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The Great Namazu, Catfish Extraordinaire 


  A few days ago Johnas Prebyter contacted me on the hydrophones and asked me about the on going American Presidential election. I had little to say, I'm not a fan of either candidate, One is a great unknown and the other's long public record indicates that she is bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia and China, America's most virulent "friendamies". There is no assurance that the Republican candidate will in fact be able to make a long sold out and near bankrupted America "great again". But America will not survive the only other real alternative. What are the chances of a Trump victory? The election polls, even discounted for partisan sources indicate the election could be close. If close, the proven ability of the Democratic party to produce fraudulent votes in key districts will carry the day unless the Republicans can learn to stop this illegal tactic. I don't hold out a lot of hope but for whatever its worth here is a short, but hardly all inclusive, list of examples of Democratic party voter fraud in recent years.

1. In the Obama / Romney contest in key parts of the Greater Philadelphia area, Obama received 100% of the vote , without a single recorded vote for Romney, a mathematical and statistical near impossibility. 

2. In 21 voting districts in Wood County, Ohio Obama received 100% of the vote after Republican poll monitors were forcefully and illegally removed. Not a single vote was recorded for Romney, again a mathematical and statistical near impossibility.

3. In the same Wood county 106,258 voted in a county with only 98,213 eligible registered voters. 

4. In St. Lucie County, Florida there were 175,574 registered voters but 247,713 votes were cast.

5. Palm Beach County , Florida had a 141% voter turn out.

6. In one Ohio county , Obama won by 108% of the total number of eligible voters.

7. Obama won in every state that did not require a photo ID to vote and lost in every state that did.

 Not only did all of this obvious voter fraud draw very little and then subdued mass media attention, the mass media attacked and belittled the Republicans whenever a recount or investigation of voter fraud was requested. So why am I depressed? As a 3,000 year old observer of Biped history I see America as the first new thing, a nation that has fought other peoples battles for freedom, and never asked for any more territory that what it took for America to bury her dead. America unfortunately has already been destroyed from within by treasonous public office holders beholding to foreign financial backers. Either America takes a big gamble on the unknown this election and sets out in record numbers to take a chance on liberty under the leadership of a candidate with no record in public office, or a known agent of hostile foreign powers gets in even if in reality a majority votes against her. There must be massive voter turn out of people who have never voted before to over come the already organizing voter fraud of the Democrats,and the Republicans have to be ready to detect and stop the fraud beginning where they know it occurred before, and to contest it post election where it is suspected.  If the America's tax paying productive people stay home in any numbers or avoid taking this last chance to save freedom without violent revolution, America as I have observed it is over. That's why I'm depressed and didn't do my usual postings as I did in previous elections. 

Good Luck American Bipeds,


6/27/2017 EDITOR'S NOTE: We were a little surprised to note that the Great Catfish didn't mention California in his litany of voter fraud, but we can understand why.  California voter fraud is more difficult to quantify. The State is a collection of "Sanctuary cities", requires no proof of citizenship for drivers licenses and routinely issues such to illegal aliens. California also has a "motor voter law". The net result could be more than 2.5 million illegal aliens voting in any given election. Obvious, but hard to prove. 

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Caricature by  J.J. at the English language Wikipedia

September 19th (every year)

is International Talk Like A Pirate Day

[All Hope Abandon, Ye Who Enter Here]



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American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

 Below is a portion of a MESSAGE TO THE WEST. TO READ MORE
 The link above takes you to a warning to the West from a woman raised as a Muslim who knows the culture well. Below are a few quotes. We urge every man and woman in the West to read this warning from Egypt.

"In the world of snakes and vipers, the average person can’t distinguish between the poisonous snake and the non-poisonous snake; the average person has no choice but to avoid all kind of snakes."." Since the world did not invent a tool able to detect who is the “devout” Muslim and who is the “nominal” Muslim or a device to detect who is telling the truth and who practising “taqqiyah تقية” (telling lies to the unbelievers in order to advance the cause of Islam), so it is wise to take your precautions against ALL Muslims and not accept them as immigrants or asylum seekers, they left us no choice but to avoid them all."
"It’s no ones fault that Muslims put themselves in this situation, since not one single Muslim has the will, the courage or indeed the ability to stop his fellow believers from harming others in the name of his religion."....... .
..."Until Muslims can accept responsibility and act to change, then they have no right to demand respect. Until then they have no right to endlessly act like robots and repeat that Islam is a “religion of peace”. This claim has absolutely no value or credibility now. Muslims can’t ask the rest of the world to respect them as they don’t respect others and continue to impose their laws and way of life on others."
Golden Rule’s don’t exist in Islam. … "Muslims demand tolerance, but they don’t have to tolerate anybody else in other societies or faiths…They demand accommodation, but they don’t have to accommodate anybody else…They demand respect but they don’t have to respect anybody else….Remember, they immigrate to your western countries and think that’s your duty to integrate to them, not the reverse."
Muslims don’t understand that respect is earned not given." The message originally written and sent in arabic by Magda Borham (not her real name) from Egypt.

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Part of the Helios Ruehls Science and Technology Watch: 



Greetings bipeds! 

 As you know I've long had an interest in complexity and chaos theories and all mathematical and physics developments above the "Euclidean / Newtonian line." ( See my post on Helios Ruehls, Inc, for an explanation of my latest project and links to my previous posts) ,  Unfortunately as I noted in Helios Ruehls most Western corporations are moving very slowly and timidly when it comes to research and product development above the ""Euclidean / Newtonian Line", areas where the geometries of Euclid and the calculus of Newton are inadequate to explain and model observable phenomena. One such area is the search for the TOE (Theory Of Everything) , the theory and equations that might explain why things at the macro levels described by Newton, and further described by Eisenstein  ranging from the galaxies to the individual atoms, don't behave or perform the same at their subatomic particle level. (See  Planck's Constant and The Origin of Quantum Mechanics | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios) Why are the behaviors and characteristics of subatomic particles of atoms that make up everyday objects in the universe so radically different from the large objects made from atoms? Though we seem to be a long way from the unifying theory of everything quantum mechanics research has already revealed quite a bit about how the subatomic particles behave, indeed enough to fuel some serious invention. (see The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios ). What worries your Catfish buddy is that the good old USA and the Western World are not the only folks mucking about in Quantum mechanics and other areas above the Euclidean / Newtonian Line. It seems the Dragon is in "the Strange Sea".

 The Dragon, that one party thug state appears highly interested in "Quantum Communications". Quantum Communications appear possible at speeds faster than light. (See: Is Quantum Tunneling Faster than Light? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios ). In the Chinese system, the state while highly supportive of crony capitalism, none the less controls all aspects of individual and national life. So the Chinese are not bound by the typical  Western capitalists dogma as best expressed by "Mr. Wonderful" on SHARKS: "If your business is not making a profit in 36 months you don't have a business you have a hobby". 
U.S business communities noticed decades ago that Japan, had no problem planning things with payoffs that loomed more than a decade into the future. This was one of the reasons for the former "quality gap" between US and Japanese car makers. The closure of that gap took a couple of decades. Some Western corporations are becoming more open to longer term research and development but it is an evolution, not a revolution. The Dragon just takes and spends the public money as it sees fit. Much to Western consternation, it has seen fit to investigate "Quantum Communications".

  Soon China will launch the first quantum communication satellite, widely believed to signal a major breakthrough in Chinese development of quantum technology. Quantum communications will change our lives no matter who first breaks through, but it is never good for the Dragon to be first, for the Dragon always seeks dominance as the "Middle Kingdom". Their concept of the "Middle Kingdom" has nothing to do with a "middling status", it is all about centrality, as in China is the center of the world and all other powers are to pay tribute. ( Yes, we know, the Muslims believe the same for them selves but they are highly unlikely to get there by scientific research, industrial activity, or economic accomplishment. If the West wakes up in time they won't get anywhere.). Quantum communications will have a tremendous near immediate impact on cyber attacks, electronic eavesdropping, and other forms of information leakage. That such technology may emerge from the Dragon lair first is troublesome when you consider the old reptile's record on intellectual property protection.  

 And then there is the issue of computational speed. Quantum phenomenon indicates that a subatomic particle may act as if its in two locations at once, suggestive of faster than light travel. (See  Is Quantum Tunneling Faster than Light? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios
Computing based on quantum mechanics could utterly dwarf the fastest processing power of today's fastest "super computers". Not something that you want the Dragon to have first. Today's computers based on silicon chips deal with data in a "binary function" meaning all data is rendered in terms of only two states o or 1 (or "on and off"). In quantum computers data could exist in both states simultaneously, indicating a capacity for exponentially more information. Such a development could make the Dragon a lot smarter, but not wiser or kinder. How much smarter would the Dragon become? Well as one wag put it "The concept of quantum computing is that it is like being able to read (and in our opinion comprehend) all the books in a library at once, whereas conventional computing is like having to read all of 
the books one at a time." 

 Not only is such quantum computing hyper fast, allowing a computation in seconds that might take a conventional computer one hundred years of operating time to solve , it may well be hack proof, at least when it first comes out. Oh great, a smarter, faster, more secretive, but still unwise, brutish, aggressive dragon.

 How close is the Dragon to this development? The Dragon will put into operation the world's first secure quantum communication "backbone" network around 2017, The satellite portion as previously stated is virtually on the launch pad. Why have you not heard about this through the main stream media? Well, we've addressed the American and most Western main stream media organizations before. As usual the shortage of coverage could be the result of either of two main stream media characteristics , or a combination of both. The main stream media (MSM) lacks the technical knowledge and insight to grasp the importance of this development, and it simply passed over their heads, or the MSM views the rest of us as too stupid to follow the story or grasp it significance. 

 To counter MSM anemic and biased reporting consider backing the frack and knowing your enemy

OK biped friends , till next time I remain ...
Your pal,


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQSbms5MDvY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-MNSLsjjdo



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American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD


The South and East China Seas as a Case Study

The Dragon (China) covets the outer islands, shoals, and exclusive economic zones of its neighbors in the South and East China Seas. Ignoring International Court decrees, the Dragon continues to put a strangle hold on its neighbors oceanic holdings. The strategy they use has been called "the Cabbage Patch Strategy". The title is derived from an article in a military journal by a People's Liberation Army (PLA) officer describing how the Dragon seizes its neighbor's maritime properties and mineral and fisheries rights. In a nut shell,the cabbage patch strategy involves first establishing a heavy Chinese Coast Guard presence around a desired island , shoal, or fishing ground. Once the Chinese Coast Guard has a persistent presence, then Chinese commercial fishermen, now many organized into a "naval militia" are brought into the area in force, and all others excluded. In many cases, light houses and other structures are eventually established. Most such structures are not necessary for navigation, but are simply built as a "proof of effective administration" to bolster territorial claims. ( See my earlier post LIGHT HOUSES AS OFFENSIVE WEAPONS) Such construction is very expensive and the Dragon has the advantage in economic power over her neighbors. My diabolically cleaver Catfish use of emerging technologies could move the economic advantage and speed of establishment of offshore "structures" like light houses into the hands of U.S. allies and away from the Dragon. 

                                         Picture of LB Myrtle from Bollinger shipyards,  licensed under                                                                    the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

The Advantages of our proposed blend of technologies: The blends of technologies that we will examine in this case study would give our China Seas allies an advantage in economy and speed of effort in defeating a very specific maritime territorial expansion by an aggressive neighbor. Military leaders want their emerging and disruptive technologies to instantly provide capability, capacity, and availability. To convince the military leader that a technological mix is a game changer, it must be able to change the game, now. We believe that emerging developments that we work with in optical physics, and unique technologies that we routinely observe in the U.S. offshore oil industry could be blended to generate that instant game changer called “disruptive technology”. The particular “disruptive technological blend” that we will describe could turn the balance of power in the China Seas on its ear while avoiding actual warfare. 

 Just as the Soviet Union eventually conceded the Cold War because they couldn't afford it anymore; the technological blend we will describe herein, could completely destroy China's economic advantage over their maritime neighbors in asserting “effective administration” in the more remote areas of their respective EEZs. . At the moment only China can afford the costs of the civil engineering to fill the South and East China Seas with light houses, fishing support stations, and air craft runways, and patrol craft bases advancing their international legal claim of “effective administration” over what is otherwise parts of the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) of China's neighbors. The adoption of our proposed “anti-cabbage patch “ application of technologies in conjunction with the geographic advantage of the rightful owners of the relevant EEZs would move China's position from that of pushing for outright ownership of territory not its own, by demonstrating “effective administration”, to cooperating in joint licensing of offshore mineral exploration in contested zones and peaceful negotiation with their neighbors over EEZ boundaries. The primary risk and barrier to success in this application is the simple fact that the best available technology for one part of the mix is not out of the lab yet. Mitigating the risk of untimely application due to unavailability of best technology is the existence of “good enough” technology that can yield the sought after advantage while the best available continues development.


China is engaged in a naval war of nerves with neighboring states around the East and South China Seas over the control of several sets of tiny, mostly uninhabited islands 1. The islands are only considered valuable because the seas around them are thought to be rich in oil and natural gas. *2,*3 China claims virtually the entire East and South China Seas as Chinese territorial waters, *the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention (UNCLOS) doesn't recognize closed seas, or generally territorial seas wider than 12 miles off of the coast line of coastal states. *China has little hope of winning the targeted area as their territorial sea in any forum of international law,*9 but their real goal may seem more attainable, an internationally recognized vast expansion of their Exclusive Economic Zone under UNCLOS at the expense of their neighbors. We believe their strategy could be defeated by a particular application of evolving and disruptive technologies.

At a place called Ayungin Shoal the Chinese strategy for conquering the islands they covet within their neighbor's rightful EEZ can be seen at work. 4  (See  A VISIT TO THE SPRATLY ISLANDS AND THE SIERRIA MADRE )   At Ayungin Shoal a tiny contingent of Philippine Marines, sometimes as few as eight, keep the flag of the Philippines flying from a grounded wreck, still commissioned as a ship of the Philippine Navy as Chinese “Coast Guard” vessels encircle the wreck and discourage supply and support of the marines. The Marines are often reduced to surviving by catching rain water and fish.*10 Chinese commercial fishermen now organized into a “naval militia” work the waters around the shoal while the Chinese “Coast Guard” keeps Philippine fishermen out of the area. 

Philippine Navy Photo: The SERRA MADRE as an air drop resupply target.

General Zhang Zhoazhong of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), “owners” of the Peoples Liberation Army's Navy (PLAN) recently articulated the Chinese Strategy for wrestling uninhabited islands and even militarily occupied islands without direct weapons engagement. The basic strategy is to surround such places with a dense fleet of commercial, law enforcement, and military vessels “as tight as leaves on a cabbage”.*5 Thus we have come to call the Chinese strategy for their China Seas land grab, “The Cabbage Patch Strategy”. General Zhoazhong believes that despite the tenacity of the Philippine Marines at Ayungin Shoal, eventually any and all forces or populations on the islands coveted will be starved out. With forces and populations eliminated China will assert “effective administration” over the targeted islands, a claim with some arguable legitimacy in International law.*5, *7, *9   However, to date the Philippine Marines hold on. 

The big flaw in the cabbage patch strategy is that more kinetic energy than that in a small atom bomb can be applied to the situation without either side firing a shot. The source of the introduction of kinetic energy into the situation is the typhoon. *12  (see DANGER AND OPPORTUNITYThe advantage to the Philippines and other states in contest with China over islands and shoals in their Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) is geography. China is pursuing the legal argument of “effective administration” over the Islands they have chosen to claim.*6 & *7 This is the same argument that the United States once used to gain control over the “Guano Islands” in the nineteenth century. The UN Charter bans permanent acquisition of territory by conquest, and present International law recognizes “effective settlement” as the most acceptable argument in territorial disputes over outlying, sparsely settled, and remote territories.*7 China's approach is twofold. Using conventional and very expensive and slow civil engineering technology, China is building manned facilities on shoals and islands that were never suitable for human habitation. From these, plus the efforts of their vastly expanded new “Coast Guard” they conduct activities designed to bolster their claims of “effective administration” and on their larger developments even “effective settlement”.*7 Where they are not building physical facilities they conduct their “Cabbage Patch Strategy”. But certainly their cabbage fleets must evacuate in the face of typhoons which can pretty much be counted on to hit some part of the area every year. Even some of their man made facilities may be wiped out in such circumstances.

The Chinese strategy has been working because their neighbors don't have the economies to physically colonize the islands within their EEZs that are traditionally uninhabitable.*8 The Philippines and other neighbors beset by the Chinese Cabbage Fleet have a geographical advantage as the typhoons generally pass over them first as they come in from the Pacific and often leaving them clear just as the Chinese mainland is being hit.*8 If only they had the technology to race behind the typhoon and establish man made and manned structures on their rocks and shoals before the Chinese could return. What the Philippines and other Chinese “First Island Chain” neighbors lack is a collection of emerging and disruptive technologies that result in instant civil engineering of durable but low cost off shore structures. We submit that those technologies are evolving, yet available and affordable.


We have a tendency when considering “emerging and disruptive technologies” in a Naval or military milieu as coming from the far edges of scientific research and applications. However, sometimes a disruptive technology evolves from arts and crafts. It has been hundreds of years since the profession of “Boat wright” now considered a “skilled trade” or “craft” separated from the “profession” of “naval architect”. Yet the very first “elevating work boats” (“lift boats”) used in the coastal Louisiana oil exploration and production industries originated in the work shop of a “Boat wright”. *11 These vessels capable of efficient self-propulsion are also capable of “jacking up” a set of steel “legs” carried in wells at each corner or two at the bow and one at the stern until the bottom of their barge like hull has completely cleared the water's surface , by anywhere from four to 15 or more feet. The barge like hull can be fitted out in a variety of ways and a variety of superstructures and deck equipment may be fitted. The Louisiana “elevating work boat “ is an authentic COTS (commercial off the shelf) plug and play technology platform. It has been used for well work over, shallow exploratory drilling, well relief' and a variety of other functions in the near coastal “oil patch” of the U.S. Gulf Coast for decades. Yet elevating work boats in terms of other applications are still an “emerging technology”. Used to help defeat China's cabbage patch strategy, they can be part of a disruptive technology package. Self-propelled elevating work boats should be the base platform for the rest of the technology package that will confound the Chinese cabbage patch strategy. The best way to integrate the evolving technologies of the offshore “oil patch” into the fleet for eventual or occasional tactical use by the Navy, Coast Guard or Marine Corps we think, is by formation of a Navy/Coast Guard “craft of opportunity unit. Such a unit would study and catalogue developments of potential naval utility in the U.S. workboat industry, monitor production lines, and track markets for new and used equipment against the day the need arises. It could be a very small unit led by a naval architect, with a surface warfare specialists as XO, and manned by a few junior officers with marine engineering and surface warfare training and some senior deck , engineering, and ordinance rates. The units main expenses would be a travel and operations budget and office spaces. Acquisition funding for craft of opportunity would have to come from higher command.

Some of the package comes from “craftsman like innovations” by the Gunner's mate rate in collaboration with Army artillery NCOs. In our plan for fleet integration the Navy gunners would already be part of the “craft of opportunity unit”, the army personnel on collaborative loan for a single project. The last part of the disruptive technology package comes from the far end of the scientific spectrum, requiring an understanding of complexity theory and the crossing of theNewtonian/Euclidean line” *13 in mathematics. This “best available technology” piece would probably come to the craft of opportunity unit via DARPA, through private labs such as Helios Ruehls, Inc. 

The basic strategy is to mark, equip, weaponize, and securely store a number of these specially prepared elevating work boats ready to deploy immediately after storm passage to shoals and islands targeted or even pre storm patrolled by the Chinese within the normal EEZ of the Philippines or other contesting state. Once on scene the boats elevate, display the markings of the relevant nations coast guard and signage such as “PRIMARY SEA COAST LIGHT NO--”. You now have a properly marked light house that is also armed.

The U.S. Coast Guard utilized standard marinized 50 cal. Machine guns piggy backed with infantry mortars very successfully from its 82 ft. patrol boats during the Vietnam conflict.*14 On the relatively small deck of an elevating work boat a variety of infantry anti-armor and normally shoulder mounted anti air weapons could prove formidable. When the Chinese return after the storm passes over their mainland they find an established and armed “light house”, every bit as functional as the civil engineered structures that they built over a long period of time and at great expense. They will of course surround the new “light house” with their armed coast guard vessels and make howls of protest and will attempt to block all resupply efforts. The sudden appearance of the new light houses would be the result of new combinations of technologies. Like any vessel of comparable size, the elevating work boats have serious water and fuel capacities, and the hull can store a lot of groceries. However, there is a clear need for greater sustainability. Enter the high tech end of this combination of emerging and disruptive technologies.


Some of the technologies needed to greatly expand the on scene duration of our “new light houses” are “high tech”, and available now, some are on the other side of what we call the NEWTONIAN / ECULIDIAN LINE (NWL). The NWL is an idea we coined to note the dividing line between certain areas of complexity theory where we are starting to evolve the mathematics such as Mandelbrot's Fractal Geometry, *15 and Chaos Theory where for the most part we have no calculus or geometries. Mandelbrot's Fractal Geometry, unknown before 1984, has been the basis for research into the Fractal Lens. 

The Fractal lens*17 could be the basis for very small but productive solar thermal electrical generators, and desalinization units which could easily fit on a standard elevating work boat. While the Fractal Lens driven electrical generator and desalinization kits would be the ideal, less efficient yet viable alternatives using inverse Fresnel lenses exists as practical designs and existing parts. We need not wait until the first “lab rat” fractal lens is manufactured and tested.

Jacked up” in light house mode the elevating work boats don't consume much in the way of fuel. With virtually unlimited potable water and electricity the “new light houses” should be able to outlast any cabbage patrol of conventional vessels. That only leaves editable stores. Durable foods are already commercially available and the vessels come with ample below the main deck storage. But there is the emerging agri-technology of hydroponics and good old container gardening. Food stores could be supplemented with these technologies and even a standard “light house” configuration could consist of two elevating work boats one devoted solely to the emerging technologies of factory farming (as has already been proposed *18). (SEE:  DEFEATING THE CHINESE CABBAGE PATCH STRATEGY IN THE SPRATLYS.....With Gardening?)  

 Our point here is that emerging and disruptive technologies can be any mix of technologies above or below the NWL line. We can mix analog, digital, optical physics, any other novel technologies or crafts to get the overall military / law fare *16 effect we seek. In the example under examination we seek to turn the Chinese economic advantage in building maritime civil works based on their economy being stronger than their neighbors on its ear. The weak point of the Chinese economic advantage is that it relies on architectural technologies that require long construction periods, long distance maritime and expensive logistic support, their interim tactic while awaiting the funding and opportunity to “settle” all of the economically strategic shoals and islets has been the “cabbage patch fleets”. By using a mix of emerging and disruptive technologies the Philippines and other regional states in competition with China can establish “light houses”, aids to navigation stations, fishing support centers, literally overnight, right after Mother Nature removes the cabbage patch fleets with a typhoon. They can also establish such features anywhere that is unguarded by China.


In the case under examination the basic platform, the elevating workboat is immediately available. In the case of our foreign assistance type mission example, used U.S. work boats could prove sufficient and cost effective. A key element, the fractal lens driven solar thermal electrical generator exists in plans and drawings, but the key element the fractal lens exists in theory only. An actual fractal lens is still awaiting development and lab testing. However, immediately useful performance can be had using solar thermal electrical generators made with inverse Fresnel lenses and some photovoltaic cells for lower electrical usages. Most any elevating work boat can be outfitted with a helo deck and aerial replenishment has been successful with the marines at Ayungin shoal. Perfection is not necessary to get the counter cabbage patch strategy started. Some of the emerging and disruptive technology on the far side of the NWL line may still be in the lab. But it is likely to emerge before the “good enough” combination of disruptive technological equipment has exhausted its service life. In defeating an enemy using a combination of naval power, and law fare for territorial expansion at their neighbors expense timing is important. Some science on the far side of the NWL line can't be rushed. Yet the desired disruption in aggressor plans can often be had and maintained long enough for the perfect solution to make it out of the lab and into application, by holding the line with a disruptive combination of technologies that are good enough, to cause the desired effect. In the words of Home Depot's advertising gurus the key is this; NEVER STOP IMPROVING.

 Meanwhile I urge my readers to BACK THE FRACK


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18. DEFEATING THE CHINESE CABBAGE PATCH STRATEGY IN THE SPRATLYS.....With Gardening? American Admiralty Books Blog Spot .com http://americanadmiraltybooks.blogspot.com/2014/05/defeating-chinese-cabbage-patch.html


Why Australia’s Luck May Be Running Out With The Dragon

Being The Closest Western Culture Geographically To The Dragon, Australia Has Become The Lightening Rod for Chinese Anger With The West For Opposing The Chinese Land Grab And Refusal To Adhere To International Law in The South China Sea. Read the full article by Gideon Rachman @ Financial Times
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Image from article by Gideon Rachman @ Financial Times

 As reported in these pages in several posts over the last two years, China (the Dragon) has not fared well in the International courts with its various arguments for why it should be awarded the South and East China Seas as virtual territorial waters, even to the western beaches of the Philippines. Though China is a signatory member and even Security Counsel member of the United Nations it has refused to acknowledge the jurisdiction of UN established and recognized judicial tribunals over disputes concerning exclusive economic zones at sea. The Dragon's refusal is even more legally ludicrous given that such disputes are governed in international law by the United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea, a treaty that China is signatory to. But the Dragon being basically a thug state doesn't think the law applies to them when they want something belonging to their neighbors. The Dragon also being a crony capitalist state (despite it's communist label), is a little reluctant to directly threaten the United States or Japan , major export customers and deadly serious military powers with direct action at sea. But Australia being closer, smaller in population and gross national product they seem to feel comfortable with directly threatening. Bad move Dragon. Yes Obama is an idiot and a weakling, and yes you bought and paid for Hillary. But you forget that America not only has allies, but also real friends. The affinity between the American people and the Australian people will not tolerate an act of war against Australia. There is also a deep affinity between the American People and the peoples of Japan and the Philippines. The Chinese attempts to take the outer islands, shoals, and exclusive ocean economic zones of these friends of the US will not be tolerated by the American people regardless of what idiots du jour are in office. The Chinese Navy and regime can not survive an armed contest with the combined navies and coast guards of these friends.

 Mr Rachman does an excellent job of analyzing the situation in the FINANCIAL TIMES. We urge our visitors to read it. Above we simply go one step ahead and explain why the Dragon is over reaching and the likely outcome .



Thursday, August 11, 2016



The Jones Act - a new enforcer on the block

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 "Observers of the US maritime scene are set to become familiar with a new acronym - JADE - a newly established office within the New Orleans field office of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) tasked with enforcement of the Jones Act."

"The National Jones Act Division of Enforcement (JADE), “will work in partnership with industry stakeholders in the enforcement of the Jones Act, along with all other coastwise trade laws” according to a CBP announcement."

To which all we can say as believers that without the Jones Act there would be no American Merchant Marine today is AMEN! However this is not our original reporting but simply a link to the full story by the original reporter Barry Parker at SEA TRADE AND MARITIME  NEWS. We urge Jones Act seamen, Jones Act industry personnel, nd th egeneral public to read the article in full @ http://www.seatrade-maritime.com/news/americas/the-jones-act-a-new-enforcer-on-the-block.html?utm_contact=19772200