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More Christians Threatened with Death in The Sudan

Update 12/4/2015  / UPdate 1/17/2020: We are unable to determine how this case ended which illustrates the American media's disinterest, but we continue our attempts to discover what ultimately happened and will publish vi an update here when we know something. 1/17/2020 we have found information that the pastors were released by a Sudanese judge in 2017 probab;y in response to prayer and pokitical effort by these folks: Christian Pastors From Sudan Arrested, Face Death Penalty
 The Sudanese preferred method of dealing with Christians. How long will the world tolerate this? 

"Two Christian pastors from South Sudan who traveled north to Sudan and were arrested on charges of spying could face the death penalty when their trial begins next week, according to their attorneys." Fox News'.

"Yat Michael Ruot and Peter Yein Reith, both Presbyterian pastors from the breakaway Christian nation of South Sudan, are being held by Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services on charges of undermining the constitution and espionage. Their supporters say their arrest and pending trial is just the latest effort by the militant Islamist government in Khartoum to stamp out Christianity." Fox News

 The basic "offense" of the pastors was meeting for worship services with other Christians stuck behind the line dividing savage, murderous,Islamic North Sudan from the South where reason still prevails. In addition to the coverage linked to at Fox News  Col. Allen West has an astute opinion piece on the case. This case should be the subject of United Nations human rights attention, diplomatic protest by the entire world, even military intervention and the trial of the entire North Sudan judiciary for crimes against humanity. But since it involves Christians there will be only a bare whimper of protest. We strongly recommend reading both linked posts, this is a preview of life in America in a few years if we do not stand up to the forces of Islamification.


Atrocities Committed By ISIS in Syria & Iraq: 


                                                     Atrocities Committed By ISIS in Syria & Iraq: ISIL/Islamic State/Daesh

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Updated up 1/15/2020 / Updated 6/5/2017 / Updated 12/16/2015
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 The MINUTE MAN PROJECT which we link you to here  asserts that were  68 Islamist terrorists plots disrupted or actual attacks on America between  9/11/2001 and 5/29/2015. Since 2015 we seen a number of attacks including a mass shooting in Orlando.  By all estimates it appears these sorts of attacks and plots are increasing in frequency and severity. Fortunately the two Muslim gunmen who attacked the cartoonist convention in Texas were shot before gaining entrance into the building. The HERITAGE FOUNDATION maintains that the Texas event points to a need for a serious reevaluation and reform of our counter terrorists strategy . Back in 2015 ISIS claimed to have over 70 trained terrorist then in 15 U.S. states. We haven't seen anything between 2015 and June of 2017 to indicate the number has been reduced. We urge our readers to link into these some what dated two linked articles. The game has been changing. The Obama administration did nothing to protect you. The Trump administration is just a little over 3 years into office at this point. So far all of the Trump Administration's attempts at protecting you have been met with court ordered pauses and Congressional foot dragging.  The targets are increasing. Your life, if we don't start really fighting back, is becoming more at risk and your freedom of movement is coming under fire. It is time for the gloves to come off and the Islamofascists to be put down.

 One credible threat recently articulated that few seem to be paying attention to is the threat against Christians and Jews at worship services. The Christian virtue of forgiveness does not preclude self defense. We probably don't need to remind Jewish Americans about the right , duty , and obligation that all people have towards their self defense. Security at worship services and religious community gatherings needs to be stepped up. We urge pastors and lead rabbis to contact the Church Security Alliance for information on some specific security measures that can be taken.

An Ann Arbor a Catholic priest raised a few eye brows recently when he sent a letter to the members of his parish urging them to arm themselves.  He invited them to take a concealed pistol class being offered at Christ the King parish. The Catholic Bishop didn't agree maintaining that security at churches should be provided by public and private security professionals and that the church building itself should be a "gun free zone". Interestingly the Bishop didn't disagree with the need for security just how it should be provided. We of course disagree with ever labeling any building that admits the public a "gun free zone", you may as well put out the "open season on citizens" sign as far as the bad guys are concerned. In the bible we read of the early Christians who were severely persecuted "posting a guard" while at community worship. Christians and Jews today in America as well as around the world are being persecuted. Its not as bad in America as elsewhere, but grows worse by the day. We urge pastors , Rabbis, Deacons and all Christians and Jews to start securing your places of worship today. Things are not going to improve until we protect ourselves and push back against the Islamification of America. So far every attempt by the Executive Department of the Federal Government to protect us has fallen before the socialists federal judges, the democratic party , and the Islamofacists. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015


How Does The U.S. Counter China’s 

Growing Military Might?

by Bloomberg Video 4:03 mins
May 28 -- Admiral James Stavridis, Dean at Tuft’s Fletcher School, discusses China’s military strategy as it plans to expand the reach of its navy and how that impacts U.S. military plans in the Pacific Ocean and the equipment needs of the Navy. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance”with Tom Keene and Michael McKee. 

Link To Video: ( We have experienced some problems at times with the video)
Link to audio
 This is the audio of the entire pod cast, to jump to Admiral Stavridis' analysis set the time to 15:39 the feature runs 4 minutes and 15 seconds ending at 19:54 run time on the tape. 

 Dragons Generally Swim Better Than We Imagine.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


China, And the U.S. Are Heading  Toward  a Face-Off 

in South China Sea 

EDITOR'S NOTE 12/31/2016: In this post written in 2015 we assumed as a given that the United States would  not "cave in on this issue but it appears that the Dragon fully expects us to." The election of Donald Trump makes that assumption obsolete, which may make the dragon more careful, but will not stop the dragon.  We continue our warning for all the reasons we describe here in that "A shooting incident between the two powers is only a misunderstanding away. 

The Chinese government recently did some serious sword rattling, issuing to the U.S. a warning Wednesday that it will "protect its sovereignty in the South China Sea", after a half hearted pursuit of a U.S. warship by a Chinese frigate. Actually the Dragon has only the normal soverignity of a coastal state relative to the South China Sea and is trampling on the legitimate maritime domains of its coastal neighbors. Basically the thug state became upset when U.S. war ships patrolled too near for their tastes to some artificial islands the Dragon is creating in waters under the jurisdiction of the Philippines and others. China claims the South China sea is the territorial sea of China and attempts to run it like a private lake. The problem with that under international law is that China shares the sea with numerous sovereign neighboring nations.  Of course none of them are able to stand up to Chinese naval might on their own, but it is very inconvenient to the Chinese that the Philippines have a defense treaty with the United States and worse , the United States has historic, and even familial ties with the Philippines. In short the Philippines and the United States are not allies of the moment but long established close friends. Being a thug state the Dragon doesn't have any real friends and can't understand the relationship between the United states and the Philippines. 

 China's outrage was spewed forth after the USS FORT WORTH sailed through the South China Sea on Monday May 11, 2015. The ship's course took it near new artificial islands that China is creating upon shallow submerged shoals within the Exclusive Economic Zone waters of the Philippines and other neighbors. The U.S. Navy, Japanese Maritime Defense Force, Philippine Navy and Coast Guard regard the area as international waters and routinely transit the area.  The Pentagon announced that the U.S. Navy will continue to patrol from air and sea the region around the Philippines Spratly Islands presently largely occupied by hostile Chinese forces, some building permanent structures. The Philippines, entitled to much of the area by well settled international law is unlikely to abandon their naval and coast guard patrols as well. Resentment over aggressive and territorial expansion against neighboring coastal states off shore islands is fanning resentment of the Dragon in the area. China needs the cooperation of some of her neighbors to complete the Dragon's major "Silk Road Project". Some nations are starting to withdraw support in reaction to China's thug like approach to taking parts of their Exclusive Economic Zones and islands off shore. A thug state never has allies just untrustworthy partners in crime or vassal states. 

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the Defense Department was formulating plans to respond to China's territorial moves. Citing an anonymous defense official, the Wall Street Journal said the United States is weighing whether to send ships and aircraft to patrol within 12 nautical miles of the built-up sites. China for its part feigns indignation:

"We are deeply concerned about the US remarks. The US side must make clarification on this," ...." The Chinese side advocates the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, yet the freedom definitely does not mean that foreign military vessels and aircrafts can enter one country's territorial waters and airspace at will. China will stay firm in safeguarding territorial sovereignty. We urge parties concerned to be discreet in words and actions, avoid taking any risky and provocative actions and safeguard regional peace and stability." Statement from the Chinese defense Ministry

In response to the Chinese statement the White House noted that the waters in question aren't recognized as Chinese territorial waters. We would add being familiar with the International Law of the Sea that the Chinese claim is utterly without historical or legal merit.

"International law is clear that land reclamation cannot change a submerged feature into an island that is entitled to maritime zones. An island must be naturally formed to generate an entitlement to maritime zones," said Patrick Ventrell, a National Security Council spokesman. "We have, and will continue to operate consistent with the rights, freedoms, and lawful uses of the sea in the South China Sea." 

We cannot cave in on this issue but it appears that the Dragon fully expects us to. A shooting incident between the two powers is only a misunderstanding away. Since the Chinese do not train their naval officers in what the international law is whenever such law if inconvenient to Central party goals the provocation that leads to shooting will probably come from the Chinese side. There just is no good news from the South China Sea. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015



Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Pre commissioning Image of China's Only Air Craft Carrier (Photo USN) 

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Update 8/12/2015 Still doing similar exercises on an irregular reoccurring basis. 

The Dragon and The Bear (China and Russia) are performing joint naval exercises in the Mediterranean and other waters off Europe.  They cite seemingly logical , simple reasons for the exercises in the waters off Europe. But make no mistake there is saber rattling and swagger involved in their motivations as well. 

 Last week (May 11, 2015) Dragon and Bear ships , nine in all started 10 days of combined naval exercises far from their home waters and in the back yards of NATO / EU. The exercises translate loosely to "Joint Sea 2015". While both thug states maintain that the exercises aren't "aimed at any particular country", it is rather obvious that they are making a point to the Western Alliances. Their point is that their two growing navies are growing in the cooperation needed for joint operations, and that thy both have global reach. Particularly pointed are the official press releases that indicate that among the skills practiced were "Maritime replenishment", which we sometimes refer to as "underway replenishment".  This a crucial skill for a navy to have if it intends global operations. The Dragon and the Bear maintain that the aim of the exercise is to “further deepen friendly and practical interaction between the two countries,”. Actually the two have never liked each other and have bitter and continuing border issues. However they both dislike the United States more than they dislike each other. Now while the White House is clueless they are uniting to demonstrate that the U.S. is weak and ungoverned. The aim is to beat on the United States while it is down suffering from the worst federal government in history, in the hopes that we will never be able to muster up the status and trust to effectively police thug states again. 
Chinese Sailors (Photo USN) 

 Despite assurances from the Russian Defense ministry, European commentators find Europe's Middle sea a strange place for a Dragon / Bear romp. It is believed that Moscow and Beijing chose the venue expressly to be provocative. The Bear and the Dragon are playing to a chosen audience. Their message is simply that they outgun the European navies combined, and the United States is unlikely to come to their aid if push comes to shove, so play their way or stay in port.  The Dragon and the Bear are trying to demonstrate an end to the American era as the world's leading seapower. Yet the United States still has the technological edge, and about 8 more aircraft supercarriers than both the Bear and the Dragon have combined. They don't want to tweak our noses too hard lest we react by sending a carrier task group into the area belying their point and demonstrating superior fire power. So an effort is made to appear non threatening.

The Dragon's group consisting of the guided missile frigates LINYI and WEIFANG and the fleet oiler WEISHANHU are supposedly taking a break from counter piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden, and the Bear's vessels are from a combination of their Black Sea Fleet and Atlantic Fleet. So none of the ships came a very long distance to attend the exercise and the whole thing is presented as an exercise of opportunity by vessels that were "just in the neighborhood". But that they have travel capability and staying power in the neighborhood is alarming in itself and meant to be so. These games of naval one upmanship are part and parcel of naval diplomacy designed to weaken an opponent's influence with their allies.  Sometimes such maneuver can backfire. When the Russians started demonstrating naval power in the 1980s the Reagan administration's response was the call and considerable progress towards the "600 ship navy". The U.S. Navy did in fact gain overwhelming dominance at sea. If we had an actual President in the white house or if adults ran Congress this latest demonstration by the Dragon and the Bear could backfire on them. But we expect them to keep up the game for at least 24 months. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Chinese Think Tank Tackles Island Disputes

There Is A New Chinese Institute 

Poised To Tackle The China Seas 

Island Disputes    

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The Swimming Dragon Is Setting Up Shop In Washington DC To Sell High Production Value BS 

There Is Propaganda and Fancy Propaganda, This is The Fancy Stuff With A Foggy Scientific / Historic Faux Finish. 

The Dragon has launched a "think tank" of  Chinese scholars to influence U.S. debate surrounding maritime disputes. It's Not in China, It's in Washington DC.

The First Chinese "Think Tank" within the DC Beltway  is designed to sway U.S. public opinion away from strict interpretation of existing maritime international law, with a focus on justifying the Chinese island grab in the East and South China Seas. 

The "Think Tank'"/ Lobby is called  "the Institute for China-America Studies" and is off to a modest start with  three staff members working  from a small office near Ronald Reagan International Airport. Their advertised mission is to research and conduct exchanges on maritime issues and China-U.S. relations, not to represent the Chinese government. If you care to believe their executive directo. Ms. Hong Nong.  We also have some deeds to the Brooklyn Bridge for sale in another part of this website. 

According to the Institute's director ;

“We want to build a platform from which we can convey the right message to both sides,” said Ms. Hong, whose doctoral dissertation from Canada’s University of Alberta examined legal and political issues of the South China Sea.

The institute was founded  in response to an  appeal last year from Chinese President Xi Jinping for new types of "think tanks" to improve governance and enhance China’s “soft power, can you say "propaganda"? 

This concept is only new for China, other  Asian nations such as  Japan and Taiwan,  have long funded U.S. "think tanks" and  university chairs in a bid to influence American policy making.

South Korea for example recently engaged a U.S. public-relations firm to promote its position on Japan’s war history ahead of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Washington. Abe has refused to apologize for Japanese atrocities during WWII such as the Rape of Nanking and had visited Japanese shrines to WWII leaders hanged by the allies as war criminals. This is actually an old game in DC that the Chinese are newly joining, it benefits few but the entrenched politicians and a few unscrupulous academics. 

The new Chinese institute could provide opportunities for Chinese scholars and officials to try to influence U.S. public debate and policy making,  on maritime disputes in Asia.  Island claims particularly  have verged on escalating into military confrontation. China’s aggressive and militaristic pressing of its ridiculous claims to the entire South China Sea has alarmed Washington, between golf outings, and our Pacific allies like Japan and the Philippines

Some  observers think that the Chinese institute must  establish its independence from the Chinese government to have credibility. We think credibility has never been a big Communist concern since that philosophy maintains that the best way to get the big lie across is constant repetition.  

At the institute's  inaugural conference last month, China’s ambassador to the U.S., Cui Tiankai, gave a keynote address defending China’s illegal and indefensible efforts to build artificial islands in the South China Sea, some within the recognized exclusive economic zones of other nations. 

The institute  is set up in Arlington, Va and incorporated in Virginia pending accepted status as a non profit. The director Ms. Hong saids she isn't a Communist Party member ( sounds like a convenient technicality to us)  and the think tank would be free to do research critical of Chinese policy, (yeah right) as long as it fits within its research programs. “We want to be an independent nonprofit organization here,” she said. We believe that they want to be perceived as an independent research organization by us poor American schmucks and our empty headed politicians.  

In fact the institute  is,  an offshoot of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, a government-affiliated body, which also employs Ms. Hong. The National Institute  plays a prominent role in promoting China’s views on maritime issues including the Dragon's claim to the entire South China Sea..

Establishing the institute’s independence from direct Chinese government control  may also be necessary legally if it is to serve as a research institute. Under U.S. law, anyone acting on behalf of foreign governments for political purposes has to register with the Justice Department, while those doing academic work don’t. So the Dragon calls propaganda dissemination "academic work". 

Frankly we have had enough of the forked tongue pronouncements of the Dragon about its island  land grabs from its maritime neighbors. International law is well settled on the matter and China is simply an aggressive thief, a thug state. We need to start calling them and all of our enemies for what they are. To what extent it is our job to rebuke evil in the world is a matter of legitimate debate on any one issue, but we ought to exercise some freedom of speech and call things what they are. The institute is a propaganda mill. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Britain Scrambles Typhoon Jets To 

Escort Russian Bombers 

Photo UK MINISTRY OF DEFENSE  Russian "Bear" top,  British " Typhoon" below

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Update 8/12/2016 Fewer Incidents this Spring/Summer but Russia continues to push, especially in the High arctic.

The British Ministry of Defense reported Thursday May 14, 2015 That they scrambled 
Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets to intercept two apparently inbound Russian bombers 
near British airspace north of Scotland.  Britain's Ministry of Defense indicates that 
intercepts of Russian aircraft by NATO forces have increased over the last year. It is 
believed that the increase reflects heightened tensions over the Ukraine. The intrusive 
aircraft were identified as Russian "Bear Bombers", long range nuclear capable bombers. 
The Bears were escorted by RAF Typhoon fighter jets until they cleared UK aerial defense 
zones. At no time did the air craft violate British sovereign airspace Similar events have 
happened over Alaska in recent months. 


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American Admiralty Books Reviewed and Recommended:

  • Series: Fishing the Local Waters series
  • Paperback: 108 pages
  • Publisher: Maximum Press; Fourth Edition, Fourth edition edition (April 1, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1931644497
  • ISBN-13: 978-1931644495

 We like this book. Its a tackle box sized guide to the local fishing hot spots between Gulf Shores, Alabama and Panama City , Florida; a region with year round moderate temperatures and often crystal clear Caribbean like waters and sugar white beaches to fish off.  In the region there are a lot of public pier , breakwater, and beach hot spots so it is not necessary to always drag along a boat. The westernmost part of the region is close enough to Mobile and New Orleans to be considered for a day trip.  Chapters include everything a tourist or local needs for a successful outing. Here you will find information on the best bait, tackle, and methods  included, as are important safety tips, maps showing choice fishin' holes, and local recipes for cooking up the catch of the day. One obsolete feature appears that we hope will be updated in a future republication, LORAN coordinates for some fishing hit spots. GPS has displaced LORAN now and these coordinates are no longer very useful. But that is a small portion of the book and the rest is packed with information that is not dated. We highly recommend this book to the bank, beach, pier fisherman frequenting the region. Except for those LORAN coordinates it has useful information for those trailering boats as well.

American Admiralty Books Recommended for The bank, pier, and beach fishermen visiting or residing in the region.  

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