power to take advantage of their current position if the technology takes longer than expected to emerge as a grouping of marketable products. The Energous WattUp system is reminiscent of WIFI featuring interoperability between receivers and transmitters, regardless of manufacturers. Energous predicts the first WattUp transceivers will be marketed late this year or early in 2019. But who will develop and market the WattUp enabled electronic devices? This technology faces a complex roll out. Financial analysts are all over the map with the company's income projections for 2021 every where from $400 million to $25 billion and several points in between. This is why we suggest a strong investigation into the company's fundamentals. We think the projections of wide adaptation by 2021 are wildly optimistic given the complications related to the adaptation of the technology. We do think that the technology is inevitable.

 At Helios Ruels, Inc. our endowment fund investments  are based on a basic buy and hold philosophy. We are constantly doing technical investigations into various technologies, and theoretical  mathematical and physics concepts. One of the first things we examine when looking at such developments is the "state of the art". That information is vital to us as potential researchers should an "investigation" become an approved project. But we have learned that "state of the art research often leads to knowledge of the "state of the industry" and with it some often useful and reliable information on who the old reliable, and up and coming,developers are in any field of technology "investigated". As a skunk works reliant on the ups and downs of grants and research contract sales we decided to utilize this by product of our investigations to help us establish an "endowment fund" meant to help stabilize our fixed overhead through dividend income. We are not investment experts, we are not stock analysts, and our investments are not intensely managed. We operate on the concept of extensive research that helps us pick our stock purchases with only one rule controlling. Since we have neither time nor expertise to time the market; we won't hold a stock ten minutes that we would be afraid to hold ten years. Keep that in mind if you ever make any stock purchases based on our analysis. We are not stock market experts. We don't market securities. We don't charge for our information. We share our insights for free. Be advised such insights may only be worth what you paid for them.

 Another company that we came across during this line of inquiry included one working on battery improvements involving graphene super capacitors.  Fisker Nanotech / Battery is developing a graphene super capacitor based battery apparently designed for electric automobiles that will fully charge within one minute for 4 to 5,000 miles of usage). Fast charging may precede wireless charging / running technologies  into the market place. Most people want to get about 5 years out of their electronics so if fast and powerful charging and charge holding precede wireless charging into the market anticipate the real adaptation of the wireless technology could be delayed by about five years over the more optimistic present day projections.

 Electrical generation/transmission/charging/ running are not the only emerging technologies coming out of the new discoveries in crystal formation that we first described in our report on THE BIAS FIELD . Emerging technologies based on our newer understanding of the formation of solids especially crystals include the bio medical field. Natural Nano (NAND) is a New York State company developing nanocites from earthen materials with unique adhesion characteristics which can be programmed chemically to adhere to cancer cells and release cancer killing chemo directly to the cancerous cells. The potential applications in paints and coatings should be obvious as well .

  We hope you find this information on developments on these particular technologies on the  cutting edge of physics helpful for whatever purpose , but if you are inclined to use it as investment information don't forget to do your home work. Nothing in this report should be viewed as investment advice .

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 As the march of maritime history passed through the twentieth century a truly new industry emerged out of an old artisan / patron trade. Before the era of mass manufacturing yachts and yacht tenders were fashioned on a custom built basis by skilled boat wrights for their wealthy patrons. Then came WWII and the success of the small fast patrol boat put together on a production line. Then the war ended and the military production line came to a halt until the likes of CHRIS CRAFT and DONZI et al started selling recreational motor boats to America's emerging solid middle class. Today millions of Americans take to the water in season aboard a wide variety of recreational craft. Unfortunately there is no uniformity in their training or competence in operating small craft. Today the reasonably competent boater also needs to be somewhat legally astute. The law firm of LEDER & HALE PC of Baltimore has written and made available to the legal community and recreational boating community alike a guide to recreational boating law that you may read free on line. We highly recommend THE LANDLUBBERS GUIDE TO RECREATIONAL BOATING LAW 2018. 

This very useful guide comes to you courtesy of :
Steven E. Leder, Esq. Leder & Hale, PC 401 Washington Avenue Suite 600 Baltimore, MD 21204 (443)279-7900

We like the contents and love the price (free-just click on the link). We found this a good primer for the admiralty law specialists used to large commercial vessel issues, a painless introduction to admiralty and maritime law generally for the paralegal or new associate coming into the field for the first time, and a corking good read for the weekend skipper. Should you be from the Chesapeake Bay region and you have the misfortune of having your beloved boat go bump in the night, you're going to need a lawyer. Why not give Leder and Hale a call? 




Madeleine Link writing for the Heritage Park Museum in Terrace  B.C., Canada

Image of the Mount Royal from the on line site for the Heritage Park  Museum

 The beautiful river steamer MOUNT ROYAL depicted above sank on the Skenna River in British Columbia on July 6, 1907. Her story has been captured by MS Madelene Link a curator at the museum who was in her third year of college when she penned the details of the last day of the historic steamer. READ THE STORY  at the Museum's web site. 

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File:Sea of Okhotsk map.png
 Image  licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License 

A Russian flagged passenger ferry with 127 passengers aboard is stuck in the ice. No not in the High Arctic but in the North Pacific off Japan. THE M/V IGOR FARKHUTDINOV was en-route from Kuril Islands (to the Japanese some of the islands are part of their "Northern Territory" occupied by Russia in WWII and never returned) en-route to the Russian Sakhalin peninsula on Russia's Pacific coast.   The ship has been entrapped in ice up to three feet thick, rare but not unheard of in these latitudes.  The director of shipping for the ferry service has stated that there is no immediate danger to the passengers as the ship is in no physical danger of a hull breach or capsize and there is plenty of food, fuel, and water aboard.  There is no official word on how long the ship has been trapped in ice but it left on Monday for a trip normally requiring a single day and is still in the ice today (Thursday February 8, 2018). The ferry service estimated that there is enough food and water aboard for a week. The ship has an ice resistant but hardly ice breaking hull and is expected to work itself out of the entrapment and be in port by Friday. The company reports that the Captain is considered experienced and that this sort of thing has been encountered before. The Sakhalin transport ministry has reported contact with the crew and that everything appears fine but if the ice conditions worsen an ice breaker can be dispatched from the Russian port of Vladivostok.  

 At least, unlike the US,the Russians have a large fleet of capable ice breakers. 

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 WARNING: Reading this memo could be fatal to certain political delusions you may have, especially if you have any liberal tendencies.


 By now you are no doubt aware that the infamous "FBI Memo" so feared by the Democrats as "damaging to national security" and "a bald faced partisan document" has now been released as redacted by the FBI. So the Democrats now refer to it as a "Nothing Burger", "Over hyped", and yet insist on being able to publish their own rebuttal document which they are certainly free to do, they just don't have the right to release it as an official release of any Congressional committee. That document has been released, over the Democrat's strenuous objections, and their demanded FBI redactions . The official memo indicates that a "dossier" prepared by a former British intelligence operative now thought to be an operative to the Democratic party by Republican analysts "formed an essential part" of an Obama  administration request for a warrant to eavesdrop on Carter Page who at the time was a foreign policy adviser to the Trump presidential campaign. T
The document contains direct quotes by FBI officials and other indications even after extensive FBI redactions that throw a revealing light on the so called "Russian Investigation" of Russian interference in the last Presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump. Indeed this document now declared a "nothing burger" by the Democrats is in fact something that should be read by all Americans. When carefully read, examined for accuracy and sources, and understood it will be found frightening by the portion of the American people who aren't brain dead from propaganda. What will the American people fear after reading the infamous "memo" ? They will and should fear the "Deep State" operatives still very much acting within many branches of the Federal Government and especially within the FBI, and Democrats in general.

 After careful consideration of the "memo" as redacted and released and considerations of such Democratic Party developed "rebuttals" as are currently out there ; I offer the following observations and opinions for your consideration:


1. (Observation): The redactions include not only the expected and allowed redaction of confidential FBI informants, methods of investigation but also of adjectives. (Opinion): Reading in context it seems that words like "significant" that appear near descriptions of information, or effects of events are eliminated to make the narrative read more inconsequential. Step one in making an important document appear to be a "nothing burger".

2. (Observation): The document was delivered to Congress but the Democrats who objected to the release to the public describe it as a "Republican document".  This controversy starts and ends with  FBI documents submitted to a court.  (Opinion): That document certainly appears to support a suspicion that the Intelligence Surveillance Court was a victim of lies of omission by the Obama Administration. This trail of falsehood begins with leading the court to believe that independent journalists corroborated the information that led to the granting of a warrant to put the Trump election team under surveillance very early in the election process.  In fact the information came from unsupported assertions by a former British intelligence agent (a Mr. Steele)  thought by many to be a mercenary agent of elements within the Democratic Party. This agent also generated false news reports that appeared to support allegations that are more probably than not invented from whole cloth by agents of elements within the democratic party. (Observation;) By offering uncorroborated evidence and suggesting that it was corroborated by independent sources, by more probably than not inventing evidence out of whole cloth, by making unsubstantiated claims and  presenting them as substantiated the presentations of the Obama era administration and /or FBI to the court constitute more than lies of omission, this would appear to be perjury.



2. (Observation): Through the initial application and 3 renewals of the FISA warrant , no corroboration was furnished. (Opinion): The impact of this fact goes to the weight of the evidence that the prosecutors for the warrant, the FBI /Comey et al either failed in their due diligence or were intentionally running an unlawful persecution. The lack of any attempt to secure corroboration also cast doubt on the due diligence of the Obama era court. 

3. (Observation): Information was withheld: FISA judges were not told that Democrats paid at least $160,000 to commission the report submitted to the court, making everything submitted suspect of simply being partisan political maneuvering.  

4. FACT: Steele (The British Intelligence agent mentioned earlier and suspected of being in the employ of elements within the Democratic Party) briefed Yahoo News for the article by Mr. Iskoff which was sighted as part of the evidence supporting the FISCA warrant application. (Opinion): This goes to the weight of the evidence that the "evidence" submitted for the warrant application was "manufactured", false, and should have been known to be so by COMEY et al.  (Observation): The FBI under Comey continued working with Mr. Steele, evidently without any scrutiny of his media contacts, and submitted the warrant application  despite a gross lack of corroboration and indicators of fabrication and coordination by political operatives determined to undermine the political campaign of their leading opponent. 

5. (Observation):  Mr. Steele apparently lied about contacts with the FBI. This would make him eligible for Obstruction charges. There seems to be, even today ,a strange immunity to obvious charges if the apparent miscreant is a Democrat or fellow traveler.  

6. (Observation): Steele, more probably than not committed a prosecutable  offense when he disclosed his relationship to the FBI to reporter David Corn in an October 2016 article in the hyper liberal Mother Jones magazine. (Opinion): Steele's communications with the FBI and the Media indicate a pattern of simple advocacy against the Trump presidential campaign. When it appears to bolster his stature with the media he touts his FBI connections. When his media communications would tend to taint the "evidence" these are omitted from the court presentations. Never a peep out of the FBI about his obligations toward confidentiality. 

7. FACT:  Steele admitted to Deputy Assistant Attorney General Ohr that he was passionately committed to preventing the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. Yet the FBI and the Department of Justice continued to allow his use as a "source" despite his admitted prejudice and partisan intentions. 

8. FACT: Deputy AGA Orh 's wife was an employee of Fusion GPS, the political opposition firm connected with the production of the Steele dossier. The FISA court  was never told of this relationship.

9. FACT:  McCabe told the House Intelligence Committee that no warrant would have been issued without the Steele Dossier. .(Opinion) The Steele Dossier being suspect of both being a fabrication and having obvious partisan political origins and financing is more probably than not just a collection of false hoods, half truths, and argument not evidence of any wrong doing. Any and all "evidence" flowing from the FISA warrant is tainted and more probably than not inadmissible". 

10. (Observation); despite all of the fabricated documents there appears to be no evidence of collusion with the Russians by Carter Page, the Trump adviser who visited Russia. 

11.(Observation): McCabe apparently attended a meeting with Strzok (Peter Strzok, the FBI agent formerly Chief of the Counter Espionage Section during the FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton's use of a personal E- mail server transmitting classified material. No charges came of that investigation despite obvious and ample evidence of mishandling of classified material).  Strzok subsequently was promoted to Deputy Director of the FBI's Counter Intelligence Division which led the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US Presidential election) and Page to discuss an "insurance policy against Trump's election". (Observation): Why would an FBI agent need an insurance policy against the election of anyone to political office unless he had acted unethically and / or illegally to thwart the election of a legitimate candidate?  

 As an observer of American history since before the Revolution (remember I'm a 3,000 year old catfish) I have to say that this is a new twist. Before the electronic media and "fake news" "yellow journalism" was a major component in many American elections including the first and second runs by Thomas Jefferson for the job of President. "Yellow journalism" was unethical but given the "freedom of the press" of the day hardly considered illegal at the time. Any of the Yellow Journalists operatives would have been quite pleased with themselves if their efforts resulted in an indictment of the candidate they were paid to tarnish as long as they weren't hauled into court and made to testify under oath. Libel and slander civil actions were rare then and are now with the courts having a long standing view that public figures especially politicians must have thick skins and be prepared for the "slings and arrows" of  "vigorous public debate". 

 What we see in this recently released memo is something new. The memo, to say the least in the temperate words of White House Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders;  "raises serious concerns about the integrity of decisions made at the highest levels of the department of Justice and the FBI to use the government's most intrusive surveillance tools against American citizens."  My own catfish instinct, so often unerring,is that despite the constant and ever erupting  "rebuttals" of the Democrats the "memo" rings true and scary. Minions of the Obama administration did not hesitate to lie, fabricate documents, and posture in order to unlawfully bring the FISA court into play against their political opposition. It is clear that some officials within the FBI and DOJ even today, a year after the departure from formal power of the Obama gang, are quite willing to go to extra legal means to nullify an American election. If nothing else the memo demonstrates the still lingering presence of the "Deep State". America, drain the swamp!

Your Pal,


 The Great Namazu, MAritime Analysts, Retired Japanese Demigod

Greetings Bipeds! 
 The news today out of Germany is that quite a few aquarium hobbyist in recent decades have adopted the American crayfish (AKA "crawfish" or "craw fish")  as aquarium species or as sometimes over stated a "pet'. The "red" (maybe after boiling by Cousin Jack's pals the Cajuns of South Louisiana) or at least reddish brown American "crawfish" without any real biped interference has morphed (at least evolved really rapidly) into the "marbled crawfish" now becoming a pest in German waters and in of all places Madagascar. 

Procambarus clarkii (Red Swamp Crayfish), Photo by USGS

Red Phase after boiling by Cajuns: Photo by Justin Watt  licensed under the Creative Commons license.
Title: A meal of crawdads, Spring Break in New Orleans source: see CRAYFISH AS FOOD

What has happened is, to paraphrase a line from the movie Jurassic Park .."nature has found a way". Aquarium hobbyist would buy very often a single "red" American crawfish looking so much like its' bigger cousin the main lobster as a bottom cleaner (they are bottom feeders). The species was useful and visually interesting in the aquarium. Telling males from females among small fresh water crawfish /crayfish is not easy and probably didn't seem important to the aquarium keepers. The lone males would eventually die off without issue, but the females began to literally clone themselves laying viable eggs that were exact genetic replicas of them selves. Here and there aquariums in Germany and Madagascar where the "American Red Crawfish" / "Louisiana Swamp Crawfish" was also a popular bottom species became over run with clones of the lone females. There was no genetic engineering on the part of the bipeds, just evolution going to work within the context of non vertebrate evolution.  The "naturally" cloned crawfish  took on a more "marbled": or speckled appearance and are now referred to as "marbled" or "speckled" crawfish and are thought to be distinct species from their red American ancestors. All the aquarium keepers did was isolate, on what turned out to be a large scale though each gene pool was very small' a bunch of female crawfish and nature did what nature does in the non vertebrate phylum, it found a way to preserve the species. The surplus crawfish, actually clones, were released into the wilds by well meaning aquarium owners and now over run some German and Madagascar waters. Another example of the Colombian Exchange gone awry. 

Marbled "Crawfish"photo by Chris Lukhaup, DKFZ

You may want to watch a video on this on You Tube :

 There is good news. As mentioned in the Youtube Video linked to above the crawfish or "crayfish" may be useful in human cancer research. But the really good news from a pest control viewpoint is the fact that these new cloned crawfish are evolved from the highly edible American Red. Unfortunately most Americans regard the crawfish as "fish bait'. But Cousin's Jack's pals the Louisiana Cajuns have invented numerous recipes that non native bipeds known as tourists ingest in copious quantities when visiting South Louisiana. This part of the popular Louisiana cuisine has not spread as far and wide in America or the world as say "Blackened Red Fish", With the "Louisiana Swamp Crawfish" ( AKA the "red" as discussed in this post) spreading nationally and internationally it is important for bipeds to learn how to prepare and eat this interesting and tasty source of protein. The Colombian Exchange is not limited to the international  spread of non native species. Modern transportation has helped many North American native species cross mountain and desert barriers to their previous ranges. I join my cousin Jack and others in advising "EAT THE INVADERS"  

To aid all bipeds with gastronomic interests in the species or simply a desire to do your part in eating your way out of the Colombian Exchange gone awry below are some sources of delicious crawfish / crayfish recipes from Cousin Jack's Louisiana and other places.

Now like the natives of South Louisiana, when it comes to "crawfish" finally know Jack. 

Your Pal,

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 Crystalline Image by Malize Ong 
 The "Bias Field" is a new fundamental discovery derived from re-examination of data from a NASA experiment of  twenty years ago.  This new theory alters our present understanding of how metals solidify and probably will eventually alter and improve process in metals smelting and processing and lead to new developments in materials science. It is believed that this new theory will ultimately lead to improvements in the control of casting and the welding processes. It has been delivered on time to be incorporated in near future metallic 3-D printing manufacturing processes. In the natural sciences realm the theory explains how snow flakes and many mineral patterns form in nature,

 Martin Glicksman, a research professor of materials science who occupies the Allen Henry Chair At the Florida Institute of Technology began re-examining data from a twenty year old NASA experiment and in conjunction with Kumar Ankit of the School of Matter, Transport, and Energy at Arizona State University made an important discovery within the old data. Basically they discovered evidence of an energy field that affects all crystallizing substances. Glicksman named the field "THE BIAS FIELD" which Glicksman and Ankit believe is the primary way that nature guides the formation of complex patterns in materials that crystallize. The "bias field" is sort of the programming code that guides cellular and branching dendritic micro-structures  that form during the solidification process of most metals and alloys. This is big news in the world of metallurgy and materials science generally and will likely lead to new processes, refinements of old processes, and all sorts of new materials.

 While examining the 20 year old data from a NASA materials in formation in micro gravity experiment something new was observed. In the last phases of melting needle-like crystals were observed to rapidly change to sphere shapes. This unexpected shape change was observed for the first time while watching particles melting in microgravity. Not a bad piece of evidence to be offered in support of future low earth orbit scientific experimental missions. This one we expect will benefit the economy immensely a few years from now in the very basic materials industry, and that from a 20 year old experiment that we are still learning from. Prior to this re-examination of old data many metallurgists and other physicists believed that what causes pattern formation in crystallizing materials is random noise. Any sound vibration or disturbances under the "sound induced theory" would act upon a solidifying material. However, contrary to the previously widely accepted "sound theory" Glicksman and Ankit found a subtle internal energy source at work. This is the force they labeled the "Bias Field". It is this "Bias Field" that Glicksman and Ankit believe modulates the speed of the solid /liquid interface on micro scales and guides the formation of complex structures. Theoretical research and advanced computer simulations appear to confirm these observations and resulting theory.

 Glicksman expressed gratitude for the opportunity to look for "Bias Field" in micro gravity thanks to the existence of the twenty year old NASA study. Prior authoritative literature had indicated that such a field would be most likely observable in a micro gravity environment. Glicksman noted that thanks to research made possible by the old NASA experiment ; "Now we have a sound thermodynamic theory and proof to back that idea up. Glicksman and Ankit recently published their findings on the bias field in the journal METALS (Martin Glicksman et al, Detection of Capilary-Mediated Energy Fields On A Grain Boundary Groove-Liquid Interface Perturbations, Metals (2017) DOL: 10:3390/met7120547 )

 The process of solidifying metals produces branch like internal micro-patterns. These micro patterns disturb the chemical homogeneity of cast materials. Having a better understanding of the recently observed "Bias Field's" role in the formation of these micro-patterns presents engineers with potential tools to make improvements in commonly used cast and wielded materials used in large and small technologies from automotive to medical instruments. The improvement of the structure of castings and weldments and other solidification processes require a correct understanding and application of the relevant physics. The undersigned believes that the discovery of the "Bias Field" will eventually lead to improvements in metallurgical processes . Improving the casting part of the process will require capital investment on the part of the metals industry. As the industry considers upgrades in heavy processing equipment in coming years it will be an opportune time to shift to cleaner and more controllable heat sources. In considering our fractal lens development, now is really an opportune time to shift our research funding search from electrical energy production grant sources to the metallurgy industry and other heat processing industries grant and research partner sources.  Moreover,  it appears that the bias for photovoltaic solar energy technology within the DOD and DOE continues unabated as the new administration heads into its second year in office. It appears time to expand our search for research funding into other areas more friendly to solar thermal energy / heat production or at lest not biased in favor of photovoltaic technology. One thing that photovoltaic technology is unlikely to produce is efficient high heat production. We should consider "Bias Field" research to be a parallel development with the fractal lens when it comes to the field of metallurgy and try to time our research to arrive at a working Fractal lens about the same time that the metallurgy industry will be considering expending capital on major infrastructure improvements driven by "Bias Field" applications some years from now.  

 As mentioned in previous reports we also should seek research funding within the desalinization process industry , another industry in need of highly efficient and inexpensive sources of high heat. In that industry each new plant is open to the adaptation of new and more efficient technologies. This eliminates the necessity to wait for a retrofit cycle to become marketable.

 I have added "Bias Field" research to my watch list of fractal lens parallel developments to watch. In terms of investment in our endowment fund or advice to future readers of our publications I see no companies in formation at this time with any basis in this technology. Investors, including the Helios Ruehls Endowment Fund  should look for new start ups in the future focused on the manufacture of metallurgy production equipment that incorporate the Bias Field theory into design.

At this time I would appreciate any thoughts from our Physicists stock holders on the size of a proof of concept fractal lens meant only to physically confirm the heat gathering and directional capabilities of the lens vice our previous "industrial size" which was literally meant to fit into electrical energy generators of specified electrical energy generating capacities. It was the large size that incorporated  into our research plan a proof of concept that such a large size lens containing such a high number of fractal facets would not be a fragile glass latticeworks but could withstand industrial applications. I think in order to keep up with parallel developments that may drive a future era of major capital improvement expenditures in the Metals industries we need to divide our research funding into two parts, first let's physically demonstrate the heat gathering and directional capabilities of the Fractal lens and then le'ts see how big and powerful the current stage of the glass makers art can make it. One thing that a growing understanding of the "Bias Field" does is offer the possibility of major improvements in glass manufacture possibly one day eliminating size and fragility from our fractal lens applications considerations. 

Ray Bollinger
Helios Ruehls, Inc 
Applications Analysts.