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 If you've been watching America since the Oklahoma City bombing of the  Alfred P. Murrah  Federal Building  back on April 19, 1995 you noticed that a lot of innocent Americans and others have died in America since then from terrorist attacks. The perpetrators in the Oklahoma City attack Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were clearly of a right wing persuasion. The perpetrators of the airplane attacks on New York City in 2001 were clearly Islamic, while it appears that the attacker of Senator Vitter and his baseball team was a socialists hater of the people Hillary Clinton declared "deplorables".  These shooters of "Deplorables" seem to be proliferating. In the Los Vegas shootings there is some evidence of both anti "Deplorables" and Islamic influences on the shooter. In the recent Church shootings in Texas there is ample evidence of mental illness, un-suppressed hostility, and some serious anti "Deplorables" influences on the shooter. One has to ask; all these people with such disparate beliefs causing all this death; do they have anything in common? Few would argue against the idea that they are all radical believers in whatever they believe in, enough so to dehumanize and murder anyone who doesn't share their beliefs.  This in turn begs the question is there anything in the various paths to radicalization that  all of these perpetrators had or have in common.?  Personally I think so.

 I also believe that persons under going the radicalization process display certain signs of the process along the way, but fortunately for us peaceful folks not every radical is going to become a mass murderer. Unfortunately, under the right circumstances, any of them could turn to mass murder. I believe that one of the first signs of anyone who has been radicalized is the loss of a sense of humor. That doesn't mean the radical is incapable of sarcasm, indeed sarcasm becomes a predominant form of their daily speech. Perhaps the early warning sign of the loss of a sense of humor is loss of any self depreciating sense of humor, the person who can never see the humor in their own actions or pronouncements. Once this failure to see becomes a perception of insult, whenever anyone doesn't accept their ideas, the radical is about to pop out of the once at least civilized on the surface person. This is not to say that the radicalized person can't laugh, but they laugh at inappropriate things, especially sarcasm or any form of pain or insult directed at their "enemy". The radical really can't tell a joke to a general audience. Since the election of Donald Trump most of the net work late night talk show hosts have sunk into lengthy, repetitive sarcastic monologues. This is a major reason for some brighter day time shows like "HARRY" to start being replayed in the late night. The slip into radicalism by late night "pundits" has done wonders for the ratings of Star Trek reruns. 

 However, while this loss of a sense of humor is a mark on the route to radicalization, many people, particularly those with a lot to lose like late night TV hosts, simply turn into boorish, morose, angry people but don't destroy property or physically hurt anyone. They aren't much fun to be around but are not likely to become dangerous. However, a small minority of angry, morose, people who want the world to turn their way eventually show signs of devaluing the human life and private property of whole classes of human beings that don't agree with their world view. Eventually, in the later stages, these humorless, angry people begin to articulate their ideas about violence on those who they disagree with. They dehumanize those they don't agree with. When such people begin to articulate such thoughts they have usually set foot on the second to last step on the slippery slope to violent radicalism. When articulation turns to open advocacy of such violence they have crossed the line and either must be controlled or society and individuals will suffer, some will suffer loss if life. 

 The pragmatist who observes the radicalization process writ large as it is today often will make a call to arms, in terms of societal and personal self defense. Such advocacy of self defense is only reasonable and necessary. However, the true radical will respond to such a call with more invective calling those who advocate self defense "racists", "gun nuts", "Nazis", or Fascists. The pragmatists quietly arms himself and goes about his daily living in the sure and certain knowledge that you can't reason with the radical. Civil war is ignited when the attacks on the pragmatists and other non radicals become so frequent that the number of radicals confronting armed and trained pragmatists reaches critical mass and the majority of the pragmatists arm themselves. The hope of the world is that eventually enough armed pragmatists emerge to actually suppress the radicals. The history of the world is that more often than not the radicals succeed in disarming the pragmatists while the majority of pragmatists are engaged in the "bias towards normalcy", then the radicals start a blood bath. If all of the ranting of the radicals is simply too much for you to follow, don't fail to follow this one thing, radical progress in disarming the rest of us. It has not neared critical mass yet, but if it passes it we will enter a dark age. 

 Keep Calm and Carry. Laugh, including at yourself there Wyatt Earp. Remember the angry crazy people who can't laugh at anything except sarcasm like late night talk show hosts, liberals, socialists, globalists, neo Nazis, Reconquistas, Islamofascists, fire and brimstone preachers, et al suffer ill health effects of stress. In the end we may yet not have to shoot them in the preservation of freedom. Radicals become old fast, we will probably out live them naturally. Radicals are unattractive, may join rape gangs as many of the radical Muslims of Europe have done, but no one is really attracted to them and they aren't much in terms of reproduction. This infestation in societies emerges from time to time and often disappears of its own humourless weight. Hey I'm giant 3,000 year old catfish, if you can't believe me who can you believe? 


File:USS Card (CVE-11).jpg


THE USS CARD (AVG-11/ACV-11, ) was a Bouge -class escort ("jeep") aircraft carrier built in WWII.  She started out in construction as a merchant ship a C-3 cargo ship, but was turned over to the Maritime Commission while under construction and converted into a Navy manned Escort carrier. The Card was launched as hull 178 in February 1942 originally designated AVG11 (Aircraft escort vessel No.11) but was reclassified ACV-11 (Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier No.11) in May of 1942 and commissioned on November 8 1942 with Captain J.B.Sikes, USN in command. She served with distinction in WWII and after the war saw several reincarnations in the 1950s including service as a helicopter carrier as the big and eventually nuclear powered carriers began to dominate the air craft carrier scene. 

 In 1958 the USS CARD became the civilian manned (Civil Service Merchant Mariners) USNS CARD operated by the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) as an aircraft transport. As such she was used to transport helicopters and other aircraft and their crews into South Vietnam for deployment to air fields ashore or to combatant Navy ships with operational combat flight decks. 

 While moored dockside in Saigon on May 2, 1964 North Vietnamese combat swimmers planted an explosive charge sending her to the bottom of the harbor alongside the dock and killing 5 U.S. Civil Service Merchant Mariners ("Civ MARs" in "Nav Speak").  These were probably the first U.S. Merchant Mariners to become casualties of war in the Vietnam conflict. The ship was patched and re-floated within 17 days of the sinking and towed to Subic Bay , Philippines for initial repair and then to Yoksuka for finishing. She actually returned to service on December 11, 1964 and served as a Merchant Marine manned air craft transport until decommissioned in 1970 and sold for scrap. At the time the sinking of the USNS CARD the Gulf of Tonkin incident hadn't happened as yet. The public was only told that the ship was damaged and repaired, the sinking never mentioned in the press of the day. Once again American Merchant Mariners gave their lives for the nation without so much as passing notice. Merchant Mariners historically have not only been casualties of war, but are often among the first. 

 Enough time has passed now that maybe the American people have gotten past the idea that they were lied to by the Federal government in the case of the USNS CARD. Maybe now the event and crew could be memorialized? 


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When port security is compromised

Public Domain Image

Admiral James A Lyons,USN (Ret.)  has recently been published in the Washington Post, a main stream media outlet we usually have little use for. Just because we view the Washington Post as a typical progressive liberal rag pushing a socialists, globalists, anti American bias dosen't mean that we don't read it. It just means we read it with a critical eye as we do all U.S main stream media. It also doesn't mean that on rare occasions an article published there doesn't pass our critical review. Such is the case with a recent article on US Port Security by Admiral Lyons. As Merchant Marine Officers and maritime professionals based in America we have a vested personal interest in port security. As many of us are former or retired affiliates of the U.S. Coast Guard we have some specific training and experience in port security. Frankly ever since the events of September 11, 2001 we have been concerned that our efforts at port security in America have been less than adequate. Apparently, so has Admiral Lyons.  Amazingly, the Washington Post has published Admiral Lyons analysis of one of what we consider to be one of the last acts of treason by the Obama administration; The leasing of the Port Canaveral container facility to Gulftainer, a Middle Eastern owned company co-owned by the Iraqi Jafar family and the Emir of Sharjah in the UAE. 

 Mr. Jafar was a close associate of Saddam Hussein, so close in fact that during Iraq 1 he was on the U.S. Central Command's hit list and could have been engaged at any time as a legitimate military target during Operation Iraqi Freedom. While part of the Saddam Hussein inner circle Mr. Jafar worked in close cooperation with the Russians in the development of the "Beach Ball", a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit on one of the Russian built "Club K cruise missiles". The club K can fit loaded and war head armed into a standard shipping container; doesn't that give you pause for thought when thinking about letting Mr. Jafar have control of a container facility near an Airforce Base, Our most important Space Flight Center, and a submarine base? 
We don't often provide links to MSM articles but this one should be read by every American. We see two forms of bias keeping Americans uninformed by the MSM. First is the liberal bias so prevelent throughout much of the print and electronic 
media, though we are the first to admit that the level of this bias varies from news outlet to out let. The second is the bias toward "infotainment" vice information in selecting news stories to be printed or aired. Audience size counts particularly with advertisers. Thankfully sometimes real expertise describing real dangers to public safety and security make it through the MSM filters. Such is the case with Admiral Lyon's article. Congradulations to the Washington Post for breaking through this time. We first warned about this danger in the pages of our blog back in January SEE: 
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NAMAZU  Retired Japanese Giant Catfish Demigod Turned Journalist and Analyst
 I've said it before and I'll say again; Chad Prather owns the best biped brain ever stuffed under a Stetsen cowboy hat. You can't beat him for real insight wrapped in humor. I've been around 3,000 years observing the biped condition and social evolution and I havent seen a biped brain like this since Will Rogers. Unfortunately Will Rogers succumbed to the omnipresent biped condition, short life span, at least compared to us "personifications of nature" ( a title I always preferred to "demigod', being a monotheist I love my Christian readers, but please just because I'm very open about my monotheism don't start trying to get me baptised, that's for you bipeds not a giant catfish, I'm simply not eligible). Unfortunately many of the current generations have no memory or knowledge of Will Rogers. Fortunately, you now have your own personification of the same spirit, chock full of wisdom and humor and stuffed under a Stetson, or once in while a seed store baseball hat and very rarely bare headed. Chad Prather, the Texas philosopher, humorist.  

 Chad holds forth on many subjects one that struck me recently was his discertation on "TRUE MASCULINITY" . If you are an American male, especially if you have ever been tempted to abandon the role of husband and father, you need to hear the brain under the Stetson on this subject:
Click on any of the links here including the title above or the URL below: 

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Cowboy in Space with Chad Prather. A Cowboy, an SJW & a Spaceship


 You simply gotta watch this cartoon video. If you have been following our "Space as an Ocean " series, especially the parts about the Columbian exchange its time for a humor break. We educated you in some detail about the perils of first contact now Chad Prather , the greatest and funniest brain ever stuffed under a stetson warns of another hazard of first contact based on who we select to man those first intersteller ships. 

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   I've often called him the greatest brain ever stuffed under a ten gallon hat. The hat might actually be more properly called a "Stetson". More over the brain under the hat is so damn funny that he makes Steve Martin look manic depressive. Usually Chad Prather is stetson clad , on point against the offensive pretenses to the politically correct crowd, and funnier than a barrel of monkeys. But just this once he actually appeared scans stetson, and spoke with little humor on a deadly serious subject DEATH. Yep death ,we all know somebody who has done it and before long we are all going to do it. Even us 3,000 year old "personifications of forces of nature" ( I always liked that description over "demigod') come with a long delayed but inevitable expiration date. At some point we all need to deal with the fact of our eventual demise. Well, if you are an athiest, agnostic, commie, degenerate pervert probably nothing anyone can say about the subject will ease your over heated , displaced angry mind. But for the rest of us the emerged from under the stetson mind has a message that is conforting and comprehensible. Take read: CHAD PRATHER ON DEATH

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 ARGENTINE  DIESEL SUBMARINE SALTA AT NAVAL BASE MAR DEL PLATA. Photo by Martin Otero, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license.
FINAL UPDATE 12/ 9/2017. According to latest reports the search has been called off as the submarine is now believed to have plunged to crush depth leaving no survivors. According to our own sources the crew would have probably been aware in the early stages of the accidental dive to the bottom of the loss of control, but at crush depth , death would have been instaneous and not from drowning. On the way down the crew would have experienced some fitting failures , leaks etc. but at crush depth the physical attributes of the crushing action would be more analogous to a powerful explosion than the crushing of a metal cylinder. The crew would have initially experienced the equivalent of being hit by a freight train of moving water sufficient to not only knock someone dead instantly but also to almost vaporize , though that is not the proper word, more like instantly reduce to liquid suspension a human body. The hull would be reduced to small pieces. Hence the search is terminated. We have often taken Argentina to task in these pages for their policy toward the Falklands, and for hosting Russian naval elements in this hemisphere. We have not changed our attitude on these Argentine naval policies but we do sincerely mourn the loss of Argentina's submariners. All sailors at all times face the dangers of the sea. All sailors at all times try to assist other sailors in distress, even enemy sailors once their ship is disabled.  We will pray for the families of the lost Argentine crew and wish them the best and we are quite sincere when we say we mourn the loss of these sailors despite our disagreements with their government. All sailors have very little discretion in which orders they will obey or what policies the government will adopt. "our not to reason why, ours but to do or die". May God whose arm binds the ocean wave have mercy on the souls of our brother mariners. 

Update 11/25/2017: Hope dims for crew as reports of underwater explosions from near the sub's last known position come in from multiple sources. These explosions were detected rather shortly after the report of last known position but took several days to be reported to search authorities as the different international organizations detecting the explosions were not in the missing submarine search and not particularly looking for explosions of the size noted. Unfortunately, the explosions detected  are in fact consistent with an explosion aboard a submarine.

Update: 11/21/2017: The U.S. Navy Submarine rescue team has now been dispatched to the scene though we have no reports of an actual location for the sub. 

While Argentina has embraced Russian Naval Forces ( See 
and offered base support for their semi permanent presence in this hemisphere they turn to the US for assistance in finding their missing naval unit. A NASA research plane joined the search for the missing sub and it crew of 44. A NASA owned P3 ORION aircraft has joined in the search for a missing Argentine submarine and its crew of 44, a defense official told USNI News on Friday. The missing sub is the diesel attack boat ARA San Juan (S-42).  Perhaps in order to avoid offending their Russian benefactors Argentina has not asked for additional US assistance but the USNI reports that Us Naval Submarine rescue assets are being prepared in the event that Argentina does make the request. 

 As Namazu notes: "Its just so true around the world, no matter who a given regime is playing footse with, when the chips are down and the real adults are needed the call goes to the US."

 Read the entire story at the USNI NEWS SITE: USNI NEWS

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Greetings Bipeds !

   I've said it before and its worth repeating. Down in Texas the greatest brain ever stuffed into a ten gallon hat is front seat of the truck philosopher Chad Prather. Follow the link above or here: to see what he has to say about the recent movements throughout the south to remove all confederate monuments from public view. Nothing like a serious dose of non PC common sense once in while:

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 We received this recently in our E mail with no attribution. We presume the author wanted it distributed as widely as possible across the internet. However, if anyone makes us aware of any copyrighted interest in this piece we will quickly remove it from our site. 
A tourist walked into a Chinese curio shop in San Francisco. While looking around at the exotic merchandise, he noticed a very lifelike, life-sized, bronze statue of a rat. It had no price tag, but was so incredibly striking the tourist decided he must have it. He took it to the old shop owner and asked, "How much for the bronze rat?”
"Ahhh, you have chosen wisely! It is $12 for the rat and $100 for the story," said the wise old man.
The tourist quickly pulled out twelve dollars. “I'll just take the rat, you can keep the story".
As he walked down the street carrying his bronze rat, the tourist noticed that a few real rats had crawled out of the alleys and sewers and had begun following him down the street. This was a bit disconcerting so he began walking faster.
A couple blocks later he looked behind him and saw to his horror the herd of rats behind him had grown to hundreds, and they began squealing.
Sweating now, the tourist began to trot toward San Francisco Bay ..
Again, after a couple blocks, he looked around only to discover that the rats now numbered in the MILLIONS, and were squealing and coming toward him faster and faster.
Terrified, he ran to the edge of the Bay and threw the bronze rat as far as he could into the Bay.
Amazingly, the millions of rats all jumped into the Bay after the bronze rat and were all drowned.
The man walked back to the curio shop in Chinatown .
"Ahhh," said the owner, "You come back for story ?"
"No sir," said the man, "I came back to see if you have a bronze Liberal"!

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 Greetings Bipeds: 
 My favorite Texan Chad Prather , The most articulate spokesman for common sense and principled pragmatism in Texas once again tell it like it is. Click on the link here and listen to the the thoughts on the NFL protests from the best brain that ever sat under a ten gallon hat. 

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Department of Defense official seal.jpg

 Yesterday November 10, 2017 was the 242 birthday of the United States Marine Corps and today is of official Veterans day though the legal Federal holiday was yesterday as well. Our networked organization being made up of somewhat (well OK, "really" would be a better adjective) "crusty" old vets we didn't get much accomplished yesterday due to extended self congratulatory celebration. But today we do wish to extend best wishes to our fellow brother and sister vets and to wish a Happy Birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps: For those of you civilians not familiar with the history of the founding of the US Marine Corps and for those of you new Marines who actually think the whole thing began solely during a bout of over drinking at Tun Tavern here is a link to a short semi official history of the Marine Corps

 There is some serious truth to the role that Tun Tavern played in the founding of the Corps. 
Pictured above is an image of the first watering hole for thirsty marines Tun Tavern from the National Archives. To learn more about the history of Tun Tavern see Tun Tavern. Contrary to some legends however the Corps did not emerge as a full blown idea after a long night of alcohol fueled excess. Naval authorities had already suggested  the formation of a marine corps and the Congress had already authorized the force. What happened in this famous Marine Corps watering hole was the very first formal recruitment drive. The idea of a Corps was formed elsewhere, but what spilled forth from the tavern were the first real body of actual enlisted marines. We like to think they didn't swagger so much as stagger forth. Later they'd earn the right to swagger. 

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Monday November 6, 2017: The "Fat Leonard corruption scandal in the 7th Fleet appears to be expanding. The investigation into contractor led fraud has led so far to criminal charges against 28 people. The group includes so far two flag officers and nineteen other Navy officials. The majority of these original defendants have pled guilty but the opera ain't over till "the fat lady sings" and she is apparently tuning up for a little number involving possibly as many 210 more navy personnel.
 The Justice Department has handed over a number of these additional cases to the Navy for prosecution under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, with most of the accused being uniformed commissioned officers. Forty of these have been adjudicated with NJP (non judicial punishment, an administrative procedure with a lot less sting than a court marshal), Five officers currently face criminal charges. 
 The fraud scandal is named for contractor Leonard "Fat Leonard" Glenn Francis, a ship Chandlery provider with an influential reach deep inside the Navy procurement system. Some how Navy ships in the Pacific for years seemed more likely to call at ports where "Fat Leonard" had operations and hardly any that called at those ports received Chandlery services from anyone else. "Fat Leonard has already pled guilty to fraud and is cooperating with federal prosecutors. The investigative insight into his Navy connections and fellow players seems pretty complete. "Fat Leonard" took a fat wad of tax payer cash, about $35 million in over charges alone. Alleged bribes to cooperative Navy officers and officials included luxury goods , spa retreats, and hotel stays, and occasionally prostitutes. 
 It's going to be a while before the last of the "Fat Leonard" carnage on the integrity of our Navy is finally cleaned up, but thankfully the sweeping does appear to be in progress. 

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Namazu , the Earth Shaker Catfish , Star of Stage, Screen and Outer space:

 We're not going to analyze the latest incident of Islamic terrorism in New York City Yesterday. We don't have to. Thanks to an astute corespondent's e-mail, we read Mark Steyn on the incident. Steyn gets it! Heed him bipeds, time is growing short. Below is a quote from within the article and a hot links so that you may read the entire article....and we seriously recommend that you read the entire article. It is not without humor, but it is pointed and we do maen pointed in the right direction. 

Your Pal,


"In any war, you have to be able to prioritize: You can't win everything, so where would you rather win? Raqqa or Rotterdam? Kandahar or Cannes? Yet, whenever some guy goes Allahu Akbar on the streets of a western city, the telly pundits generally fall into one of two groups: The left say it's no big deal, and the right say this is why we need more boots on the ground in Syria or Afghanistan. Yesterday President Trump said he was committed to ensuring that terrorists "never again have a safe haven to launch attacks against our country".
By that he means "safe havens" in Afghanistan. But the reason the west's enemies are able to pile up a continuous corpse count in Paris, Nice, Berlin, Brussels, London, Manchester, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Orlando, San Bernadino, Ottawa, Sydney, Barcelona, [Your Town Here] is because they have "safe havens" in France, Germany, Britain, Scandinavia, North America, etc. Which "safe havens" are likely to prove more consequential for the developed world in the years ahead..? In Afghanistan, we're fighting for something not worth winning, and we're losing. In Europe, Islam is fighting for something very much worth winning, and they're advancing. And, according to all the official strategists in Washington and elsewhere, these two things are nothing to do with each other."


Jihad on the Bike Path