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Greetings Bipeds !  
 No doubt you have heard by now of the mosque burning in Quebec on January 29th. In addition to the torching of the mosque six people were shot to death by invading gunmen. If you became aware of it through either American or Canadian net work news the odds are 3 to 1 that the story was immediately followed by features or unlabeled editorial commentary to the effect that President Trump's 90 day hold on visa holders from six particular nations that are hot beds of Islamic terrorism was to blame. But today , January 30th the MSM is strangely comparatively silent. Why would the lefty liberal MSM not jump on this opportunity to defame the President they utterly and openly hate? Simple, the story no longer fits their narrative.

 It now appears more probable than not that rival "conservative muslims" (read violent Jihad against the West supporters) burned down the Moderate mosque whose Imam  was sufficiently against separation of mosque and state. The main stream media simply doesn't need any more pointed examples of their bias just now. Network owners are slowly becoming aware that a large portion of the public no longer buys their propaganda disguised as "journalism" anymore.(see: )  So the news turns strangely quiet on the story, limiting air time and down playing the facts.

 The first hint that Islamophobia was not the cause of the violence was the leaking of the fact that the gun men were shouting "Allahu Akhbar" while attacking.  Then, via the Imam of the attacked mosque, the story of the defection and founding of a rival mosque by disaffected militants emerged. It is an oft repeated story in Islam. The Qumran definitely and in no uncertain words, demands that Muslims convert, tax to the eyeballs, or kill the rest of you bipeds, no ifs buts or maybes. A few hundred million out of the 1.3 billion Muslims on Earth want to ignore this embarrassing fact about the religion and practice a modernized and less violent form that accepts separation of mosque and state. The rest of Islam brands them heretics and demands their deaths in any jurisdiction where they feel they can get away with it. Apparently Quebec must be thought to be one of those jurisdictions. SORRY MSM LEFTARDS BUT THIS IS LOOKING LIKE A SALIFISTS MURDER AND ARSON SPREE AGAINST MURTADEEN. (Or Muslim on Muslim crime for those of you unschooled in Islamic history and doctrine, which is virtually all of the MSM) . 

 Unfortunately,beautiful and liberal Quebec is the victim of one of several age old civil wars going on within the world of Islam. Muslims do not want to assimilate into the Western nations presently receiving them in stupendous numbers. Their civil wars are just one of the evils you bring upon your society when your officials lack the common sense to maintain your borders and keep dangerous people out. It is the nature of deadly snakes to bite. It is foolish to let them into your house in the hopes that they will change. They may disappear into nooks and crannies or under furniture for a while. But when you least expect it, they emerge and bite. Americans and Canadians, really, you need to fire all office holder who are bringing you this hazard. Then you need to throw out every Muslim who refuses to assimilate, not just the violent proven criminals.

 The unassimilated fund the violent Jihad through many "Islamic Charities". Mosques on North American soil are the centers for the Jihad against the rest of us. But we have no need to burn them out. They will eventually burn each other out. The Muslims who will escape their own violence will be the ones who assimilate by converting to secularism, or an actual religion and avoiding contact with other Muslims , staying away from Mosques, sticking with one wife, and avoiding welfare fraud. North America offers a wide range of opportunities to express and share your religious impulses, why pick a "religion" that preaches that you should murder your neighbor and seek martyrdom for yourself.?  Assimilate for the sake of yourselves, your children and your children's children.

 The election of Donald Trump and his newly emerging immigration reforms are not the cause of the problem. Islam is, and people of North America are starting to react. Those Muslims who want to carve out strictly Muslim enclaves are setting themselves up for easy containment by law enforcement authorities as soon as the protective and insane liberals are removed from office. Within those soon to be contained enclaves the unassimilated will quickly descend into more outright civil war and kill off their troublesome selves.  Those who want to avoid that fate need only assimilate. Fortunately they will find there are very few obstacles to assimilation if you can avoid Islam's death sentence for apostasy.  Once you separate yourself form the Islamic community in favor of the national culture you have little to fear from the Apostasy death squads outside of the self imposed Islamic ghettos. 

 Muslim bipeds, Come on out and breath the air of freedom! 

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American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

First Orient Express poster by Jules Chéret, 1888 (Photo: Arjan den Boer)

The first freight train from China to arrive in London arrived January 18, 2017 requiring 18 days to complete the journey. The train had 30 specially designed shipping containers consigned to London recipients. China launched a direct rail freight service to London as part of its trade and development drive directed towards Europe known as "the New Silk Route". The arrival of this train in London isn't quite the mechanical marvel of a moon landing, but as a civil work it is one for the ages. In 2016 China's New Silk Route cargo rail train's trips into Europe numbered 1,702 which doubled the 2015 trip statistics. On January 18,2017 via the "Chunnel", London became the 15th city to be visited by this rail service.  

 America and Canada each had transcontinental rail service more than a century ago. Those were civil engineering marvels of their day but both nations occupied the entire service route from sea to sea. For the North American transcontinental lines only one rail gauge size was in use, and only one surface transportation governing body had to be dealt with. The New Silk Route is not just a modern civil engineering model, an update on an older theme but it is a wonder of administrative planning and soft power diplomacy. The real obstacles to the building of this service were political, administrative, and regulatory, as well as the challenge of until very recently a lack of common rail gauge size among many nations in Europe. The Chinese overcame all of that, for that historic train to pull into London. 

 China state run railways owns the service, but it is managed for them under contract by the private firm of Yiwu Timex Industrial Investments (YTII) . YTII claims that the freight rates are half that of air cargo and the delivery time cuts two weeks off of the sea route. 

 To read much more on this historical development check out the BBC article of January 18, 2017 

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American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

Updated 10/30/2017 link added for related article
 The Great Namazu, Retired Japanese Giant Catfish Demigod, Now An Analyst for American Admiralty Books

 Are you getting tired  of the constant wave of socialist, globalist, atheist, propaganda that constantly emanates for the American mainstream media, especially the television and radio affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN? Wonder where you can find real journalism instead of public opinion moulding propaganda?  Well, it seems like consolidation of news media ownership is making finding reliable sources of real journalism harder to find . Perhaps instead of changing the channel it may be time to fight back. Now this is something you can do, you the people of the United States, not President Trump. You know who you are, you live in the great fly over states between New York and California, you turned out and cast your secret ballot for Trump in droves. Yet because of the liberal meltdown, media driven demonstrations, and in some cases riots, calls from celebrities for the assignation of the President, the recent uptick in the purchase of firearms by liberals;  a lot of you keep your vote still secret for fear of the violent left. Much of the libtard uproar is driven by a mainstream media attack frenzy. Yes, you elected a tough President who talks back to the globalist, communalists, slime balls but the slime balls still control the media, and frankly we don't want the government to control the media. So what is a thinking biped to do? Actually you have far more power as individuals and as the collective public than you think.

 If you really want to see a return to real journalism that informs vice attempts to shape your opinion, you, as part of "we the people", have to exercise your legal power. What legal power do you have over the electronic media? All of it, once you understand the legal concept of the Commons and the fact that the electromagnetic spectrum that the electronic media uses to control the flow of information is owned by the public as part of the "Commons". 

Here is what I last published on the the concept of the commons:

"....Actually you've made some progress in such a determination. Unfortunately not all biped intelligence collectives are willing to abide by the existing and agreed definitions. The "commons of mankind" which we former demigods simply refer to as the "biped commons" consists of the solar system, where, by international agreement, no territorial claims can be made. The commons also includes the atmosphere which moves at will across international borders carrying weather and pollutants in all directions that the wind blows. The "commons" also includes the electromagnetic spectrum where among other things "cyber space" partially exists. Telecommunications also utilize the electromagnetic spectrum. There seems to be little disagreement that the electromagnetic spectrum is part of the commons and there have been many successful attempts at regulating its use in terms of nation state usage. But there are problems of piracy and lawlessness in this spectrum of the "commons" just as there are at sea. But most of the bad apples are individuals or gangs of law breakers mostly recognized as such by the "community of nations". To read more of my ideas about "the commons" 

 The most important point about the electromagnetic spectrum being part of the "commons" is that this medium upon which all electronic broadcast media is dependent is not owned by the media moguls, it is owned by "the people" "in common". All that the globalist, socialist, moguls own are various licenses issued by the Federal government through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ,which regulates this segment of "the commons" in your name. It is a requirement of every broadcast license issued by the FCC that such stations be regulated "in the public interest". Who decides if a station is "operating in the public interest"? You, the public do.

 All broadcast licenses are issued for a limited period of time. At periodic intervals, never more than 5 years,  the various classes of licenses must be renewed. A regular feature of such renewal processes is an opportunity for public comment. License renewal periods are not your only opportunity for comment, complaints about any broadcast activity "not in the public interest"  including propagandizing, may be filed with the FCC at any time. So "silent majority bipeds why do you continue to allow people you don't trust to operate in your commons, against the "public interest"? 

Fighting for real journalism and against a privately owned propaganda machine is a great example of the concept that all politics is local. Every radio and television network is made up of hundreds of individually licensed local stations.  Consequently the place to attack today's version of "yellow journalism" is at the local station level. No, you may not be able to muster enough support to get the license of certain urban California stations closed since the public there seems to be majority socialist lefties. But there were far more red states than blue. Within a few years the big networks could be toast if the viewing, listening public in the "Great Flyover" states unites in revolt against the use of your "commons" by propaganda wielding globalist, communalists, pro death, atheists net work owners. But the likelihood is that these big corporations with stockholders to please would simply reform their journalistic practices and programming long before they were in imminent danger of losing their entire networks. They may be fuzzy headed "leftards" but money still talks .  When CEOs and CFOs butt heads, boards of directors are apt to crunch the numbers and go with the CFO. 

 So what do you as an individual do? First start paying attention, keep a viewing journal and start writing letters of complaint to the FCC with specific instances of what you consider to be propaganda in both local news programing and net work produced national news. If you have time, write one a week and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Use that same journal at local station FCC broadcast license renewal time, send a letter of complaint to the local station stating why you feel they don't "broadcast in the public interest", send a copy directly to the FCC. If you have the time and inclination, organize audience groups to do this. Write to corporate sponsors of network news shows and in no uncertain terms let them know that you will be boycotting their products if they continue to sponsor propaganda masquerading as news. 

 Keep in mind that attacking network propaganda moguls through the FCC must be a grassroots effort of public.  If your President were to attempt this he would be subject to the same type of criticism that Obama was subjected to for using the IRS to persecute conservatives. When it comes to the battle between the George Soros propaganda mill and the President, all the President can do is talk back, and he never gets the last word. Bipeds, you own the electromagnetic spectrum in common, George Soros and his media cohorts are just licensees. You can limit their access if they are not "broadcasting in the public interest". Broadcasting in the public interest doesn't mean a free and uncritical ride for either left or right. But is definitely not a constant stream of leftist propaganda and disguised editorial opinion.  Back when the media took their obligation seriously about forty years ago, stations and networks often revealed their corporate politics and openly advocated and endorsed policies and candidates , but were careful to clearly label such verbiage as "editorial opinion". There was nothing wrong with that. Today they just slant and spin the news. You "the people" can put a stop to it. Below is information related to filing an FCC complaint. 

Filing a complaint

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"(Washington, DC): A new Center for Security Policy Occasional Paper authored by two intrepid and indefatigable researchers, Alan Jones and Mary Fanning, has brought to light a shocking fact: The family of Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, considered to be “the father of Iraq’s nuclear weapons program,” has been awarded a 35-year lease for cargo container operations at Port Canaveral, Florida." 
 Has the Obama Administration forgotten that a nuclear weapon need not be inserted into America via a rocket. Such weapons are available in sizes easily transportable by ship or air craft. We are probably more in danger of the sneak insertion of a nuclear weapon than a rocket attack. 
"According to Mr. Jones and Ms. Fanning’s paper, entitled What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Secret Deal Allows Company Tied to Saddam’s Nuclear Bombmaker, Iran and U.A.E. to Manage Key Florida Port Facilities, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew unilaterally approved the lease for Gulftainer – a Middle Eastern ports company owned by the Emir of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Iraqi businessman Hamid Dhia Jafar – following two years of secret talks." READ MORE at CENTER FOR SECURITY POLICY
"In addition to being an important seaport in its own right, Port Canaveral is in close proximity to a number of key U.S. facilities – including the Navy’s East Coast ballistic missile submarine base, two U.S. Air Force Space Command bases and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center."
and consider the depth of the treason involved. Write your congressman and the White House after the inauguration, since the present lame duck is fully behind this; It's going to take some high level action to void this lease.  

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A Collection of Posts , Links, and Observations Previously Published in The AAB Blog With New Analysis Based On Latest Developments. Updated 10/31/2019


Cotton Cargo and transport on the Mississippi (PD-)

American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies 

American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

 Research by a team  led by the Great Namazu, article edited by Namazu

Editor note 10/31/2019: China made its bid to become not only a world reserve currency , but the reserve currency displacing the U.S. At least as far as displacing the U.S. dollar as the world's preferred currency their 2015 effort failed. 

Editors note 12/8/2015: This may be worth a revisit as China prepares to launch one of the world's reserve currencies and all of the negative effects that will have on the U.S. dollar. 



Message from the Great Namazu:  Ahoy Bipeds! I know you are all in the quaint habit of covering your nearly hairless hides with textile products like shirts and skirts. Personally I've never understood the practice but if you wear cloths this article should be of as much interest to you as it should be to Customs officials, auditors of customs regulatory enforcement efforts, legislators, members of the textile industry worldwide, not to mention people like cotton farmers and the crews of barges, ships, and rail lines, and trucking industries that move the product. However if you don't work in any of the aforementioned industries and are a nudist you may want to skip down to the next post, unless you are just curious about how the clothed beings live.


 You would think that as long as the United States has been growing, transporting, and selling cotton, and as old as the Garment District is in New York, or considering how long the textile mills of the Carolina's have been around that we would be pretty astute at regulating our textile trades. The problem is as old as America. Prior to the American Civil War northern textile manufacturers were adamant that southern cotton producers should be forced by federal law to sell to them or be forced to pay an export tariff. The cotton producing South of course preferred to sell to Great Britain at world prices which then were higher than what New England wanted to pay. It was largely this disagreement that led to the first mechanized war with its massive destruction of the South including the complete leveling of two cities Richmond and Atlanta and a scorched earth policy that frankly should have been considered a crime against humanity , except that it was committed by the victors.*  Of course there was the matter of slavery which the Union started citing as a war cause about two years into it when they needed to assume the moral high ground before reducing their neighbors to ashes.* Low labor costs are still a driving factor in the global textile industry battle for supremacy.* In that battle the U.S. was long ago knocked out of the ring by the Dragon, China. Roughly a century and half after leaving more than 50,000 war dead related to the issue of textile regulation the U.S. still doesn't know how to regulate textiles, or audit the effects of their regulations..Editor's Note: The labor costs gap has considerably closed in the last five to six years due to American technology shrinking the necessary labor force,and  a rise in Chinese wages. Factoring in the additional savings in transport costs even the Chinese are starting to build factories in America to service the American Market. Despite the overall shrinkage in necessary labor for production, the recent recovery is far from jobless as will be demonstrated in other posts reprinted below.

*NAMAZU EDITORIAL NOTE: These passages may seem a bit a biased toward the Southern cause in the American civil war. The post was prepared in winter so that means the research staff are the regular crew down in New Orleans where they are still a bit peeved about what they call "the War of Northern Aggression" or in the company of Yankees, "the late unpleasantness".  I would have edited these passages out but found that while presented in a partisan argumentative style the assertions are basically factual and left like originally written give the reader some idea of  the still lingering ill feelings generated over America's last great failure at effectively regulating textiles in the national interest.
File:CottonPlant.JPG Photo USDA: Cotton ranks with salt, clay, spices, and oil as a raw commodity that has had a profound effect on shipping and history. It is a product that wars have been fought over.
Like salt, clay, spices, and oil almost everybody has a use for it in their daily lives, unless you run around naked or clothed in furs and animal hides, or those uncomfortable synthetics largely a product of petroleum. (The most comfortable "synthetics" are usually a blend of cotton fibers and petroleum spun fibers). Really, unless you are reading this naked the odds are that you are wearing something containing cotton fibers right now. 

 The modern problem is that present day (written in 2012)  Congressional leaders and White House denizens seems to think that they have some obligation to share prosperity with the less fortunate world, and the world is full of dragons ready to snatch from the arms of the deserving, or at least the targeted arms of U.S. selected trading partners. One case in point is the importation of finished textiles such as sheets, shirts, pillow cases, sweaters, curtains, bolts of cloth, and similar woven , sewn, or knitted items. Past administrations and congresses of both parties in their rush to ship manufacturing jobs overseas, decided to throw a bone to the Carolinas, and New York City, the big losers in the exportation of textile manufacturing jobs. The bone is known to those astute in customs regulations as the "YARN FORWARD RULE"; part of the Customs Regulations Rules of Origin

The Basics of the ROO (RULES OF ORIGIN)

"Determining the country of origin of a product is important for properly assessing tariffs, enforcing trade remedies (such as antidumping and countervailing duties) or quantitative restrictions (tariff quotas), and statistical purposes. Other commercial trade policies are also linked with origin determinations, such as country of origin labeling and government procurement regulations. Rules of origin (ROO) can be very simple, non controversial tools of international trade as long as all of the parts of a product are manufactured and assembled primarily in one country. However, when a finished product’s component parts originate in many countries—as is often the case in today’s global trading environment—determining origin can be a very complex, sometimes subjective, and time-consuming process. (Emphasis by AAB).U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the agency responsible for determining country of origin using various ROO schemes. Non-preferential rules of origin are used to determine the origin of goods imported from countries with which the United States has most-favored-nation (MFN) status. Preferential rules are used to determine the eligibility of imported goods from certain U.S. free trade agreement (FTA) partners and certain developing country beneficiaries to receive duty-free or reduced tariff benefits under bilateral or regional FTAs and trade preference programs. Preferential rules of origin are generally specific to each FTA, or preference, meaning that they vary from agreement to agreement and preference to preference. "  Source:Congressional Research Service Report : INTERNATIONAL TRADE RULES OF ORIGIN-Jones and Martin January 5, 2012

 One of the most important features of a trade agreement is the rules of origin. With "leaky" rules of origin (ROO) any trade agreement becomes potentially global opening up the terms of the agreement to virtually any nation, not just those who originally inked the agreement. However, the complete exclusion from liberalized market access of any goods produced by non signatory nations turns a "free trade agreement" into a closed trading block. Trying to avoid both extremes requires not only superior legal draftsmanship in penning the ROO but also periodic audit and adjustment to assure the regulatory regime is performing as intended.  

 The "Yarn Forward Rule " was primarily intended to exclude certain textile producers without penalizing specific trading partners and to throw a bone to the sorry remnant of the once thriving U.S. textile industry. (Less "sorry" at this writing.)  With "Yarn Forward" supposedly the remnant of the once large American labor force that historically made much of America's bed sheets, shirts, undergarments, towels etc. , and yes; that  "All American" globally popular product, "Blue Jeans";  could at least hold on to the job of making yarn. Various favored trading partners who used U.S. made yarn were offered a variety of incentives. Depending on the nature of their relationship these incentives ranged from low to no import tariffs to the actual right to affix a "made in the U.S." label to some goods assembled in certain nations out of U.S. yarns.  The drafters of the ROO really thought they had something. But the Dragon ate their lunch and the lunch of most of U.S. targeted beneficiaries. 

.The Dragon, China, at the moment dominates the global textile market. (This hasn't changed, what has changed in recent years is the return of finished product textile manufacturing to the United states, some in Chinese owned but US based plants)  However its not always obvious. Here is one example. Kenya has about a half dozen textile plants (in 2012) all exporting with diligence and fervor products at greatly reduced or no tariffs. Our intention was of course to benefit Kenya. But who really pockets the difference? Why the owners of the textile plants of course;  they are all in China. The same products coming to us from China would owe comparatively heavy duties compared to Kenya. (This collection of posts contains no updated information on the situation in Kenya)  We send yarn to certain nations favored by our trade agreements with the understanding that they may make the final assembly into say, table cloths and instead they send them to a plant in China with whom they have a separate duty free agreement. The table cloths are sent back and the nation we intended to benefit gets to affix a "made in the USA" label. Did our generosity that cost Americans in the Garment District of New York and mills in the Carolinas their jobs, produce more jobs for the targets of Federal foreign generosity? 

 We only had the resources to check a few nations in the textile supply chain to America but found that in each corner of the world where we checked, the Chinese actually owned a controlling interest in the majority of textile plants in nations benefiting from our "Yarn Forward" rule. ( Statement relates to the situation in2012/13. We have no updated information on global ownership percentages at this writing, we do not know how close to dominant China is relative to ownership in US plants.) What should we do?

  • Don't panic if the American government does nothing, and given that they don't know what they are doing that might actually be best; China is about to be knocked from the top of a variety of manufacturing heaps. Remember that textiles began as an industry heavily dependent on slave labor and miserably paid factory workers. The industry left here as laws regulating working conditions improved. China is famous for the sweatshop and prison labor. In the "worker's paradise" there is no social security, or OSHA. But 3D printing technology is about to make the sweatshop expensive. The 3D printer is bringing all sorts of manufacturing back to points closer to the markets. This type of manufacturing produces no slag heaps of wasted material, reducing material costs, and requires a tiny fraction of the labor compared to the traditional production line. It requires less land. Clothing factories one day soon will be literally out in the cotton fields of the U.S. Deep South. ( By the way if you haven't driven in the country between Key West, Georgia and Montgomery, Alabama you probably haven't noticed that some of the cotton and soybean fields now contain automobile manufacturing plants. These plants have Japanese and Korean names but pay UAW level wages, just to fewer people, thanks to robotics.) The cotton gets to skip an ocean voyage as does the finished product. But the distributors can still sell it for what the market will allow, generally prices that were established on the Chinese sweatshop model. Now however cost are reduced and profit margins increase. Those few decent paying jobs in the 3D mill will be easy for the companies to support. (Looks like the Great Catfish actually predicted the emerging situation involving a revival of the industry here in the USA back when this post was first published-Johnas Presbyter, Editor in Chief)
  •   It would be nice if the United States would attempt to recoup from China the millions if not billions they owe in evaded customs duties. Some of what they did was simply the direct result of American ROO loopholes, there was nothing illegal about their benefits derived. However a great deal was and is the result of illegal and deceptive practices and violators should be prosecuted. If all else fails, if we can quantify the amount owed including being able to determine participation by state owned entities we can always refuse payment on some of our debts to China based on unpaid duties. But don't hold your breath, the first part of that correction requires a competent audit.  The odds are not good that the American people will get one.  The normal audit authority for the Customs service is the Office of Audit of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security. The Inspector General actually answers to the Secretary of Homeland Security, so much for independence. How happy do you think the Secretary will be to prove that a customs service under the secretary's administration missed millions if not billions in revenues? More over the entire Inspector General's office is presently in disarray with reports of faked internal reports: (That was in 2013/14, nothing on going noted in December of 2016)  Obama appointee candidates for top jobs in the Inspector General's Office have drawn Congressional fire and investigations. (In 2013-2014)  The immediate past acting Inspector General  (2013) Charles Edwards has been the subject of FBI investigations" . According to the National Mariners Association which has frequent contact with the DHS Inspector General's  Office of audit the last actual subject matter expert with licensing, credentials , and work experience in actual customs activities retired in protest over a year and half ago (2012)  So unless such an audit is assigned to the Government Accountability Office it is highly unlikely that anything actionable will be discovered. 
  • When 3D printing finally does its work don't listen to whoever is in the White House when it happens as he or she tries to take credit for the restoration of the American textile industry.  Congress and the White House only create these issues, they never solve them, so don't listen to any party in Congress attempting to take credit. Commerce moves on, things happen.

  • As always, I Namazu the great catfish, advise you to avoid voting for members of either party unless you are certain they are not on the payroll of the usual special interests.Vote for third party candidates and independents at every reasonable opportunity and then hold their feet to the fire. It's a lot of work being your own watchdog over government but it's a requirement of democracy overlooked for too long. Believe me I've seen enough history after 3,000 years to be able to assure you that the only alternative is to hang your political leaders from the lamp posts along Pennsylvania Avenue, and societies that have resorted to that have not fared well immediately afterwards. Usually after the over indulged thieves of the public treasury have been hanged, the man on the white horse appears; I never like any of them. So bipeds take charge while you still can. Americans wake up, your government is a total mess. English speaking bipeds wake up, you need to form a more perfect union especially a naval union there be dragons and with the help of your politicians, they are eating your lunch. There is probably something similar to a yarn forward rule in every English speaking nation. America isn't the only place not making clothing anymore. Stop the Dragon or go naked.


 The situation has changed since the above description of abuse of the "YARN FORWARD RULE" was written.  The rule is still being abused by China and her partners in crime but the American textile industry has changed in the intervening years. Basically, the industry has stopped shrinking and is starting to grow, including in employment. The fundamental reason for this change is pretty much what "Namazu" articulated in the above post. American innovative production technology, combined with non union labor markets in the US South, and the reduced transportation costs of making things for the vast US market within the US have taken much of China's sweatshop advantage away. Textile manufacturing of finished products from clothing to table cloths is returning to the Carolinas and Georgia. Unfortunately this is not exactly the revival of the American industry as it existed before being destroyed by foolish Federal policies and deliberate Chinese actions. while the production facilities and jobs are returning to the US South, the owners are new, often foreign, some definitely Chinese. Since the first posting of Namazu's clarion call to investigate enforcement of the "Yarn Forward Rule" nothing of the sort that we know of has happened that has resulted in changes in the law or enforcement policy. No attempt has been made to collect the unpaid customs import duties owed us. Now the matter becomes more complicated and delicate. At a moment when China is starting to invest some of the funds they stole from us in the US creating jobs and taxpayers in areas where both are sorely needed, how do we collect what is owed without upsetting the apple cart? What is the optimum time in which to begin collection efforts? How can the Federal government which dropped the ball in the first place encourage the return of American ownership to this industry that is starting to take off once again? Some useful details in answering these questions are presented below.

 According to the National Council of Textile Organizations' (NCTO) outgoing chairman Jeff Price addressing the 13th annual meeting of the NCTO ; "Between 1995 and 2009 , the industry suffered through a historic and heartbreaking contraction. The last six years however have been different, the US textile industry has rebounded. Now the challenge is both to sustain this impressive recovery and to find viable ways to generate a new era of growth." 

 Unfortunately this "Impressive recovery" is in US located production plants and new jobs of a new type, It most emphatically is not a recovery of previous levels of employment or levels of US ownership of US based production facilities. This "recovery" is the product, to a significant degree, of foreign investment in the US textile industry. Such investment became attractive once innovative technologies seriously reduced the need for large semi skilled labor forces. Once the ready availability of cheap labor was no longer a controlling factor in textile manufacture profits; lowered costs of transportation made it most economic to service the American market with plants based in the United States

 According to the NCTO in 2015 the value of U.S. man made fiber, filament, textile, and apparel shipments totaled an estimated $76 billion. This represents a 14% increase since 2009 the last year of the depressed industry. What the NCTO didn't tell the public in their last meeting was how close that 14% increase came to restoring the industry to its pre 1995 economic status adjusted for inflation.  Caution must be observed when performing any analysis of the US textile industry based on NCTO published information. This organization is an industry advocate as noted in this quote from outgoing director Jeff Price speaking at the 13th annual convention:

"Moving on to policy, the textile sector is unique because changes in trade policy often can affect business with serious, unpredictable consequences. It is for this reason that the textile industry, and certainly NCTO, must engage in the Washington policy-making process; otherwise there is no working relationship with those who are shaping the government’s position on trade." Mr. Price also said: The council simply cannot allow parties that oppose the industry’s policy agenda to perpetuate the false notion that the industry is antiquated and noncompetitive.This would certainly be an expected position for any industrial advocacy group, but analyst must keep in mind that this is an industry with an impressive physical and cash imprint on American soil but also serious ownership participation by foreign nationals and foreign nation government owned enterprises. A forensic examination of the situation begs the questions;(1) Is NCTO interested or concerned at all in recovering US ownership of the industry? (2) Might NCTO be interested in preserving the status quo of the global industry preserving market share and profitability of the foreign owners of America's plants?

 Analyst advising policy makers should provide information that will allow policy makers to determine if restoration of American ownership is an attainable and worthwhile goal. Also, with the Yarn Forward rules still in place how much is the continued manipulation of the provisions damaging the US industry? Below is an an illustration from the text version of the NCTO on employment 13th annual convention on employment in the US textile industry. Below that is a comparison with Bureau of Labor Statistics from 1996. The "resurgence" illustrated by the NCTO pie chart seems impressive, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics figure reveal that the growth is only impressive in comparison with recent years of drastic decline. What has been lost is astounding, and largely the result of astute manipulation of our own "Yarn Forward Rule" by Chinese interests.



Here is a link to the online report by the NCTO:

The 2015 NCTO report indicates a total of 579,300 textile industry jobs including 116,300 in cotton farming and related industries.  By contrast the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 1996 did not count cotton farming related jobs in their account of textile industry employment but broke their figures down as follows: 
See full Bureau of Labor Statistics report at:
The two figures above are just part of the employment figures for the year 1996. Clearly the NCTO must include cotton farming occupations in with textile industry employment to demonstrate a "resurgence" to even somewhat less than half the employment lost since the start of Chinese manipulation of the global textile industry and the promulgation of the US "Yarn Forward Rule and related statutes, treaties, and regulations.  Roughly 650 textile plants closed in America between 1997 and 2009 draining thousands of jobs and depressing dozens of communities .  The ongoing "resurgence in the "American"(located but largely foreign owned) hasn't restored even half of the loss. 

1. Between 1997 and 2009 the US suffered catastrophic losses of employment in the domestic textile industry. 
2. These losses were in large measure attributable at least in part to Chinese manipulation of the global textile industry including astute and probably illegal abuse of the US "Yarn Forward" rule and related regulations, treaties, statutes, and regulations.
3. Since at least 2009 the textile industry physically based in America has been experiencing a self described "resurgence" with new highly automated plant openings. However a goodly portion of this "resurgent textile industry" is US located but foreign owned.
4. It is highly unlikely that the new US textile industry regardless of foreign or domestic dominated ownership will ever achieve the employment levels of the industry in the early 1990s even if it succeeds in dominating the US domestic market and achieves something of an export market due to the high levels of labor saving automation in the newly evolving mills. 
5. Regardless of ultimate total employment figures the "resurgent" US textile industry does not represent a jobless recovery but is in fact generating substantial living wage employment in regions sorely in need of such. 
6. The United States has never recovered the revenues lost in unpaid and avoided penalties and tariffs at the height of the abuse of the "Yarn Forward Rule" by China and Certain trading partners.

1. Pluses and Minuses of attempting to recoup "cheated" tariff and penalty revenues from China and her cooperative partner nations in the prior abuse of the "Yarn Forward Rule" including careful consideration of effects on the current resurgence in US textile industry production / employment, driven in considerable part by foreign, including Chinese investment.
2. The legal steps required to retire the "Yarn Forward" regulatory/treaty/ statutory regime, and the most politically astute route to do so in order to preserve the on going domestic industry resurgence and US chances at redevelopment of an export market. 


Thursday, January 12, 2017


Sponsored by Helios Ruehls, Inc.

Image Hibernia Networks (PD) 

American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

 There are over 320 transoceanic active submarine communications cables on our ocean floors as we write this. Most people think of submarine cables as something from the nineteenth century and believe that most transoceanic communications are carried by space satellite. However in fact the submarine cable system carries the bulk of transoceanic telecommunications and data traffic. In terms of the bulk of such communications traffic the satellite communications systems are mere adjuncts.  This is why we worry when submarine naval forces start to show interest in or start operating in close proximity to submarine cables.  (See: RUSSIAN SUBMARINES TOO NEAR SUBMERGED DATA AND COMMUNICATIONS CABLES). If a modern industrial nation is cut off from its international cable communications, international commerce slows to a crawl. Satellites can only handle a fraction of the traffic. At the start of the twentieth century transoceanic cables were the "moon shots" of the era and the man of hour, very much forgotten now, was one Cyrus West Fields  

CYRUS WEST FIELDS File:CyrusField4.jpg

Below are some links to videos dealing with the history and modern importance of the submarine cable


History of Transatlantic Cable: How to Connect the World Population



Greetings Bipeds!
  I'm writing especially today for all of you left leaning bipeds who are still harping on the revelation of Hillary's damning Emails. I know that you are upset that the timing of the release may have had a detrimental effect on her chances at that scheduled and expected coronation. But there is something else you must consider. IF THE CONTENTS DIDN'T DEMONSTRATE HER CRIMINALITY ON SEVERAL FRONTS AND THE AMOUNTS OF MONEY SHE MAY HAVE RECEIVED FROM HOSTILE ISLAMIC POWERS THE TIMING WOULD HAVE MEANT NOTHING. 

 Then there are those of you who whine about the source of the intercepted E-mails, who did it, you want to know. Oh, if it was the Russians that can be made to look like Trump's election was tarnished. Get over it lefty bipeds, if Hillary was hurt by the E-mails it was because of the content which revealed her criminality. WHO INTERCEPTED, AND RELEASED THE EMAILS, AND WHEN, HAD NO IMPACT COMPARED TO WHO WROTE THEM AND WHAT THEY CONTAINED.

 Anyway as I explained earlier in 


Hillary's anti Christian platform destroyed her before she was even out of the blocks. Everyone in the "Great Flyover States" knew this as soon as her platform was published. California of course couldn't even imagine the ground swell that was to cast Hillary into retirement and onto the junk heap of history. California thinks it is the tail that wags the dog of the nation. Texas suffered long and hard under the Obama Administration and even took a couple steps in the direction of succession. California by contrast is in serious danger of expulsion from the union. 

 The state issued driver's licenses to illegals, and then passed a motor voter law. Hillary won the popular vote in California? Can anyone assure that she won the popular vote among actual citizens? Get over it leftards, Hillary's platform and character defeated her. Trump's platform was selected despite any doubts about his character, there simply wasn't any choice. The more leftards whine, propagandize, openly conspire to destroy Trump and his platform, the better his comparative character looks. This is what happens to politicians in America who back law suits against the Little Sisters of the Poor. It turns out the feisty little penguin like ladies have lots of friends, not all of them Catholic, and they kick your ass! As a giant catfish personification of forces of nature ( I prefer that to "demigod") I like the idea of penguins as personifications of the virtues of Christian nuns. To paraphrase a famous movie line; "never mess with the penguins!"  

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The Hispanic Army veteran named Esteban Santiago, identified as the Fort Lauderdale Shooter is also known as Aashiq Hammad, a self identified Muslim convert and Jihadist. This was learned recently by FBI Investigators searching Santiago / Hammad's computer recovered from a pawn shop according to an article in JUDICIAL WATCH. Journalistic investigators reviewing public records have found material suggesting most strongly that Santiago / Hammad is a radical islamic terrorist. In addition to his taking on of a Muslim name, he has down loaded or recorded various Islamic religious songs including the Muslim Declaration of Faith known as the Shahada. He posted a thread about downloading videos from Islamic terrorists on a weapons and explosives on line forum. This Jihadist identity isn't new for Santiago / Hammad he assumed the Aashiq Hammad identity in 2007. His pre attack visit to the FBI claiming that the CIA was trying to convert him to the Jihad, hearing voices in his head etc. considered with his quiet surrender to authorities after emptying two clips of bullets into people would appear to be a set up for an insanity plea. Santiago paints himself as a US military vet who may have gone off the deep end suddenly. But the mounting evidence is that he is just another self converted, self actuated, ISIS influenced murdering Muslim. This was a pre-planned mass murder. 

 Of course this news doesn't fit the mainstream media mantra of Islam as a "religion of peace" so it has been suppressed. The official federal press releases are starting to look more and more like something of a replay of the Benghazi cover up. The Obama administration appears most anxious that the storyline continue to be that an insane American veteran  went berserk in an airport. The truth appears to be more likely another Islamic terror attack. Not centrally orchestrated to be sure, but a response to the ISIS global call to Jihad. It is interesting to note that Santiago / Hammad lives within walking distance of the only mosque in Alaska. The obama administration and their media allies appear to want to portray this atrocity as a white Hispanic Alaskan military vet mental case example of "gun violence". 

 Is anyone asking why Santiago / Hammad picked Fort Lauderdale? Does he know anyone in the powerful Islamic community there? The Islamic community in Broward county is powerful enough to demand that Broward County public schools close twice a year to celebrate Islamic holy days. Has terror ever been exported from this community? Records from the Florida Department of Law enforcement indicate that Al Qaeda terrorist Adnan G. El Shukrijumah is a graduate of the local community college and bomb maker. El Shukrijumah by the way was born Javier Robles. When will America face up to the fact that Islam is the enemy, that many mosques are centers of domestic terrorist planning and support?  


Sponsored by the Helios Ruehls, Inc "YELLOW LENS PROJECT"

The Great Namazu, Former Japanese Demigod and Present Day Analyst

Greetings Bipeds! As many of you know I've been moonlighting with a cutting edge research company called "Helios Ruehls, Inc." I've shared a few things with you about their project involving the "Fractal Lens" a cutting edge project on the far side of the Eculidian/Newtonian Line (see

As optical physics researchers the Helios Ruehls crew does occasionally get involved in some areas of more general interest. One such area is called their "Yellow Lens Project". Most people would call the optical element examined "sun glasses", but their actual focus is on low light level vision enhancement, which is a far cry, by the way, from "night vision".

The truth is, most people could benefit from the use of tinted lenses 
both in bright sunlight and in lower ambient light levels on cloudy
 rainy days, and first and last light. If anything can help "at night"
 is the controversy that brought the excruciatingly scientifically 
correct crowd at Helios Ruehls into the study of existing 
authoritative literature and later some physical testing of their own. 
Owning a  great pair of sunglasses is important for most people 
who spend any length of time outdoors routinely. UV rays are the 
number one cause of cataracts, macular, degeneration, and skin 
cancer around the eyes.
Ask any soldier, police officer, fireman, or outdoors-man, and they'll
tell you how critical it is for them to have a durable pair of glare-
resistant sunglasses...and for them, not just any pair of sunglasses
will do. Observe the marketing appeal from the makers of the Apache
400 "military" style sunglasses below.
"They were throwing flash bangs at us to disorient us, but thank god we had the new standard issue Apache 400 sunglasses. We were able to see exactly where we were going and where the enemy was. It's why I'm still here today."

Austin Grant, Special Ops

Thankfully, recent military advances in lens technology have taken sunglasses to a new level. Better UV protection and glare resistance in the form of polarized technology have led to sunglasses that are many times better than your everyday sunglasses of yesteryear. But before you run out and buy a new pair, we think you need to hear about the research of Helios Ruehls, Inc. into tinted eye wear lens technology.  

 You also need to know about tinted lenses generally. The Apache models referred to above sell for between a reported $240 per pair to an occasional $79 or so on sale. Based on their advertising which we link you to, the lenses appear to be available in a sort of yellow /amber tint and a blue tint. We do not sell these things or draw any commission on any sales. We provide some vendor links in this article simply to give you more information and an example of a non prescription/ non custom made product. WE ALSO DON'T RECOMMEND NOR DISPARAGE ANY OF THE "SUNGLASSES" OR TINTED LENSES THAT ARE PRESENTLY ON THE MARKET

 Helios Ruehls, Inc. which we are affiliated with, is still studying tinted lenses mostly from a marine navigation and aviation utility angle. They have distributed to a very limited clientele their initial preliminary report. We believe the findings found there are far more reliable than the advertising hype of any tinted eye wear distributors.

 Two observations triggered the study of tinted lens performance by Helios Ruehls, Inc. First there was an observable growing popularity in the use of yellow tinted lenses, and a number of manufacturers / distributors were selling such as "night driving glasses". This triggered a complaint by the Federal Trade Commission of "misleading advertising". Second there were glowing reports on the effectiveness of yellow tinted lenses as enhancive of vision in low light levels. The initial research by Helios Ruehls revealed the following that in part explain the apparent contradictions:

1. "Night is a term describing part of the daily earth rotational cycle. It is not a description of any particular ambient light level."The ambient light levels that may be found during the time frame of "night" include brightly lighted ball parks and parking lots, streets with ordinary street lighting, conditions created by the various phases of the moon and available starlight away from urban light sources, to the serious "pitch darkness" of a densely cloudy, moonless night at sea. Helios Ruehls, Inc. found that the Federal Board of Trade's observations about advertising yellow tinted lenses as "night driving glasses" or anything similar indicating that such lenses had any sort of "night vision" quality amounts to a misleading claim is thoroughly correct. 

 However, Helios Ruehls research also confirmed that varying considerably with the individual user's personal vision physical characteristics, yellow tinted lenses could be a significant aid in visual perception under a wide variety of relatively low ambient light conditions."Night" being a time frame in which a wide variety of ambient light conditions occur, any total formal ban or public avoidance of the use of yellow or amber tinted lenses during the time frame of "night" could be counter productive under a variety of ambient light conditions. 

2. Helios Ruehls, Inc. found that the nearly uniform positive reports coming from certain US Air Force populations were  indicative of two facts: (1) Yellow tinted lenses more probably than not do provide some visual perception benefit under some circumstances.(2) The reporting Air Force Population mentioned in the authoritative literature reviewed more probably than not represented an unusually uniform population characterized by a relatively narrow and young age band, and an unusually uniform proportion of the population with 20/20 uncorrected vision.

 Returning for a moment to the Apache 400 models. These may be ordered in both an apparent ( based on advertising illustrations) yellow/amber tint and a blue tint. Helios Ruehls found that the  lighter the yellow tint , the wider variety of low ambient light levels the lens produced vision enhancive effects in. Conversely, the lighter the yellow tint the less benefit that could be derived in relatively bright sunlight. A yellow / amber tint or amber / yellow would fail as low light enhancive in lowering light conditions far sooner than a light yellow tint. However, the more amber the tint, the more utility in bright light. In fact amber and rose tints are often perceived as "color perception enhancive" by many reporting users. Moreover their red elements tend to enhance contrast and enhance depth perception. Amber to brown lenses are good in partly cloudy to sunny conditions. We have not tested the Apache 400 lenses and do not know if their apparent lighter amber tint extends their range of usefulness into lower light levels than conventional amber to brown lenses. 

 Blue tinted lenses, which the Apache 400 also comes in enhance contours, and colors generally and are considered vision enhancive in misty, foggy or snowy conditions. Our research however was focused on low light level visual enhancement. We could not recommend the Apache 400 eye wear specifically for that purpose. We could not tell from the advertising linked to, whether or not the Apache 400 models could be ordered with distance or astigmatism corrections. 

 In fact in our search to build and test low light level vision enhancive eye wear we did not find a single mass market product that met all of our criteria, which was based on anticipated military needs as follows:

1. To extend the period of usefulness in low light levels the yellow tint should be as light as possible. 
2. The yellow tinted lenses should be polarized, which both sharpened their glare reduction in low light and made them at least somewhat useful when brighter conditions were encountered.
3.The yellow tinted lenses should be impact and shatter resistant to near safety glasses standards, yet lightweight. 
4. The yellow tinted polarized lenses should be able to be ground to take most common distance vision and astigmatic corrections, as outside of the military aviation community 20/20 uncorrected vision is not a strict requirement.  

 When we sought to have glasses made to these specifications in one market (New Orleans) we found that only a small minority of optical dispensing shops, both national chains and local or regional , could produce a pair meeting all of our specifications. The eye wear retailers who could produce our "test glasses" were affiliated with a single international lens manufacturer.  Our cost for the lenses alone were in excess of $300. 

 By contrast grey tinted lenses, polarized, impact resistant, and distant/ astigmatic corrected were commonly available at a wide variety of optical retailers. Grey tints, especially light grey are the best "all purpose" tints for a variety of light levels including cloudy and rainy days. But light yellow, corrected and polarized is the best for the widest variety of low light conditions. Basically a consumer can walk into most optical retailers and order their correction as "grey tinted sunglasses" and come out with a very effective pair of "sun glasses" , depending on correction, thinness of the lens desired, impact resistance specified, frames etc for under $150 to over $300. Unless you have 20/20 uncorrected these will serve you better than the $79 to $240 "military" style "sunglasses". We think if you can benefit from the mass produced higher quality uncorrected lenses in the choice between yellow /amber and blue you will get more usage out of the blue. But the color enhancement, and contrast of those "military" style lenses when slipped over a pair of naturally seeing 20/20 biped eyeballs is truly awesome.  

 We think the science is probably settled on the various tinted lenses but not very well understood by the marketing departments of much of the retail segment. Everything from light yellow to dark brown is generally marketed under the heading of "sun glasses", a few retailers are trying to market light yellow lenses as "night driving glasses". There is no getting around that any tint once conditions are dark enough obstructs visual perception. The evidence is that the point of no gain varies widely among individuals. We do not agree with any general admonition that light yellow lenses, especially polarized and corrected would not be of visual perception assistance in "night driving" but hold that the effect varies with  the level of ambient light and the vision of 
the individual user.

If you are a "Sunglasses" or "Night Driving Glasses" manufacturer, retailer, lens producer, or optical dispenser and would like to align your product descriptions, advertising, etc. with the latest copyrighted report by Helios Ruehls write to:

Helios Ruehls, Inc.
951 Marina Drive
Slidell, LA 70452  

RE: Yellow Lens Project, Initial Report

Please include your phone and E mail contact information.