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In Texas the Attorney General Ken Paxton found something startling after an 11 month investigation. He recently announced that his investigation uncovered 95,000 non citizens on the Voter rolls. Additional analysis indicates that about 58,00 of these have voted in at least one Texas election between 1996 and 2018.

 President Trump, long concerned with the impact of illegal aliens on the civil rights and safety of Americans picked up on this information and tweeted a one line condensed version of the facts we just described for you above. His tweet drew cricket noises in the main stream media. They certainly didn't want to carry this story before they could discredit it. Enter the Internet verification services to quickly lable the story "FALSE". 

 Politifacts , claiming to be an internet fact checker of reliability and neutrality cited Donald Trump's tweet directly , ignoring the sources for his statement and promptly labeled the President's one line  tweet; " 58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas, with 95,000 non-citizens registered to vote", FALSE. Of course they didn't label the source , the investigation of the Texas Attorney General "false", just the President's one line description. Their reasoning ? Their own convoluted logic applied to a cautionary note by the Texas Secretary of State that the figures are somewhat tentative. Illegal voting is a felony in Texas and there have been a number of prosecutions of late , some involving illegal aliens.  There will be more. But the findings of the Attorney General have to be turned over to county Registrars of Voters for action. It is doubtful that Texas will be able to locate and prosecute the tens of thousands of fradulent registrations and actual votes involved. Neither does Texas have the jail space to incarcerate such a large criminal population. However,  the county officials are empowered to review the cases and remove suspected fradulent voters from the poles. 

 The voters so removed have an appeals process. Would anyone care to bet how many ultimately removed voters will expose themselves by making use of that appeals process? Would anyone care to speculate on how long the cleaning of the Texas polls of illegal alien voters will take? Now that the lapdogs of the main stream media posing as "fact checkers" on the Internet have labeled the President's one line summary of events "FALSE" how much coverage do you think this discovery of massive illegal alien voter fraud will get as the several years go by that it will take to cover the clean up? How many of the previous Texas trials for voter fraud were covered even in the local electronic media much less the national media. 

 The rush to selective and convoluted judgement by the Internet so called fact checkers in this case illustrates how the MSM and the Internet elites collude to assure that nothing gains credence or much exposure that doesn't support their basic narrative which is simple: Republicans are Evil, come take shelter on the Democrat's plantation and get free stuff. 

Sunday, January 27, 2019



Namazu, Former Japanese Demigod and Political Commentator

 The Democratic party now in charge of the House of Representatives is determined to allow unlimited numbers of aliens legal and illegal in via the U.S. Southern Border. Why? Ask yourself by what margin did Hillary win the California popular vote? Wasn't it by about two million votes? Haven't we seen Immigration and Naturalization Service estimates of about two and half million illegal aliens in residence in California? California requires no proof of citizenship to issue a drivers license. Yet they have a motor voter law and virtually every municipality is a sanctuary city. Hillary's winning portion of the so called "popular vote" was equal to about three fourths of the illegal population. If an American crosses from California into Mexico illegally they face eight years in jail. If any one, be they Mexican, Islamofacists Iranian, or Honduran, crosses from Mexico into the United States at worse they get sent back, and at best they are given welfare and the ability to vote for the democrats who sustain the efforts of the Reconquista.

 The Reconquista is real and has been going on since before former Mexican President Vicente Fox literally declared it. The Reconquista is simply territorial aggression by unarmed means. Plain and simply Mexico wants Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Colorado as their northern most territories. They can't take them by force of arms so they will do it by infiltration and demographic change. By taking advantage of our lax immigration and border control laws and flooding these areas with selected peoples they eventually gain the upper electoral hand. Then they hold a plebiscite for independence or affiliation with Mexico and send it to the United Nations. It's a certainty that the anti U.S. General Assembly will pass a resolution recognizing the sovereign right of the newly created natives to leave the U.S. Union. 

 Of course if the Democrats don't hold both houses of Congress and the White House the U.S. will use its veto on the Security Counsel. It won't matter. The desire of the new natives will be on the global public record and world opinion will be quickly mustered up against the "imperial" United States. States rights will be asserted as Spanish is made the official state language and English is banned. State constitutions based on common law concepts will be rescinded and Civil Code constitutions adopted in their stead, but with a lot less concern for conformance with the U.S. Constitution than is the case with Louisiana. There will be no cooperation with Federal law enforcement as is the case in California now. The targeted states will slip into economic ruin comparable to the banana republics and the the rest of the nation will become tired of the expense of propping them up. After a period of de facto independence the targeted states will be relinquished. This is how the Reconquista works. Its real and its in progress. 

 The nation was quite aware of the Reconquista danger a decade ago but the events after 9/11 turned our attention to infiltration by Islamic elements determined to establish Sharia law in the U.S. and over turn the constitution. These forces have met with some success in places like Michigan where they now run at least one city council and have formally introduced Islamic law into dispute resolution and elected Islamofacists to Congress.  Islamofacists hate liberal ideas but support the democratic party for the time being as the party facilitates the Islamification of America in the hopes that the Democratic party "big tent idea" will evolve into a new constituency. Poor fools, neither the Reconquista forces nor the Islamofacists are ever going to follow the limousine liberal party leadership. Once they have real power the limousine liberal set will be the first to the firing wall or the pit for stoning along with the gay and transgender folks who think they have something to fear from Christians who have no "holy book"mandate to harm anyone , quite the opposite. 

 So down on the Southern Border where people have the common sense to fear the Reconquista the people are building the wall while the Democrats obstruct all government efforts. The people are building on private property that borders the international border and have been raising about $1 million every day and half. But not trusting the untrustworthy government they are building it themselves. You won't get any information about this effort in the main stream media because it goes against their narrative. But you can read about it and find direct links to the efforts here:

 One of the things that we are learning as we monitor the people's efforts to defend themselves because the Democrats block all efforts by the federal government to do that job is quite alarming. 
Mexican nationals own quite a bit of U.S. land adjacent to the Mexican border. Private interests can't complete a fence or wall without the use of imminent domain. If the Feds never get involved the Reconquista forces will leave big escape holes in the barrier. The Reconquista is skilled at using our own good intentions, kindness, and liberal laws against us and to further their unarmed conquest. They know we are not going to repel these invaders by force of arms. They use law fare against the United States and the United States is forced to play with one hand behind its back by the Democrats who want these open borders for their own power hungry but short sighted purposes. 

 We must resort to good physical border security which begins with effective physical barriers that enhance patrol and surveillance measures in short, "a wall" ( or fence, or barrier) and law fare.
Mexico will jail any American who enters Mexico illegally and the usual sentence is 8 years. Anyone entering the U.S. from Mexico at worse gets sent back, but more often than not gets temporary admittance and disappears from everything except the welfare roles , and drivers registrations in states like California with "motor voter laws". Illegal border crossing needs to be made a real felony as it is in most of the world.  It is time to put the blame for  all of the problems caused by out of control and mostly illegal immigration squarely on the responsible parties the Democratic party and the RINOS who all too often go along for the ride. 

 Support the Build The Wall Fund:  and eliminate the Democratic party. If you are a democrat but don't want to live under either a Spanish Civil Code or Islamic law but you can't stand register independent! Walk off that Democratic Party plantation now for the your own sake and that of your children. The constitution is silent on the role of political parties. Why tolerate one hell bent on your own destruction? Make any and all parties work for your vote. Change to independent registration now, donate to and vote for the candidates of your choice.   

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019


The "dark" side of the moon, as photographed from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The Dragon's Chang’e-4 has landed inside the darker patch near the south pole.Image by NASA


 China recently landed an unmanned vehicle on the dark side of the moon. That side has been seen from orbit many times but this is the first roving vehicle known so far to touch down specifically to explore the "dark side". The "dark side" actually does get some sunlight but always faces away from earth. The mission may be useful from a geological viewpoint in that it may help illuminate the origins of the moon, and provide some hints as to how and where mineral mining might be profitable. The lander is named the Chang'e-4 for a moon goddess of Chinese mythology. The unmanned lander mission illustrates that China has advanced in space far enough to land vehicles on the moon. Space experts predict that the lunar explorer, a useful mission in its own right is a part and parcel of China's intended manned moon mission. If the Chinese land men on the moon any time soon theirs will be the first manned moon landing in roughly 50 years. 

 A Chinese moon landing is troublesome to contemplate. First, the Chinese performance in the South China Sea indicates a serious disregard for established international law. While the US was the first manned mission to land on the moon  we made it very clear that we made no territorial claims on the moon and that no single nation should make territorial claims anywhere in the solar system. The US went at its own expense but stated they went for "all mankind". The dragon doesn't work that way. Their claims in the South China Sea extend even into the established territorial sea of the Philippines and they have trespassed and even established artificial islands in the recognized exclusive economic zones of their neighbors. It should be cause for alarm that China may soon be landing men on any moons or planets within the solar system. 
 Some years ago we drew parallels between admiralty law and space exploration concerning outlying satellite territories. We think that as the only inhabited planet in the solar system we have an exclusive right to develop the other planets. But the United States sees this as a right of mankind, the planet Earth in a collective sense, not a new colonialism to be carried out in competition by the planet's nation states. Here is how we saw it a few years ago, and we still see it that way. And we still see the Dragon on the world oceans as a "claim jumper" and fear their attitude once they become accomplished space travelers: 

"The battle over the open versus the closed seas likely parallels any existing order in space. One of the first precepts of maritime international law is that the sea beyond territorial waters is a common highway open to all on "innocent passage".  Where territorial waters enclose or infringe on international straits and passages linking the seas, an international servitude exists, giving ships of all nations a right of innocent passage. Adjacent coastal states also have various exclusive rights by way of the Outer Continental Shelf Convention and the most recent "Law of the Sea Convention"to regulate certain fisheries and exploit bottom resources, especially mineral resources out to about 200 miles from shore varying a bit with circumstances. But beyond 12 miles from shore all ships have the right of innocent passage. Beyond the various Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) the sea surface, the water column, and the bottom and subsurface bottom are legally in the international "commons". This concept of "freedom of the seas" was not adopted automatically and is still fought by some nations today. Wars were fought over the issue and may be fought again. However the logic of freedom of the seas seems settled and irrefutable. The commerce between nations is carried on the seas. Without freedom of the seas the global economy is impossible to maintain. The vast seas which once separated cultures now unite them. It is likely that the same logic was long ago applied in space if older space faring cultures exists, especially if there are numbers of them. The likely first rule of space is that it is regarded as a common highway open to all.

 The Second likely rule of space is similar to the modern maritime concept of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)  and some ancient Polynesian concepts concerning uninhabited islands. Many , if not most of the islands of Polynesia are simply too small, too low lying, or lack sources of fresh water and were labeled by the European explorers as "uninhabited". But actually these out lying islands with no permanent human inhabitants were in fact owned, tended,and  were important food sources for Polynesian societies living sometimes several days sail away on larger fresh water endowed islands. The people of the larger permanently inhabited islands would visit the out lying islands to harvest coconuts, fish including tending saltwater ponds created as a form of aquaculture, and plant, tend, and harvest other crops. The truth was that the larger islands could not support their human populations without these additional crop lands and fishing grounds. One of the reasons we will push out into our solar system is that our ever expanding population on this planet needs the additional resources. So a probable second rule of any interstellar legal regime is that in any planetary system with intelligent life on any one planet, the inhabitants of that planet have the exclusive legal right to develop economically the out lying uninhabited planets. Apparently, if we give credence to astronaut reported UFO sightings, the right of innocent passage for all space faring civilizations remains. 

 A third probably sure bet is that in approaching anything like the port towns that Columbus saw on the Mayan coast, there will be a regular routine and procedures for formal entry with due notice to the authorities. If we ever find anything looking remotely like a space port we'd better hang well back and attempt to establish contact before attempting to enter or even draw close.. "

 This latest Chinese space mission illustrates even more space capability than that suggested by simply a planetary landing. Communications are difficult on the far side of the moon for mission controllers. Before landing the lunar probe the Chinese put a communications satellite in orbit around the moon to facilitate their communications with their probe. The Chinese are doing things now that the United States did in the 60s and 70s, but their achievements will seem far more impressive since we haven't stunned the world in space in decades. Many adults today weren't even born in the 60s and 70s. The Chinese reruns will look like something out of the future vice the past. The dragon is in space to stay and they will have no qualms about bringing the outer planets into the orbit of the "Middle Kingdom". We are living the Chinese curse; "May you live in interesting times".

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