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French America Line's, Louisiane
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UPDATE 8/12/2016 First Sailing Sept. 30, 2016

  Back when George Washington was knee high to a grasshopper most Americans thought of the competing powers for North America to consist of three European nations, The contenders were Great Britain, France and Spain. By the time George was old enough to ride a horse and use a musket, France and Great Britain were at war over parts of North East North America in a military campaign called the French and Indian war. The French and their Indian allies lost that one but George Washington gained a lot of military acumen that would serve him well when a new nation would emerge along the east coast of the continent, later to engulf it from "sea to shinning sea". French influence and territorial possessions didn't however evaporate after the French and Indian war. The French remained sovereign in much of the Mississippi and Missouri valley until Napoleon settled some debts with the territory and France virtually disappeared from North America as a territorial competitor. Spain  stretched the borders of its' possessions to the west bank of the Mississippi. Then in what would be described as a twinkling in terms of pre- electronic communications times France resumed sovereignty over the Mississippi / Missouri Valley and just as quickly sold the entire region to the upstart United States. 

 That wasn't the end however of French influence in the Louisiana Territory. French is still an official language in Louisiana, More over Louisiana is the only American State to have adopted a form of the Justinian Code (referred to in Louisiana as the Napoleonic Code) as the basis for their legal system. French symbols, French colonial architectural influence, and history abound not only in Louisiana but in Mobile, St. Louis, in parts of Arkansas, and throughout the Mississippi / Missouri Valley. The new French American Line will soon offer cruises along the inland waterways linking the old French territories that became part of the United States in 1803. 

 While the ambiance and elegance of the vessels are decidedly French influenced the vessels are Jones Act compliance, the crews are all American, and the vessels built in the United states under U.S. Coast Guard inspection. Passengers can be sure that when selecting a French American Lines cruise they are supporting American Merchant Marine personnel and American ship yard workers. 

 I know we sound like a commercial but in fact we accept no advertising. We are just very firm believers in the Jones act and surely welcome those who choose to operate under it. To learn more about this new cruise line and next season's inaugural offerings click here French America Line. To this newest Jones Act service we wish good luck, moderate river stages, and easy currents. 

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 Image PD

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 Many people are familiar with the legend of the Bermuda triangle. Fewer are aware that there are at least two areas located inland are similar in size and shape and have also produced numerous inexplicable tales of lost air craft, people, and vehicles. One is a vast inland area of Alaska.

 The so called Alaska Triangle sometimes called "Alaska's Devil's Graveyard" covers several hundred square miles from the southeastern coast line near Juneau to the Barrow Mountains above the Arctic Circle. However, China offers a unique candidate for second most interesting triangular area of disappearances , the China Triangle is both inland and maritime in character  enclosing two large inland lakes navigable to the sea. Meet the "Devils Triangle Of The East" via video.

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THIS BAD: and worse

See related article on French Christian Church To Mosque Conversions; Barenaked Islam

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 France used to be the "daughter of the Church", a defender of Catholic Christianity but in recent years the national government has adopted secular humanism as the de facto state "religion".  The wearing of religious symbols or garb in public schools is forbidden to both Christians and Muslims. Muslims who routinely demand special privilege in the West refuse to cooperate. The French left, responsible for the French experiment in "diversity" does little to enforce the ban against Muslim symbols and garb, especially in the "mini Caliphates" found in most large French cities today. The left never misses an opportunity to drive the Catholic Church, other Christian denominations, and Jewish congregations underground. The results are a rising tide of violence against native French by an increasingly emboldened Muslim minority. As might be expected a native movement is forming among the natural born French. The movement has so far been defensive, but quite willing to be violently defensive in the face of ever increasing Islamic violence and hostility. We are monitoring the French native "resistance" to the Islamification of France. It seems the more the leftist government demands that the native French bow to Islamification, in the false name of "diversity", the stronger the native resistance grows. The more the native resistance becomes manifest, the worse the Islamic reaction. One study mentioned in this video indicates that one in five native French nationals on average has directly experienced Muslim taunting, verbal insult, or violent assault. How long will the native resistance be defensive if the French government doesn't act to bring the Muslim problem under control?

 To the French native resistance, and to people of common sense everywhere "under control" is easy to define". First, the native resistance and people of common sense want one law to apply everywhere in France, and that law is the previously existent law of France, admittedly influenced by Judaeo / Christian principals, and  diametrically opposite the anti human law of the Sharia,  Second the native peoples of France want freedom of religion, and do not demand total freedom from religion. Separation of church and state is fine, but no special status for Muslims or their retrograde and inhuman law, no banning of Christian or Jewish symbols, or Muslim symbols for that matter with the exception of the flags of the avowed enemies of the state such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas , et al.  The native resistance also expects the right to self defense, no labeling using mace, or a club to defend yourself against a Muslim attack as a "Hate crime" while allowing Muslim attacks to go unpunished. The native resistance is not demanding death to all Muslims or even expulsion. But the native resistance does demand that Muslims who can't abide by French law and accommodate to French culture should in fact be expelled. 

 Frankly we are pleased to learn of the growing native resistance in France but we are not hopeful  that the leftist governments of France or the EU generally are listening to the original inhabitants. The left , if anything, seems more militant than ever that if the natives don't bend to their will, they will simply import more Muslims to assure compliance. The Muslims will eventually co-opt the leftist and create Islamic states, putting the detested leftist "useful idiots" to the wall and demanding conversion or abject subjugation / death to the rest of the native population. In the alternative, enough of the native French electorate might revolt sufficiently to put the left out of office at the next elections and a gradual screw tightening against Muslim violence might ensue. Many Muslims, if religious freedom vice Muslim dominance under the guise of freedom from religion  were enforced, would convert, ending the problem within a generation at least for those families. Many would leave, and the problem would simmer down to a manageable level. Failing either of those two alternatives , the most probable alternative is the rise of an offensive native movement and lots of blood shed, with the Muslims eventually driven out leaving their dead behind and leftist hanging from lamp posts. Sorry, short of the Second Coming, we just don't see any other alternative futures.

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B-52s on the tarmac after their historic 1957 around the world flight. (USAF Photo)

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UPDATED 6/6/2017

 Despite the fact that we clearly have a serious technological edge and the best forward basing of any military in the world, our military showed a steady decline in size , maintenance, and upkeep during the Obama administration. Maintenance and upkeep are part of military readiness. Our own President and Congress set up our Department of Defense forces for suffering multiple "mission kills". If you can ground an aircraft without destroying it at a critical time, that would be an example of a mission kill. If you can render a naval vessel inoperative at a critical moment, far short of sinking it, that is another example of "mission kill". When certain elements of our military have to raid aviation museums for aircraft parts due to budget shortfalls, those wielding the power of the purse inflict on our forces a potential for multiple critical "mission kills. 

 The word from our maintenance non commissioned officers across multiple service lines is that potential critical mission kills are stacking up, and its not from "enemy action" ( unless you accept as we do, that the President Obama, and the Democratic Party and all of their Congressional members, and all of the asleep at the switch Republicans in public office are "enemies of the United States"). If, like some of our staff, you have occasion to visit and dine at Department of Defense facilities on a regular basis you may hear some of the following themes being discussed by enlisted maintenance professionals. This information isn't classified, probably only because the civilian leadership responsible for these potential mission kills are so egotistical that they think their folly goes unnoticed by what they consider to be "lowly enlisted people"; or the senior civilian leadership is in fact not evil intended, but simply incredibly stupid and un-knowledgeable about military arts and sciences. Here are few examples of the buzz around DOD enlisted maintenance professionals that continues into the first year of the Trump administration which can't possibly undo all the damage in a single year.

1.  The Air Force cannibalizing parts from some F-16s  to keep other F-16s flying and has on occasion pulled parts off of museum planes to keep the B-1 bombers flying. The enlisted view is that about half of all Air Force squadrons were not prepared for full combat operations up to January of 2017.  The cannibalization of parts is not just enlisted open  mess "scuttlebut" but even drew some attention not long ago from FOX news .

2. The Air Force isn't alone. The most "ready" of all U.S. Forces, The Marine Corps has pulled parts off museum planes to keep their F-18s  ready to fly. Even with that drastic and innovative action the Marine's super maintenance professionals are so parts starved they have of late only been able to keep about 30% of their F-18s flying.  Our research indicates that Marine combat pilots should receive about 30 hours a month in cockpit training flight time. Our educated "guesstimate" is that with only 30% of the F-18 inventory flight ready, some pilots were getting as little as 4 hours per month flight training time.  Even with the drastic action of pulling Museum plane parts, only about 30 percent of Marine Corps F-18s were ready to fly in January 2017. Not only that, but instead of getting 25 or 30 hours a month in the cockpit, Marine Corps pilots were getting as little as four hours per month of flying time. Again, the dinning hall scuttlebutt has been confirmed by news media investigative reports.

3. The maintenance issues aren't limited to planes.  The U.S. Navy keeps extending the deployments of its ships. We don't have to depend on "Scuttlebutt" to know that. Anyone can read about it in the pages of the Navy League's magazine, The US Naval Institute's PROCEEDINGS, and even periodicals whose target market is commercial ship yard employees. While all sailors perform maintenance while underway, some things must be done in a yard. The longer you extend deployments the more the yard tasks stack up. When the ships do finally get to yards , even if there is no break down, the extended period on dry dock amounts to an effective "mission kill" if that vessel is critical to a suddenly arising emergency while it is still "on the ways". The Navy's admirals conservatively estimate that they need about 350 combat ships to meet the current defense and security commitments of the United States. We think the admirals are being overly conservative under extreme political pressure. Regardless, they are being forced to make due with a fleet of 273 vessels. Even the Trump administration's naval construction plans fall short of the mark but are a serious improvement over the Obama neglect. While the Chinese navy/ coast guard fleet has only one air craft carrier task force , their coast guard alone numbers about 600 ships that compare in size to our USCG National Defense Cutters (our largest) down to our medium endurance cutters (still ocean going capable warships). Our high to medium endurance cutter fleet numbers only a few dozen vessels. The Chinese navy, while containing a large number of small combatant vessels probably not very capable outside of the South China Sea, still numbers near a 1,000 vessels. The lesson of the WWII German battle ship BISMARK sunk by a small "gang" of British "tin cans" in WWII is that "sometimes quantity has a quality all its own". A bunch of lesser capable ships can gang up on a "death star" like a super carrier and eventually bring it down, if the owner of the cheaper vessels is willing to lose a few in the contest.

4.Serious crashes, some fatal to crews of Marine Corps aircraft were nearly double their ten year average through January 2017.    

5. The U.S. Army's tanks, heavy artillery, and rolling stock also require a lot of maintenance. The defense periodicals have reported that only one third of Army brigades were ready to deploy through January 2017. Army manpower has suffered from the budget ax as well. The fact is the U.S. Army is now at the smallest level man power wise that it has seen since before WWII.  

6. Not to pick on the Air Force, but some of the data about budget cut effects are most headline worthy relative to the Air Force. Here is a factoid that didn't make much news ink, but illustrates the effects of the nearly 25% budget cuts imposed on the armed forces in recent years. The B52 bombers of the Air Force  now average 53 years of age. That would be ancient for a still serving Navy war ship, and war ships are made of much sterner stuff than air planes. 

 This is just a glimpse into the real state of our armed forces under the Obama administration and after bearing the brunt of Republican administered "Sequestration". The first and most important role of the Federal government is the defense of the nation. We face hostile and rising would be peer powers in China, and Russia, as well as the constant Islamic terror threat and engagements with such Islamic terror organizations as ISIS. Yet the civilian authorities in Washington of both parties are failing us by any measure in terms of the national defense. Apparently,Obama is a relatively open ally of the Islamic terrorists, and not very interested in competition with socialists states. But even the Republicans in Congress appear clueless allowing the lion's share of budget cutting to fall on our military.

 We think this explains a lot. The Republican party nearly split in two over the Trump juggernaut. The elite of the party seems to think a lot like the "moderate" democrats. The rank and file want someone who knows the magic words "you're fired" Cut from foreign aid, cut PBS and Planned Parent Hood's millions, there are a lot of cuts that can be made other than our protection. The  Republicans seem to be aligning now behind the winner of the general election Donald Trump, even if some have to hold their noses . The Democrats now appear on the verge of splitting into two parties. The outright socialists like Bernie, and liberal feminist who will vote for Hillary just because she is female. Even liberal media polls indicated a dead heat between Hillary and Trump, but we think these polls were wrong. To us it is  looked like a Trump landslide. Plain and simply all Democratic party propaganda to the opposite , Hispanics of Cuban origin remember the Bay of Pigs, they are not going to vote Democratic. Most other Hispanics are Catholic and in vehement disagreement with Democratic support of abortion on demand.  But to hear the Democratic pundits and liberal media one would think that it is a given that the Democrats "own" the American Hispanic vote. We served on active duty with many great Americans of Hispanic heritage including newly arrived legal immigrants. They don't march lock step for anyone. We have to wonder if the media and the liberals pundits even know any Hispanics.  Talking with real American women and real American blacks we didn't see either of those votes going as a solid block to either candidate, but find that real people are not nearly as adverse to a Trump presidency as the media and democrats would have the public believe.

 Lincoln said : "You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. "  The people have woken up!  We predicted  that they would put Trump in. We caution that the people this time, must stay on the alert and insist on the change promised. The people must  watch everybody like a hawk for the next eight years, tossing out of office anyone who doesn't display common sense and practicality, and respect for the tax payers. We live in a democratic republic, that means that the majority are not entitled to exercise tyranny over the minority. Tax payers are quickly becoming the minority while tax receivers are becoming a majority. Many of the tax drainers are not actually lawfully entitled to vote. If the tax payers stand together this time they may well restore the balance and protect their minority rights. We simply can not afford to provide lavish life styles for those who vote for a living vice work for a living. But if we don't pay strict attention over the long haul, the reform won't last. There is no easier road to public office than to promise "freebies" from the public treasury. Now is the time to start teaching personal responsibility again, But we must start by restoring national security with a second to none military or we have learned nothing from two world wars. 



ICELAND (Map From Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iceland )

4/16/2012 How Far Will The Dragon Swim? Reptiles On Ice, The Nesting Zone

Editor's Note:3 /12/2019  The  U. S. is planning a Marine Corps exercise later this year in Iceland. Apparently to demonstrate to near peer competitors that we are prepared to restore Iceland to freedom if they are taken by force of arms. We will honor our committment even if we have no permanent presence: 

Editor's Note 1/3/2015: Colder average temperatures and heavier ice cover for two seasons has slowed the urgency in the Dragon's drive for an ice palace but the deal holds and interest remains as of this writing. 

Editors Note: 5/23/2016: The winter of 2015/2016 set new records for diminished ice cover, adding fuel to the Dragon drive for an Arctic ice palace. Arctic Ice winter of 2015/2016 

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What on Earth is the interest of China in the Arctic since it is a nation without an Arctic Coast?  To answer that you have to think back to your early  North American history. Why did attention shift north from the early discoveries of Spain? One reason was the search for the hoped for "Northwest Passage", a water route around North America to the riches of the Orient. Well China still has lots of stuff to sell and would certainly like to sell more to well heeled Europeans. A North West Passage would be shorter and cheaper. This may come as a surprise to non maritime professionals but the Chinese shipping company COSCO actually administers the Panama Canal under contract. But despite this nominal control, the Dragon ships would generally like to avoid canal dependence. While they may run it, America still has the defense treaty, troops in the vicinity, and plenty more a short flight away. Chinese ships bound for New Orleans for grain supplies will always want to use the canal, but it is not the preferred way to Europe, at the moment it is one of two practical ways. A third way would be good, the dragon likes choices and a labyrinth to travel in.
  The Dragon is also busy building a giant navy and merchant marine while the Western World , for 500 years the leader in sea faring, is shrinking its sea power. As the Arctic ice pack shrinks all sorts of opportunities in maritime resource extractive industries will be opening up for nations not afraid to subsidize a merchant marine. But the Dragon  lacks a nest near the ice...until now. The free trade agreement with Iceland will give China the ability to establish industrial bases for the exploitation of arctic resources. Meanwhile Canada is still trying to decide what the shape of its Arctic presence will be and the United States so far has paid only lip service to a "strong year round U.S.Coast Guard presence in the Arctic Ocean. In fact this year congress shrunk the Coast Guard budget. So the Reptiles are on ice, they are surviving and showing every intention of staying. Below is a quote from a story of the China /Iceland deal from the STAR TRIBUNE published in 2012:


"BEIJING - China and Iceland signed a free trade agreement Monday, offering hope to the small North Atlantic country for its recession-battered economy and giving Beijing a leg up in its drive for expanded influence in the Arctic". (Editor's note, The U.S. has a defense treaty with Iceland but has closed all of the U.S. bases and presently keeps no forces in Iceland.)
"The China-Iceland free trade pact will lower tariffs on a range of goods and is expected to boost seafood and other exports from the remote Nordic state to the world's second-largest economy. It comes at the start of a five-day visit to China by Icelandic Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir that highlights her country's attempts to diversify an economy that was badly mauled by the bursting of a massive financial bubble in 2008."
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told Sigurdardottir the agreement was "a major event in China-Iceland relations." (Editor's note: Who knew China had relations with Iceland? China's COSCO Shipping also has the operating contract for the Panama Canal. We wonder what other places we are committed to defending with American lives that are giving the big commercial concessions to China, a nation whose stated naval ambition is to "Drive the U.S. back to Pearl Harbor"
"Trade between China and the England-sized country of just over 315,000 people rose 21.1 percent last year (2011)  to $180 million, according to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade. Iceland exports mostly fish to China and imports Chinese products from ships to shoes. Sigurdardottir has been keen to push Icelandic services and the island's geothermal energy potential.
Iceland has unique importance to China as it attempts to gain a foothold in the Arctic, where melting ice is opening passages for shipping and could create a boom in extraction of resources such as gas, oil, diamonds, gold and iron.
China is seeking permanent observer status in the Arctic Council, an eight-nation body that includes Iceland and decides on policy in the region. China is expected to be accepted when a final decision is announced next month, drawing support from the prospect of heavy Chinese investment in the region's mining industries as advertised by its proposal to sink $2.3 billion into Greenland to secure 15 million tons of iron ore per year."
Meanwhile, the U.S. Coast Guard is down to just two functional heavy duty ice breakers for both Arctic and Antarctic service, no permanent presence north of Kodiak, and there is no other real full time US military presence in the High Arctic. Russia and China which has no Arctic coast compete for the resources of the region. Russia has a seat on the Arctic Council, Now China is buying a proxy. When will the U.S. wake up, when the Dragon or the bear are drilling within sight of Barrow, Alaska?  

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Captain Cook's Ship ENDEAVOUR Found After 240 Years Off Of The U.S. East Coast Harbor.

Captain Cook's Ship ENDEAVOUR Found After 240 Years  

Painting of HMS ENDEAVOUR by  Samuel Atkins c. 1794

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The HMS ENDEAVOUR, commanded by Capt. James Cook during his first voyage of discovery in the far Pacific, from which he discovered Australia and New Zealand, was to known to have been sunk off or near the U.S. East Coast during the American Revolution. The ship's wreck has been lost for close to 240 years now but that status may be about to change. Marine archaeologists are increasingly certain that they have located the remains of HMS ENDEAVIOUR at the bottom of a harbor of the East Coast of the United States. If  the current evidence holds true, one of the most famous ships in naval history has been found. The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project  known as "RIMAP" discovered the wreck site. The HMS ENDEAVOR apparently does not rest alone. The all but confirmed site of the HMS ENDEAVOUR is one of 13 sunken British ships resting across nine sites in Rhode Island, possibly five are in a certain corner of Newport Harbor. According to FOX NEWS :

"The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) says that Endeavour, which was renamed Lord Sandwich, is one of 13 ships scuttled in Newport Harbor in 1778. Lord Sandwich had been used to transport troops during the American Revolution and was scuttled in the days leading up to the Battle of Rhode Island.
The vessel was a bark, or three-masted sailing ship." FOX NEWS STORY
As of today 5/16/2016 RIMAP estimates the chances that their recent find is in fact the HMS ENDEAVOUR at about 80% certain. Follow the evolving story at RIMAP's website: http://www.rimap.org/SitePages/Home.aspx


Underwater Discovery In Florida Reveals 14,550 

Year-Old Mastodon Hunters

Proof that humans arrived in the Americas by boat—and lived among megafauna for millennia. Full story in Ars Technica in story by Annalee NEWITZ

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 What A Florida Mastodon may Have looked Like Image by Heinrich Harder  (PD)

"In the waning centuries of the last Ice Age, many of the favorite hunting grounds and camps of early Americans were flooded with waters unlocked from the melting polar ice. But now, thanks to SCUBA-diving archaeologists, a clear picture is emerging of the peoples who came to the Americas by boat—thousands of years before the Clovis peoples (who became the ancestors of today's Native Americans). In a deep sinkhole beneath Aucilla River in Florida, some of the most intriguing evidence to date for these pre-Clovis peoples has been carefully excavated—using specialized underwater exploration rigs. Scientists have discovered an incredibly rare 14,550 year-old hunting site, complete with stone tools, a slaughtered mastodon, and hints of canine companions who might have helped with the hunt." read the amazing story at : Ars Technica 

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Downloadable Technical paper available @ http://www.deep-sea-frontier.eu/

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 A few species of giant seaweed known as Palmophyllales live at great depths and seem to defy evolutionary logic. NATURE International Weekly Journal of Science carries an analytical article based on recent findings by researchers at Belgium's Ghent University . We think you may find this article very interesting in much the same vein as other posts that we have published on deep sea life and lessons the deep sea floor (see Extreme Shrimp ), may hold for exobiology, the study of life on other planets. NATURE noted:

"A mysterious deep-ocean seaweed diverged from the rest of the green-plant family around 540 million years ago, developing a large body with a complex structure independently from all other sea or land plants. All of the seaweed’s close relatives are unicellular plankton."

"The finding, published today in Scientific Reports1, upends conventional wisdom about the early evolution of the plant kingdom. “People have always assumed that within the green-plant lineage, all the early branches were unicellular,” says Frederik Leliaert, an evolutionary biologist at Ghent University in Belgium. “It is quite surprising that among those, a macroscopic seaweed pops up.” Quoted from NATURE International Weekly Journal of Science

Read the complete article at NATURE International Weekly Journal of Science


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 Image Source CNN linked article

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"Washington (CNN)ISIS has the capability to stage a Paris-style attack in the U.S. using local cells to strike in multiple locations and inflict dozens of casualties, according to the Obama administration's top U.S. intelligence official.
"They do have that capacity," Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told CNN's Peter Bergen in an exclusive interviews on "AC 360" on terrorism, Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda's most virulent offshoot -- ISIS." Read more at: capable of launching a Paris-style attack in the U.S.,
 We note that this assessment by the Administration's top intelligence official is in marked contradiction to statements by President Obama and several of his security advisers who continue to play down such a threat and insist that the key danger to the United States from ISIS is the "lone wolf attack". Some months ago we were of the opinion that the greatest danger was indeed the "lone wolf" attack, but given recent revelations by such reliable sources as the Director of National Intelligence we now believe that ISIS could launch Paris style coordinated and prolonged multiple attacks within the US. We believe they are simply awaiting the opportune moment, and checking to see how close DHS forces may be on their trail. 
 The fact that some elements within DHS now perceive the threat means that they have credible intelligence. It is likely that such credible intelligence may, through further investigation, evolve into actionable intelligence and such threats could be thwarted. In the most successful DHS operations, the public rarely perceives anything. The blessing to the people of the United States in DHS operations, and the most difficult hurdle in securing adequate funding for the DHS, is simply that the organization's mission is insuring THAT NOTHING HAPPENS. When they have had a very successful year all that the public perceives is THAT NOTHING HAPPENED. Keep that in mind if we get through 2016 without a Paris like attack on our soil.   

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Photo courtesy NOAA

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NOAA, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shares with the Coast Guard a mission of protection of marine mammals. While the Coast Guard concentrates mostly on enforcement of harvesting laws and shares with the NOAA fleet manned by the uniformed NOAA corps the protection of U.S. marine sanctuaries , it is NOAA that studies the health of the herds , suggests measures for additional protection of species recovery enhancement. While its the health of the heard that is the focus of the NOAA programs it boils down often to the testing , measurement , tracking, and analysis of a sample collection of individuals. Some such activity relies on sophisticated telemetry, the selected animals wearing data transmitters. But how does 
one select an individual from a pod of killer whales?  Once you have a suitable individual in mind, how do you tag him or her?

 The short answer is that you walk out on the ice to the edge of an open water lead where a pod is feeding, stick the transmitter on a "dart", put the "dart" in a crossbow, and shoot into the selected individual. The work is cold, up close and personal. It is also dangerous, close to an open lead is dangerous ice, not only might the area you're standing on beak off. But you are often within actual reach of these large alpha predators. To get an idea about why you don't want to be within reach of a Killer Whale check out the links at this site: Killer Whales At the Beach.

 NOAA is the home of the uniformed NOAA CORPS, America's, smallest naval service. The NOAA Corps traces its origins back to the Louis and Clark Expedition of 1803 and their impromptu "Corps of Discovery. The Corps operates NOAA ships, air craft, runs ice camps, and dives, and provides other services in support of "arduous research activities. The members of the Corps are uniformed, carry naval rank and receive naval pay scales and retirements. The people in the video we link you to here may not be NOAA Corps Officers but all of them are no doubt being supported by NOAA Corps commanded units. For more information on the NOAA Corps, an oceanography career opportunity that many students never hear of, click here: NOAA CORPS

 To watch a video of NOAA personnel tagging killer whales on the edge of an open ice lead click here:


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Image courtesy Connecticut Department Of Energy and Environmental Resources 

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 We recently and frequently undergo flash flood warnings in South East Louisiana, less frequently but hardly unheard of in Maryland around Annapolis. Houston is still recovering from a recent incident as we write this. We firmly believe that flash flooding is a major danger of sudden death that many Americans will face in a life time, and some in certain regions on a reoccurring annual basis. We've condensed some of the key advise found in the Self Reliance Central article. We urge everyone to read the article in its entirety use any of the links in this post. Also we highly recommend reviewing our earlier post : 
"If a flood is likely in your area, you should:
  • Listen to the radio or check the internet for information. (Again, no main power, use your phone or a battery radio if there’s water anywhere inside your home.)
  • Be aware that flash flooding can occur. If there is any possibility of a flash flood, move immediately to higher ground. Do not wait for instructions to move.
  • Be aware of stream, drainage channels, canyons and other areas known to flood suddenly. Flash floods can occur in these areas with or without typical warnings such as rain clouds or heavy rain."  Read More

"If you must prepare to evacuate, you should do the following:

  • Secure your home. If you have time, bring in outdoor furniture. Move essential items to an upper floor.
  • Turn off utilities at the main switches or valves if instructed to do so. Disconnect electrical appliances only if there is no water inside your home. Do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water."  Read More

"If you have to leave your home, remember these evacuation tips:

  • It’s very dangerous to walk through moving water. Six inches of moving water can make you fall. If you have to walk in water, walk where the water is not moving. Use a stick to check the firmness of the ground in front of you. Try and hang on to something along the road, like a wall."
  • Read More


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Muslims Take Over Government In U.S. City For First Time In HistoryIslamic,prayer,silhouette


"...their actions as legislators make their religion more than clear. They’re taking the first steps to solidify their Muslim belief into local law, and no one has the power to stop them.

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"The city, which was once considered a Polish-Catholic enclave of Detroit, has allowed mosques to broadcast the call to prayer over loud speakers. Muslims are also privileged with practicing their religious exercises in the public square." (From MAD WORLD NEWS)
"Hamtramck has been heavily influenced by the overflow of Muslim migrants in Dearborn, which is infamous for stoning Christian protesters who showed up at a Muslim festival."(From MAD WORLD NEWS). We note reports that Muslim calls to prayer are broadcast from loud speakers atop the local mosque, which Islamic local leaders promised the non Muslim voters was an "Islamic Studies Center" and not a mosque. The high decibel prayer call is costing non Muslims sleep. Their complaints are met with deaf ears at the new Muslim dominated city council. New ordinances concerning food and beverage businesses, entertainment, are all being formulated to impose Sharia law. We doubt the Muzzies will be beheading non Muslims in the street before the state and federal governments fall, but women dressed in western styles are already at risk on the streets. We have rather serious doubts that even a majority of the Muslim voters are citizens. Unfortunately the Muzzies didn't need a majority of Muzzies to win control. They won with the help of idiot fellow travelers, liberals who thought it would be cool to elect Muzzies to positions of power. While the liberals thought that Christian attitudes were repressive and felt that electing the Muzzies would be a good slap in the face of the hated Christians, the liberals are learning what real repression is all about, and its just getting started: Read More at: http://www.terrornewsnetwork.com/hamtramck-michigan-americas-first-muslim-city-council-gradually-begins-implementing-sharia-law/


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American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

According to THE TIMES Islamic State hackers with ties to Great Britain have published a "hit list" of US military personnel purportedly involved in drone strikes against Islamic terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Over the weekend, a group calling itself the "Islamic State Hacking Division circulated on line the names, home addresses, and photographs of more than 70 US servicemen and women. The group urged its on line visitors to "Kill them wherever they are, knock on their doors and behead them, stab them, shoot them in the face or bomb them." And if that doesn't prove that Islam is the religion of peace we just don't know what will. Go to THE TIMES to read the full story. If you just want to avoid Muslims in America stay out of urban downtown areas, and small towns, Obama is sending tens of thousands to small towns around the nation on an expedited basis. The present administration seems to operate on the principal of, if one group advocates the mass murder of another group, what your country really needs is a big increase in the group advocating murder. 

 Wake up America! Stay armed! 


American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

 CIA agent Sabrina DeSousa is facing a lengthy jail sentence in Italy. The Obama administration has simply abandoned her. She was carrying out her CIA orders at the relevant time but the Obama administration either doesn't appear to know how the game is played or refuses to lift a finger for a U.S. agent busted for doing the clandestine business of the United States. Ms. DeSousa was one of 26 CIA and other US officials convicted in absentia in Italy in 2009 for their roles in the "special rendition" of a radical Egyptian cleric wanted for support of terrorists. She originally received a seven year sentence, later reduced to four years. She of course did not turn herself in to Italian police authorities, but since the trial has retired from the CIA and was living in Portugal. She is a dual national and has both US and Portuguese citizenship, and has family living in Portugal. Last week Portugual's highest court ruled against her clearing the way for extradition to Italy to serve the sentence handed down in her absence.  

Back in 2003 CIA agents working with their Italian counterparts captured Egyptian cleric Abu Omar, who was suspected of recruiting Islamists terrorist in Iraq, and other elements of terror campaign support. The CIA/Italian team transferred Omar from Milan to Egypt without observing all of the legal niceties that would have given him an opportunity to fight extradition. The Egyptian authorities eventually released Omar without charges, but later convicted him of terrorism in a trial in absentia. He apparently is still free and complaining that he was tortured while in Egyptian custody. Among the left in Europe and here in America Abu Omar has become the poster boy for ceasing all defenses against terror, most especially special rendition.

 At all pertinent times in 2003 Ms De Sousa was acting in her official capacity and following U.S. Government policy in executing her duties. In 2004 before the present on rush of Islamic "migrants" began to overrun Italy, leftist in the Italian court system placed all iof the Americans involved on trial in absentia, since by then all of the Americans had left Italy. During the trials the U.S. government never asserted diplomatic immunity for any of the US officials except one, though most held diplomatic passports, and originally acted in concert with Italian authorities. When Ms DeSousa sued the CIA, the State Department, and the Department of Justice for failing to invoke diplomatic immunity on her behalf, the government simply turned on her. The Feds simply asserted that diplomatic immunity is for the benefit of the government, not the individual employee. The government's position is of course techno-legally correct, but exactly the reason why they should have asserted diplomatic immunity for all of the defendants in the case. How would you feel if you were a CIA agent operating under diplomatic cover right now? What does the decision to leave Ms De Sousa hanging out to dry do for CIA recruiting of field agents?  

Italy has vacillated  back and forth on its opinion of the events, at first being an official participant, then labeling the activity criminal, now with Islamic "migrants" with numerous terrorists embedded in their populations literally invading Italy, the non leftist elements in the Italian government are a bit embarrassed by the trials in absentia. Italy would be doing itself a favor by granting a pardon to Ms De Sousa. The next time they need CIA assistance if sentence is carried out the CIA will be hard pressed for agents willing to work in Italy or with Italian authorities for fear that they will be abandoned to the political whims of a divided Italian government. Workers in America's Intelligence Community know the risks of spy work, but those risks should not include abandonment to politicized retributive actions of erstwhile allies. Since Italy appears unlikely to act sensibly, the Obama administration should invoke diplomatic immunity. So far Obama sits on his hands. As the "War on Terror" enters a dangerous new phase, Obama sends a demoralizing message to America's front line clandestine warriors. The administrations inaction only makes sense once you realize, Obama and company are simply not on our side.