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It has now been 76 years since that day . It was on a Sunday the 27th of September 1942  that the Coast Guard saw one of its "finest hours." Coast Guardsmen "go out" into the storm or the fire storm, to punish our enemies and seafaring law breakers, or to save the imperiled. Its a job full of risk. "You have to go out, you don't have to come back". That is one of the oldest sayings in the Coast Guard and was immortalized in a recent Disney film called "FINEST HOURS" It was a Sunday, 27 Sept 1942, 76 years ago that the Coast Guard experienced one of its finest hours involving both missions, "to punish or to save". The place was Guadalcanal in the Pacific. 

 U.S. Coast Guard Signalman First Class Douglas Munro was supervising petty officer of a detachment of ten Higgins boats which landed U.S. Marines on the beach. He landed the marines safely and returned with his flotilla of boats to the mother ship. Once aboard he  learned that conditions ashore had greatly deteriorated for the marines. It had become  necessary to immediately extract the nearly 500 Marines. Douglas Munro volunteered for the mission and brought his little flotilla to shore under heavy enemy fire. The extraction underfire proceeded. However when most of the marines were in the boats, the positions of the last men ashore became more exposed to heavy fire.  Munro realized the danger to his targets of rescue. Without hesitation he placed himself and his boats so that they would serve as cover for the last men to leave, his boat closest to the enemy machine gun nest. Among the Marines saved that Sunday was Lieutenant Colonel Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, USMC, in command of 1st Battalion, 7th Marines. During the final phase of the extraction under fire Munro was fatally wounded. His last words were : "Did they get off?"

Douglas Munroe gave his life in the successful extraction under fire and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, to date the only Coast Guardsman to receive the decoration under its modern title. Prior to the formation of the Coast Guard , its predecessor organization the "Revenue Marine" is listed as having received 14 "Gold Congressional Medals of Honor" for combat related performance. These were not the modern award but specially congressionally authorized gold medals. After the battle of Manila Bay the Navy objected to Revenue Mariners receiving certin military awards calling them "civilians". The Revenue Marine was always subject to the call to arms under the Navy in time of war and had participated in every US war since the War of 1812. After the reformation of the service under the name "Coast Guard" in the second decade of the 20th century, the law reflected and described the service as an "Armed Service" and restated its obligations to the Navy. The one constant since the founding of the Revenue Marine in 1790? "You have to go don't have to come back". Douglas Munroe lived the creed and while he lost his life he lives forever in Coast Guard memory.


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The worlds largest container ship operator the Maersk Line sent its small 3,600 container ship the VENTA MAERSK (Danish Flag, built 2018) from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg this summer via Russia's new High Arctic Passage. The route did save the ship 10 days on the transit compared with the traditional transit via the Suez Canal. Yet Maersk in a press release indicated that the company doesn't see the route "as an alternative to our usual routes."

 Russia promotes the route as the shortest distance sea route between Asia and Europe, and a real rival for the Suez Canal route. Of course the Suez doesn't ice over for months on end. Al Gore not withstanding the Russian route is still ice bound most of the year. Yet traffic is increasing and not High Arctic destination traffic, real trans continental through traffic. Traffic increased in 2018 via  ships with ice breaking capability including tankers and LNG carriers. The potential according to the Russian promoters could be enormous. Ninety eight percent of the worlds good shipped by sea are carried on container ships according to one Russian promoter. Unfortunately for Russia much of the Europe/ Asian trade is carried by container ships carrying 20,000 or more containers compared to the VENTA MARESK's 3,600. These giant ships don't do so well in the ice and the economics of their carrying capacity negate much of the need for shaving off time and fuel from the traditional Suez route. 

 When one of these giants gets into trouble it can be expensive and the Arctic route has no transshipment ports. If lighterage is ever required its not just the voyage profits that will be lost. This is a seasonal route suitable to specialized and smaller vessels. The greatest hope for increased traffic is an increasing inventory of vessels suitable for the route. That may happen but could take 20 years. Even then, global warming is not a sure bet and it is doubtful that the route will ever be available year round. We're advising our readers to utilize it as a seasonal alternative for certain suitable ships. Traffic will continue to increase a bit over time. Don't write off the Suez Canal yet. Sorry Bears. 

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Today was a big day! 😄 Over the past few years I have had dream in mind to start up a fishing guide service focused on teaching women to fish. I want more women to get involved in fishing and feel that the best way to accomplish this is through time on the water! Although I work full time and have a very busy writing/traveling schedule, I was finally able to check off some steps required in order to start up my business over the past few months. I owe a huge thanks to a couple of fine guides and friends, Greg Amiel (of the Ontario Sportfishing Guides Association) and Erik Luzak, who helped answer my questions and point me in the right direction for getting started with this new venture. I'm also grateful for my friends and family who have encouraged and supported me during this process. Today was the day I had my first o-fish-al client, and it was truly a pinch me moment! Although we got hit with a cold front and windy weather, I spent the day aboard my boat with a wonderful guest who stuck it out in tough conditions, caught some nice fish, and left me feeling so inspired! With a busy fall ahead and my trip to Alabama, I won't have a ton of openings for this year BUT I am so excited for what the future brings with this new venture, titled, 'Ladies Learn To Fish'! 💜

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  We recently received the following from Google where we maintain The profile of our editor Johnas Presbyter:

 "Dear Google+ user,
Your Google+ post or comment activity has recently violated the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy.
Spamming, including sending unwanted promotional or commercial content, or unwanted or mass solicitation, is not permitted.
This is a warning, and your access to Google+ should not be currently impacted. If you continue to create or share content that violates our policies, you may lose the ability to use some or all features of Google+. Learn more
The Google+ Support Team"

 Interesting, why would we send "promotional or commercial content, or unwanted mass solicitation" when both our Google Profile and blog site are not monetized? What would we be selling? We think the answer is that Google suspects us of political incorrectness, as in we are not flaming liberals. As for "mass solicitation" why is only"unwanted" mass solicitation banned. Who decides whats "unwanted" anyway? What constitutes "mass solicitation"? Don't bother asking Google you'll never reach a live person anyway. 

We created the Google profile for Johnas Presbyter, Editor in Chief of the American Admiralty Books Blog for the express purpose of giving him a means to direct attention to posts of interests on the the blog. Widen the public ability to comment on posts of interest, and generally generate more discussion of maritime subjects of interest. Admittedly maritime includes naval activities and naval deployments reflect the politics of the day, So sometimes we do discuss politics. You guessed it, we are not socialists, communists, or liberal progressives. In fact we simply are not and never have been politically correct. A couple of years ago Google declared without explanation that we were no longer eligible for their advertising program. They pulled all advertising from our blog without any real explanation and with out affording us any opportunity to discuss the matter with a live person. Then a democrat was elected governor in our home state and immediately took action to tax Internet sales and purchases by residents of our state. Prior to the election of this democrat we were an Amazon "portal". Then Amazon announced that they were no longer offering or supporting portals in our state. That was the end of our monitization. 

 We fully expect based on our experiences over the past five years that neither conservative nor simply pragmatic voices will be long tolerated on the Internet. Only the progressive liberal socialists voice will be allowed free expression. With the loss of the Internet for publishing dissenting views the only voice left will be that of the far left. We don't like it, but there is little we can do about it. Know this. We continue to support our sites despite the lack of revenue, and the probability that there will never be any revenue. We're a barometer of political pressure. We're not so much conservative as pragmatic and we are only an occasional political commentator. The left have bigger fish to fry before us, but we have felt the heat for some years now. When you see us disappear, you'll know the left is reaching down to pick off even the remnants of opposing views to the far left agenda. Watch this space, until there is no space. 

Johnas Presbyter, Editor

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 The Dragon is firmly committed to an autocratic system of government. It may have tried to project a friendlier and more gentle demeanor since about 1982 but that's just not in Dragon  DNA. The Dragon now seems to believe that either atheism or agnosticism is so prevalent in the world that no one will mind their persecution of religion. The Dragon can see that Islam is wearing out its welcome in the West with its insistence on over throwing Western governments and establishing Islamic supremacy and Sharia Law. We could understand if China took a strong stand against Islam as indeed it is a competitor for civil and criminal control of society. China is actually sending Muslims to reeducation camps by  the thousands. The Dragon simply doesn't care what the millions of people in the Islamic world think. The Dragon knows that as long as the Dragon controls its own borders, and the Dragon does; the "forces" of Islam don't amount to a hill of beans.

 But the Dragon seems to have really over stepped recently when it decided to pull the gloves off in its persecution of Christians. The West,despite the image portrayed in Western media dominated as it is by secular humanists, non believer socialists is still about 76 to 79 percent congregated Christians of one denomination or the other. That doesn't count the nominals who were raised Christian, follow Christian ethical and moral teachings but don't get involved in "organized religion" Christians are taught to "render to Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God that which is God's." They are not rivals or even interested in competing for political control of China. But yet the Dragon's officials are persecuting them most vigorously, as if they hadn't read history. Nothing proliferates Christians like persecution. As the Dragon makes Christianity the object of persecution it becomes counter cultural to be Christian, a big draw for the young. More over the whole idea is a grievous offense to Chinese Customers around the world. Much of the World identifies with Christians. Will we continue to buy goods from a nation that systematically persecutes Christians? Will governments be willing to cooperate with the Dragon when the people no longer support such cooperation. Chiristian persecution historically has been a very unhealthy move for regimes so paranoid as to fear them. Left alone they are a very productive group within a society.

 According to Britain's DAILY MAIL China is burning Bibles, destroying crosses and other Christian symbols, shuttering churches, and ordering Christians to sign documents renouncing their faith. It also appears that the Dragon is cracking down on religion generally, including Buddhism . You can read more about it by following this link:

 The Dragon is a reptile and has a reptilian brain. Such brians are very focused,but narrowly focused. China does not see how the persecution of Christians robs it of its' traditional "mandate of heaven" and will end its restoration as the "Middle Kingdom". 

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