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The Mercatus Center

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 We recently came across the Frase Index. This unique tool developed by the Mercatus Center of George Mason University can help you determine how much federal regulations negatively impact the economy of your state. While the Code of Federal Regulations, laws made by Federal agencies without going through the legislative process, are imposed nationally, their effects vary by state since the economy of each state is different. The section quoted below pretty much explains the index and how it works. At a site maintained by REGDATA you will find a map, click on your state, then read and weep. Use any of the links on this page to reach the REGDATA working map and site.

"By weighting industry restrictions using the importance of an industry to a particular state relative to the industry’s importance to the country overall, we can produce a single index that measures the impact of federal regulation on that state. The federal regulation and state enterprise (FRASE) index is thus a ratio of the impact of federal regulations on a specific state’s industries to the impact of federal regulations on the nation’s industries in a given year. A value of 1 would indicate that a state’s private sector is affected by federal regulations to precisely the same degree as is the national private sector, whereas a score higher than 1 would indicate a higher impact of federal regulation on a state’s private sector."


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We Have Our Thoughts And A Link To The latest Research Reports for Laymen
 Public Domain / Truncatus. bottlenose dolphins group

Those of us who use two way radios a lot often speak of the process of transmitting as "Squawking".

We first wrote about Dolphin Language some years ago after behavioral biologist Denise Herzing gave a widely published speech updating the public on what was then some of the latest research on the squawking of Dolphins. That speech launched quite a bit of very public discussion of the possibility that dolphins may have an actual language. Now there is evidence that certain sets of squawks may be used in "group problem solving" fueling further speculation that the obviously rich and varied signaling systems of the Dolphins may constitute a "Language". (See New Scientist April 15, 2016). Let's revisit some of our previous reporting and analysis on the issue then we'll examine this latest research news. We have to tell you though that as mariners trained in signaling systems designed to get limited but vital information across despite language barriers, as well as signaling systems that are carriers for language; we don't see real language yet. There are those of course who disagree but not linguists, not yet.  

"Squawking " and "squeaking" are pretty apt descriptions for the Dolphin communications that fall into the human audible range. That's pretty much what it sounds like to us, patterned and changing clearly carrying information to other dolphins, but mostly "squawking" and "squeaking" to us. But for those of us who have been to sea, and especially been under water with the marine life, and knocked about the world a bit some human parallels come to mind. All Indo-European languages have a familiar sound to them to people born into a different Indo- European language. There is just a sort of ratio of vowel and consonant sounds and an absence of non emotional tonal information that has a familiar ring about it.  Down on the heavy on the vowels end of the Indo-European spectrum is French which must have sounded familiar yet unintelligible to the first Polynesians to hear it. The Polynesians have the most vowel laden language in the Pacific Basin. 

 In Asia there are a number of languages that Westerners find hard to master because they have tonal elements in non emotion laden speech. Tonal elements in addition to vowels and consonants are manipulated to convey information on a routine basis. To the native Indo European speaker these Asian languages with tonal elements seem almost impossible to master due to there being a third source of information transmittal besides combinations of vowels and consonants. To the Asian native tonal language speaker the Indo-European languages are easier to learn in terms of building a vocabulary but with the missing third element of information transmittal they must seem inadequate for many purposes. The Indo European languages are in fact adequate for transmitting just about any sort of information as long as the speaker has a sufficient vocabulary. That level of vocabulary only builds up with long use and exposure to the language. So among humans, East and West have difficulty communicating but we have been able to learn each other languages over time for centuries.

To Human scientists the question of dolphin communications amounting to language is still being debated. We know for example that among the sounds made some are for communications dolphin to dolphin and some are for echo location, biological sonar. We haven't found that any one has asked the question yet if other dolphins can use the return echo of other near by dolphins. That seems likely and if so in any given pod of dolphins doing echo location without any conscious linguistic effort all the information exchanged by a human driver and his / her opposite or back seat companion is being exchanged just without the usual human acrimony. This may not be "conversation" in a linguistic sense, but there could be an awful lot more dolphin to dolphin information being exchanged during echo location "squawking" than previously surmised. We don't think that echo-location squawking can be eliminated from dolphin "language" as defined as the total of means by which dolphins convey information between and among each other. Adding to the difficulty of understanding the patterned squawks and squeaks that we are certain convey meaning is the fact that much of the Dolphin's sound producing and reception ability is out side of the human audible range.  

The ancient Polynesians called Dolphins "the people who live in the sea". Science now tells us that these sea mammals have a brain to body mass ratio comparable to humans. Sailors for centuries have known that Dolphins are social and lead complex lives and are very communicative. They live into their middle 50s. Size to brain ratio wise,  and in terms of body length and weight they are very similar to us. Socially they live in very complex groups in which scientists detect elements that seem awfully like "politics" .  But they live in a completely alien environment from us and if they truly have elevated communications to the level of language, it is very complex and different from ours. Best of all about dolphins according to our young friend who heads up our surfing section is the fact that "They always surf naked dude!".  Yea their life style looks pretty good. 

 In late 2013 an expert gave an address on the subject of Dolphin speech and it is now a video on "TED WEEKENDS' a feature of Huff Post. Click in , watch and listen to this presentation by Behavioral biologist Denise Herzing:     HAS THIS EXPERT OBSERVED DOLPHIN SPEECH? Back then we concluded in our related post our thought, that so far the research indicates a very complex and rich signaling system, but a signaling system only. To the mariner non language transmittal signaling systems such as the international signal code can convey very vital information such as "stop your intentions and follow me", "Request pratique" (Permission to hold communications with the shore), "Crew return to ship", "The Captain is not aboard". Some of these signals transmitted by alphabet flag groups, or Morse Code by sound or flashing light can be used in limited but very logical sequences. Only two to three flags or Morse Code letters need to be displayed or transmitted for each of the following sequences. "Stop your intentions and follow me", "Maintain course at slow speed, Prepare to be boarded". At first brush this almost appears to be a "language", but there is no grammar , syntax, sentence structure, or even vocabulary. The basic meanings of the specific signals are understood across all languages by trained mariners and have very limited ability to be combined and recombined into coherent communications of anything other than basic and common information frequently needed in ship encounters. These signaling systems are very different from from language transmittal systems like alphabets or the Morse code which can be used to encrypt true language with all of its complexity. Mariners also understand the difference between signals and symbols. In the International Code of Signals the Oscar flag's universal meaning is "Man Overboard", very important information to convey. But the national flag is a symbol, rich in meaning and even emotion. Dolphins and dogs both are clearly signaling species of some sophistication. Dogs use a variety of vocalizations and body movement signals to convey information even across species. When Your dog barks you can usually distinguish between his "greeting" when you come home and his "alarm" or "hurt bark". Somehow most us of know that when our dog spots us from across the yard and lowers his fore body and raises his hind slowly waving his tail held high back and forth that our dog is signaling a desire to exchange signals, be they commands or play activity. Some people refer to the physical posturing as "of body language", but sailors so used to elaborate signaling systems see "body language" as simply "body signals", that never approach the the utility of actual language. Recently in the NEW SCIENTIST the following was  reported:   

"Bottlenose dolphins have been observed chattering while cooperating to solve a tricky puzzle – a feat that suggests they have a type of vocalisation dedicated to cooperating on problem solving.
Holli Eskelinen of Dolphins Plus research institute in Florida and her colleagues at the University of Southern Mississippi presented a group of six captive dolphins with a locked canister filled with food. The canister could only be opened by simultaneously pulling on a rope at either end.
The team conducted 24 canister trials, during which all six dolphins were present. Only two of the dolphins ever managed to crack the puzzle and get to the food.
The successful pair was prolific, though: in 20 of the trials, the same two adult males worked together to open the food canister in a matter of 30 seconds. In the other four trials, one of the dolphins managed to solve the problem on its own, but this was much trickier and took longer to execute."
We suggest that you use the link to explore the article in its entirety in the  NEW SCIENTIST but our opinion is still that so far all that has been demonstrated is that Dolphins have a very unique and elaborate signaling system, not a true language. The two dolphins who solved the problem by working together simply needed a few key signals such as "go left", "Go right", go up, go down", "pull harder", etc.. It is reported that other dolphins watched the successful pair more or less in silence then continued to attempt the problem solo or in pairs without replicating the success of the cooperating and intensely signaling pair.  There was in fact no "audience participation", no instructional lecture. What was observed , in our humble sailor opinions was a group of very intelligent and communicative social animals doing their thing. That in itself is quite amazing in and of itself to warrant high levels of protection for these animals. Good luck with that. We observe that unborn human babies have innate complex signaling capabilities that after birth quickly develop into full blown language capabilities,  yet such have no legal protection in the United States. We will continue to monitor and report on the progress in Dolphin "language" research.

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Old ISIS, Note Diverse Foot Wear
 Have you noticed that as ISIS continues on basically uninterrupted, except by Kurdish resistance, and some desultory allied bombing, and an occasional inroad from Russian backed Syrian forces when not occupied putting down other resistance to the Assad regime; that their image is becoming more and more like that of a regular army? Where did the black pajamas, head rags, and tennis shoes go? They often still ride into battle, or to slaughter unarmed populations, in nice new pick up trucks, but now their ride is occasionally real tanks.  You have to wonder, regular uniforms, standardized guns and ammo, new trucks, tanks, what's next an air force? Never mind what the Obama Administration tells you, ISIS is still growing and solidifying its hold on a growing expanse of territory, and regularizing its forces, growing police elements, and civil administration. Every day it looks more and more like one bad ass, totalitarian, demonic nation state and thug army.

 Where do they get the orange jumpsuits they like to murder prisoners in?  Its a very important theatrical touch, they so like to visually imply that the people they are brutally murdering  are criminals, when often they are simply Christians, or insufficiently Muslim for the taste of ISIS. Clearly ISIS has excellent funding, regular established supply lines, and willing vendors. How does their supply system work? Why have we not disrupted it?
Orange jump suits , uniformly styled black "pajamas", and combat fatigues and web gear have to come from someone somewhere.  

Recently the Italians seized a shipment of 20,000 military fatigues at the port of Valencia. That seizure indicated some facts about the ISIS supply chain. The network apparently associated with the shipment of military fatigues appears to be capable of satisfying all sorts of military requisitions from small arms and ammo, to those infamous new Toyota trucks. On March 15, Spanish police officers seized the contents of a container at the Spanish port of Algeciras (Cádiz) and on the same day two more in Valencia. The first container contained second-hand clothing, as the customs declaration stated.

However, inside the other two containers, Italian Customs found a baler machine for packing used clothes and, hidden under piles of second-hand clothing, five tons of perfectly wrapped and labeled packages containing 20,000 brand-new military uniforms. 

The containers had come from Saudi Arabia. The origin of  the uniforms is unknown or unreported at this writing. The uniforms appear to our experienced eyes to originate from a NATO country. The manifested destination was Turkey with a port of entry of Mersin near Cyprus, additional documentation indicated inland shipment by truck to Bad al Hawa, on the other side of the Syrian border. This March seizure was part of an on g0ing operation reported to have been underway by Italian authorities since February 7, 2016.

On February 7, Italian authorities arrested seven suspected members of a support group for ISIS in Ontinyent (Valencia), Ceuta and the Alicante municipalities of Crevillent, L’Alqueria d’Asnar, Muro d’Alcoi and Alicante.

The alleged head of the network was Ammar Termanini. Termanini reportedly was  born in Aleppo (Syria) in 1972, and arrived in Spain in 2012  by way of  the Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom.

Once in Spain Termanini set up a shell company, Tigre Negro S.L. (Black Tiger Ltd.), of which he was the sole manager. The company's cover was as an  importer and exporter of  textile goods. Termanini traveled often to Syria  under cover of providing humanitarian aid, and also forwarded shipments there. 

Termanini hid in plain sight among the usual collection of freight forwarders, freight consolidators, non vessel owning common carriers and other cargo related businesses seen in any port around the world. He didn't make much effort to hide which side he was on either.  Termanini had used social media to image himself as aligned with jihadists. After he came under suspicion phone taps revealed that he had switched his allegiance from Al Qaeda to the ISIS Caliphate. 

The Italians believe the  financier behind Termanini was allegedly Mohamed Abu El Rub Karima, native of  Jordan born around 1960 and a resident of Ontinyent. Inside his Karima's warehouse in the L’Altet industrial park, police found uniforms similar to those later discovered in the Valencia container. Karima raised funds and made payments through hawala, the traditional Muslim system based on trust, and which allows for near record less international movement of funds. 

 What we think all this points out is simply that all of the international Islamic community presents opportunities for ISIS to supply itself. Not everyone is a villain, but the system itself simply lends itself to easy use by the villains and does not lend itself to the normal scrutiny that all other international systems are subject to. Islamic charities based and collecting funds in the West are  providing funds to ISIS daily with immunity. Plain and simply large Muslim communities within the West present a clear and present danger and should be reduced to loyal nationals only. Just because a Muslim organization only sends part of its funds and then via indirect routes to ISIS doesn't free it from the taint of aiding and abetting the enemy. We are at war. Keep doing what we have been doing ,eventually we lose. Know your enemy, it ain't the Christians and Jews. Wake up! The Italians aren't saying who the uniform manufacturer was in this case, but our bet is the same plant has supplied many a NATO uniform. There were not enough questions asked. Could it be that the people who should have been asking the questions were afraid of being called down on "profiling". Political correctness will be the death of Western civilization.

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Updated 11/12/2019
We first published this in 2016. Since 2016 Congress has been in a continuous obstruction mode.to any form of border control. Yet the wall inches ahead fueled by private donations and the transfer of some monies that were within the executive purview to transfer. We think this post is worth a periodic revisit and we will monitor and update regularly .

 Introduction: There is a provision within the Patriot Act, Section 326 – referred to as the “know your customer” provision. This provision compels financial institutions to require identity documents before opening accounts or conducting financial transactions. This requirement is a key provision in Trump's plan to force Mexico to pay for the border wall on our Southern border.  Section 326 authorized the executive branch to issue detailed regulations on the subject, and these are found at 31 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)  130.120-121. Basically, if used as it is possible to use it, Trump's proposed application of Section 326 forces a decision on Mexico.  Mexico can  make a one-time payment of $5-10 billion for the wall or lose $24 billion which continues to flow into their country year after year from illegals working in the US, sending money home. There are several ways to employ Section 326 to compel Mexico to pay for the wall including any one or a combination of the following. 
  • First promulgate a “proposed rule” (regulation) amending 31 CFR 130.121 to redefine applicable financial institutions to include money transfer companies like Western Union, also redefine “account” to include wire transfers. Finally, include in the proposed rule a requirement that no alien may wire money outside of the United States unless the alien first provides a document establishing his lawful presence in the United States.
  • Expect Mexico to protest loudly and immediately because they receive about $24 billion a year from Mexican nationals working in the United States. The majority of that amount comes from illegals . It forms a sort of unofficial welfare system for poor Mexican families. There is no significant social security or welfare provided by the state in Mexico.
  • After allowing a day for Mexico to blow off steam, a non PC American President simply tells  Mexico that if the Mexican government will contribute the funds needed to the United States to pay for the wall, the non PC ( presumably Trump) Administration will not promulgate the final rule, and the regulation will not go into effect. This should be a "no brainer" for Mexico's corrupt government, swap a one time payment of about $5 billion for an annual stream of $24 billion to keep the peasants in line. 
  • In the alternative we could trade tariffs, or enforcement of existing trade rules: There is no doubt that Mexico is engaging in unfair subsidy behavior ( see our YARN FORWARD POST). Scams like the Mexican "yarn forward" ploy done in concert with China have eliminated thousands of U.S. jobs, a fact that a non PC U.S. government is obligated to respond to. Tariffs are the usual response, the  impact of any tariffs on the price of imports will be more than offset by the economic and income gains of increased production in the United States. Mexico needs access to our markets much more than the we need their cheap products. An administration that put our national interest first would realize that  we have all the leverage and will win the negotiation. Obviously, if you have a large trade deficit with a nation, it means they are selling far more to you than the reverse – thus they, not you, stand to lose from enforcing trade rules through tariffs . Paying the $5 billion for the wall will look cheap.
  • Another alternative; cancelling visas: Immigration is a privilege, not a right and frankly we control it.  Enter the U.S. illegally and not much happens to you other than extradition and that may be after many years of earning illegally in our economy. If one of us enters Mexico illegally it usually means 8 years in prison. Mexico is dependent on the United States as a release valve for its own poverty.  – When we approve hundreds of thousands of visas to their nationals annually we create one of our greatest leverage points. We also have leverage through business and tourist visas for important people in the Mexican economy. We actually don't need these people they need us.
  • Visa fees: This is something that we completely control. Even a small increase in visa fees including border crossing cards would pay for the wall. Border crossing cards, of which more than 1 million are issued a year, one of the greatest sources of illegal immigration into the United States, via overstays. Mexico is also the single largest recipient of U.S. green cards, which confer a path to U.S. citizenship and create long term larger transmittal of U.S. earned funds to Mexico. Again, we have the leverage so Mexico has to put up the wall or pay the much higher price or prices.
No matter what the liberals say, we have the moral high ground here.  Mexico has taken advantage of us through crime they don't suppress. Gangs, drug traffickers and cartels have freely exploited our open borders and committed vast numbers of crimes inside the United States. We have borne the high daily cost of this criminal activity, including the cost of trials and incarcerations, and deportations. Along the Texas Rio Grande border and elsewhere we have also paid a great human cost . We have the moral high ground and all the leverage. When the liberal media calls Trump crazy and dismisses the wall and the idea of Mexico paying for it they are being dishonest. Frankly we aren't all that confident in Mr. Trump, nor do we like his personality, but his idea of a wall and Mexico paying for it is not silly and far from impossible and would set a new tone for the foreign policy of the United States. The media opposition is simply so much leftist propaganda not based on fact. The truth is a President with balls could build a border wall, it would work, and making Mexico pay for it would actually be one of the easier aspects. Vote for whoever you want in the up coming election, it will probably be stolen by the Democrats through their usual voter fraud anyway, but calling the wall or Mexican payment for it impossible is simply the ranting of leftist air heads.

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" "
Photo Hampshire County Council , The River Hamble Harbor Authority 
 So you're a Brit with a boat and you've decided to equip it with a marine voice radio, good idea, or did you forget something? Marine radios have to be licensed as a "station" ( the actual equipment as installed ) and each person liable to speak on the radio must be personally licensed or permitted as an "operator" . Penalties for overlooking these elements can range from fines, to fines plus confiscation of the equipment. Some misbehavior on the marine airwaves can result in prison time, you'll want to avoid those. Perhaps it would be wise to consider obtaining some training and education in marine radio operations and regulations before buying the radio.

 Perhaps you just bought your first motor boat, having ignored the admonition..." that a boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money". Well, you get to use the waterways right along with the big boys; forget about driving on your left, the nautical rules to avoid collision work differently and amateur and professional boat operators alike are held to the same standard of conformance with these rules.  Where can you learn about the nautical rules to avoid collision (aka "Rules of the Road")?  More importantly, you're going to want boat insurance, where can you find competent instruction that might net you a discount on your boat insurance?

 Then there is the day that always comes when you really want to venture out of the sight of land, maybe not far, perhaps just across a large bay, but you're going to have to at least know the rudiments of coastal navigation. Where can you find competent instruction? We would imagine that you have come to the American Admiralty Books site because you have heard of our motto, "the only place you need to know to find the answers to anything about the maritime world". Our motto is a tall order, we actually don't know everything, but like good librarians we know where everything can be found. That includes other more specialized websites on maritime subjects.
 Image from Amazon.com
 So you're a Brit in need of nautical enlightenment?  Try these sites:

SEAVOICE TRAINING, "Communicate, Navigate", a commercial training company specializing in services to the recreational boating, yachting, communities the Lifeboat service, divers, and fishermen.

THE ROYAL YACHTING ASSOCIATION: The British non profit association that sponsors courses, events, and generally promotes recreational boating and yachting. RYA TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS 

And of course being the AMERICAN ADMIRALTY BOOKS organization we are acutely aware that not everyone who speaks the "Queens English" or a reasonably mutually understandable facsimile such as American English, is a resident of the UK. So for many others in the "Anglo Sphere here are other training sources:

United States:
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

 U.S. Power Squadron


 state boating agencies


American Boating Education - Welcome to the Internet’s best boating safety course and Your Fastest Way to the Water.
Boat U.S. Foundation Online Boating Safety Course - Our free, interactive, non-proctored course and exam has been approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard as exceeding the minimum requirements for the National Recreational Boating Safety Program.
Boat Ed Boating Safety Courses - All of Boat Ed's state-specific boating safety courses are approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and recognized by the United States Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety
BoaterExam.com - A leading provider of safe boater education and certification across the United States and Canada. Our online boating safety course allows boaters to meet mandatory education requirements and to obtain their official boater education card or boating license online.
Boating Basics Online - Take a Boating Safety Course and Certification Test online.
PWC Safety School - America's free online source for Personal Watercraft
U.S. Sailing Programs offer instruction in small and large sailboats, windsurfers, and powerboats. All levels of instruction are available around the country for beginner to advanced skills. Information on courses and instruction is available on their website. They also have online sailing and powerboat courses.

Most yacht clubs also offer boating or sailing courses for juniors and adults. For a list of yacht clubs worldwide, click here.



  • BOATsmart! Canada - BOATsmart! Canada is dedicated to enhancing boating safety and providing the best pleasure craft operator training and testing available in Canada.
  • Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons - Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons provide boating safety courses Canada wide, power and sail navigation courses and offers Canadian Coast Guard approved boating license courses at locations across Canada.
  • Canadian Yachting Association - The CYA is the national governing body for the sport of sailing. With over 70 years of training experience, the CYA is Canada's premier on-water training organization.
  • Canada's Office of Boating Safety - The Office of Boating Safety recommends that all boaters take a boating safety course. Find out where you can write the test and/or take a course in your area.
  • Safe Boater Training Program - The Safe Boater Training Program is Canadian Coast Guard accredited to Conduct Training, Administer Exam Testing and Issue a Pleasure Craft Operator Card and Certification.

  • Coastguard Boating Education - New Zealand's leading provider of recreational boating courses, with more than 40 core and specialty programmes available for all levels of knowledge and ability.
  • Yachting New Zealand - New Zealand yachting's governing body. Most of their affiliated clubs offer learn to sail classes.


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Shipwreck Protection Strategy Needed To Protect Wrecks From Looters


American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

The Empress of Ireland is shown in an undated photo. The Canadian Pacific steamship collided  with a Norwegian freighter near Quebec on on May 29, 1914, sinking in 14 minutes and killing 1,012 people.

The Empress of Ireland is shown in an undated photo. The Canadian Pacific steamship collided with a Norwegian freighter near Quebec on on May 29, 1914, sinking in 14 minutes and killing 1,012 people. (Canadian Press/Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père) Photo from linked article in CBC NEWS NOVA SCOTIA

See: Shipwrecks in Canada 'poor cousin' to on-land archeological sites  by  CBC NEWS NOVA SCOTIA

""In Canada ... we don't have one standard. We have a patchwork of regulations that vary from province to province," Rondeau said, noting that the hodgepodge confuses even basic questions like who qualifies as an archeologist and how old does an archeological site have to be."  READ MORE AT CBC NEWS NOVA SCOTIA

 Shipwrecks are protected in international waters by international law. Within the territorial sea of nation states protection varies. Sometimes within large nation states, protection within state or provincial waters varies between sub national jurisdictions. Based on a number of articles that we link you to here it appears Canada is one such state, rich in ship wrecks and diverse in the regulations governing the archaeological excavation, salvage, or just plain treasure hunting aboard such wrecks. The Canadian government and populace appears to be becoming aware of the situation and concerned. Canadian salvers, treasure hunters, and recreational divers are well advised to follow this issue in diving and commercial salvage publications and web sites. As the general public and Parliament become more concerned what's legal today may not be by the time of that weekend dive. 

 There are a few widespread misconceptions about ship wrecks that we like to address: First a wrecked vessel is not part of the commons in any jurisdiction, not just anyone may dive aboard and remove things in almost any jurisdiction on earth. One universal of maritime law around the world is that a wreck remains the property of the owner, unless or until it is legally and on record abandoned to the insurer, then it is the property of the insurer. The lawful owner of a wreck has rights and liabilities. Salvers are not playing an adult game of "Razu'. By re-floating a wreck or removing valuables the salver gains a lien on the wreck, and/ or its contents, not title.  How much of a lien depends on an admiralty court's ultimate salvage award, which is based on the value of the salvaged objects and / or hull, the expense the salver went to, and the amount of effort and risk involved.   The are of course some wrecks that are so old even the nation state that originally launched the vessel has passed into history. Still, generally a successor state usually has recognized title. Even when this is not so, within about 200 miles of a coastal state's shore line a wreck is usually within the "Exclusive Economic Zone" of the adjacent coastal state and such ancient wrecks are most often protected by the adjacent coastal state's equivalent of a national antiquities department. Professional salvers know that the first step in a lawful salvage or archaeological effort is not running out to the wreck and diving on it, but hours of painstaking research in a library or archive, followed by tedious correspondence and negotiations with the owners and /or proper authorities. 

Finders keepers
Nova Scotia's shipwreck-filled waters and its laws that allow treasure hunters to keep 90 percent of the valuables they find have triggered a rush for sunken riches which has archaeologists and historians fuming 
Excerpt of story by Heather Pringle in CBC NEWS NOVA SCOTIA

 We would also like to remind our readers that any wreck dive even if your intention is to look and not touch is usually considered a "technical dive". You should never consider wreck or cave diving as covered by your basic SCUBA certification course, these are technical dives that require extra instruction, some experience led by an instructor, and careful planning. See out TECHNICAL DIVING PAGE for additional information. Wreck dives are fraught with unexpected hazards for the SCUBA diver lacking in specific wreck diving training and experience, and if you intend to take or disturb anything down there there are big legal hazards as well. Canada is not the only jurisdiction reviewing and considering tightening shipwreck protection laws. Know before you go.




 Image Courtesy National Park Service

 If you fish, eventually you catch something and you're going to want to cook and eat it. But first you have to clean the fish. There is no one right way that works best for all fish. Some fish have small scales, some large, and some, like catfish might be considered "skin fish". Some fish lend themselves handily to filleting, others are smaller, with more bones and can be a challenge. Probably the best way to learn a variety of techniques is to watch videos of several experts cleaning various types of fish. For your convenience below are a number of links to videos on Youtube depicting different systems of fish cleaning for various fish, and some that may work for most any fish. We will post this to our FISHING special interest pages and expand on it from time to time. Cleaning fish isn't the best part of fishing but it has aalways occupied the middle ground between catching and eating.









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"A new Logistics and Support Agreement has been discussed, which would allow the two militaries to use each other's land, air and naval bases for resupplies, repair and rest. However, the text of the agreement has not yet been finalized - that's expected in the next few months, said Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter after talks held today."  FOR THE FULL STORY CHECK NDTV

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Are America's Ports Secure?


Are America's Ports Secure?

"With fifty percent of U.S. imports travelling by sea, ensuring that ships have a secure place to dock poses a challenge to American law enforcement. With such a heavy economic importance placed on U.S. ports, they have become a target for those wishing to inflict harm on the United States." (Luke Penn-Hall writing April 6, 2016 in the Cyber Brief).  To which we at American Admiralty Books would add that of 77 materials considered strategic to our economy, 66 must be imported by sea. Port security is a topic that affects us all and should be a concern of every American. We share many of the concerns described in the Cyber Brief article and those of related panel writers linked to in this article. We urge all Americans to consider carefully the concerns described in the April 6, 2016 issue of Cyber Briefs


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 Reoccurring announcement Maritime TV:  http://www.maritimetv.com/Home.aspx

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


UPDATE: December 9, 2016 Treasonous Dutch Court, Applies without Mentioning It, Sharia Law And Convicts Wilder Of "Hate Speech" (Constructive Criticism And Open Discussion Of Islam, And Social Issues Raised By Massive Islamic Immigration To The Netherlands.)

 Creative Commons Attributiophoto by Rijksvoorlichtingsdiens / 

American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

 Dutch MP Geert Wilders went on trial for the second time last Spring in the Netherlands for speaking the truth about Islam, particularly the problems being caused in the Netherlands by the large mostly non citizen Moroccan population. On December 8, 2016 he was convicted by a cowardly and Islamic influenced corrupt Dutch court for a "Hate Crime". Geert, a leading member of the Dutch Parliament maintained and continues to maintain that as an elected representative of the Dutch Citizenry he a right, a duty, and an obligation to frankly discuss social issues such as the crime waves sweeping the Netherlands directly resulting from Islamic immigration, legal and illegal.

  That there is a massive crime problem attributable to the Moroccans and other Muslims can not be denied. As a member of Parliament Mr. Wilders  is obligated to discuss public issues. However, in the Netherlands today, as in a growing number of rapidly Islamifying EU nations , frank discussions about the effect of Islamic populations, many of them illegal aliens or non citizen residents, is politically incorrect,  Now governments are openly enforcing political correctness and as a biproduct Sharia Law. Sharia Law , the law of Islam disallows any criticism of Islam.  In the West today there is one and only one group about which disparaging public speech is allowed, white males. This trial should have been the European trial of the century but it got little play in the liberal; media of the U.S. and the EU.

 Mr. Wilders has previously addressed American audiences about the experience of the Netherlands with a large resident population of Muslims and predicted that within 12 years Europe as it has been known for hundreds of years will be no more and in its place will be an Islamic society. He has predicted that America will be the last to fall, but warns that if we do not start taking action now that fall will come much sooner than later. The PC crowd in the Netherlands moved right along with their second prosecution of Mr. Wilders, this time they put him before the PC equivalent of a "Hanging Judge". We think his opening statement rings true, a truth that needs to be told and defended, he is speaking for Western Civilization, a civilization rapidly assisting with its own conquest. We present his unedited opening statement for your own considered review.

 "Mr President, Members of the Court,
For more than eleven years, I have been living under death threats. Every day, I am reminded of this. Even today. This morning, I was driven here in a convoy of armored cars, with sirens, flashing lights, and surrounded by bodyguards. And not only today, but every day.
I will be brought home in the same way. Home is a safe-house. My office is a shielded room. And when I have to stand in court, it is here, in a bunker at Schiphol.
For more than eleven years already, I have been paying a heavy price. And I think that you as well as I know why. I am paying that price for the same reason as why I am standing in the dock for the second time. Because I dare to criticize Islam and mention the Moroccan problem.
"Freedom is the power that we have over ourselves," said the great Dutch jurist Hugo Grotius. His statue stands at the entrance of the Supreme Court in The Hague. Hugo Grotius is the symbol of Dutch law. But once he was on trial himself. He was sentenced to life because he had fought on the side of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt for Dutch freedoms. But Grotius escaped in a coffin and fled to Antwerp.
Sometimes I wish that I could escape myself. But I know that I cannot. I would have to pay a price which I do not want to pay. I would have to shut up. And I cannot. I do not want that. And I will not do it. Freedom of expression is the only freedom I still have. And, forgive me, I will never give it up.
So here I stand again.

And I honestly think it is a disgrace that I have to stand here. Millions of people in this country and abroad think so, too. I do not ask for your compassion. But now that I am forced to stand here, I ask of you that you give me what I am entitled to: a fair trial. I ask that Lady Justice be blindfolded.
And I fear this will not be the case.
As my lawyer explained, over half of the legal complaints lodged against me proved to be false when they were investigated. People thought they were voting in elections, instead of pressing charges. Or they did not know my name. Or they were illiterate or did not recognize their signature. Or they said they did not feel discriminated against, even though it said so in their complaint. I hope that you will never be accused of something that you did not do. Or they got assistance from mosques or Labor politicians. Or they were told by the police that the officers also felt uncomfortable with Wilders’ statements. Or they were told by the mosque administration that they had to fill out the forms the police was going to bring.
Mr President, Members of the Court, this is nothing but deception, manipulation, intimidation, ignorance, it is a scam. It is incredibly shocking. And that the prosecutor just said that this nothing to worry about is a disgrace. Because in front of you stands a politician. And he is being prosecuted because he has voiced a political opinion.
Why did I speak about fewer Moroccans?
The honest answer is because I want fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has a huge Moroccan problem. It is my job as a democratically elected representative of the people to honestly identify the problems in our country.

How and why do I want to get fewer Moroccans in our country has already been written down in the PVV election platform since 2006: We want to stop immigration from non-Western immigrants, and therefore also of Moroccans, to promote voluntary repatriation, and to denaturalize criminals with a dual nationality and expel them from the Netherlands. And before, during and after the contested election night, I have repeatedly explained this in front of many cameras and microphones.
I did not say "All Moroccans must leave the country" or "Moroccans are no good," but I advocated "fewer Moroccans". Because that is my opinion, that is what I want, and what many millions of Dutch want together with me.
The Public prosecutor is trying to catch me, but he is selectively shopping.

If I would have advocated fewer Syrians, then I would not be standing here today. Or I would not stand here alone, but together with Prime Minister Rutte and almost all the government leaders in Europe. Because today they all want to get fewer Syrians.
The Public Prosecution is also applying double standards. And there are many examples of this.

How quiet was it when, earlier, politicians from the Labor Party spoke about Moroccan cunts (Mr Oudkerk), about humiliating Moroccans (Mr Spekman) and about Moroccan boys who have an ethnic monopoly on nuisance (Mr. Samson). Why were they not being prosecuted?

And how quiet was it when a Turkish member of the Dutch Parliament (Mr Öztürk) compared me with a tumor and said "One has to fight him," and likened me to Hitler. Where were the mayors then who spoke shame of it and led processions of people going to press charges?
Where was the Public Officer’s press spokesperson when a Labor Party chairman (Mr Den Hertog) said that he hopes that I die of a heart attack, but that if a bullot is needed then it would have to big enough to engrave from the grateful people on it?

Where was the outrage of the Prime Minister when a D66 member (Mr Mohammed) said he would put a bullet through my head and cut me open and feed me to the pigs?

And why was there no prosecution of the former police commissioner of Amsterdam, Mr Van Riessen, who said about me, and I quote: "Basically one would feel inclined to say: let’s kill him, just get rid of him now and he will never surface again." End of quote.
Where were the preprinted declaration forms then?
What a duplicity. What a selective indignation.
And when someone is taken to court, such as the Moroccan rapper who said that he, and I quote, "hates these fucking Jews even more than the Nazis", end of quote, then he is acquitted, because then suddenly his words are covered by freedom of speech.
These double standards and this hypocrisy by both politicians and the Public Prosecutor turn this trial into a political trial. The leader of the largest opposition party, who proves too strong to defeat in Parliament, must be neutralized. That is a disgrace and I hope you will not allow yourselves to be taken advantage of.
Because the problems of which I speak will not go away by keeping silent about them.

Silence is not an option.

Silence is cowardly.

Silence is betrayal.
If I, as the political leader of my party, during an election gathering of my party, am not allowed to say what has been written down in my party platform for a decade, then this is absolute madness and then one has to convict me.
My opinions will not change. And one will not be able to silence me.
I have been deprived of my freedom for over eleven years and the only freedom I still have is my freedom of speech. Nobody will be able to rob me of it. But obviously, I hope that you will leave the political and public debate to the political and public debate, that you will not turn this courtroom into a political forum, and that you acquit me.
On August 24 last year, in the television program ‘Looking into the Soul’, I heard one of your fellow penal judges, Mr Hermans, say that voting for the PVV is – I quote – a "huge contra-indication to the profession of judge." Excuse me that this worries me.
And I am even more worried because, of all people, it happened to be one of you three, Mrs Van Rens, who on August 17 last year in the television program ‘Looking into the Soul’ criticized political views of my party, which is allowed of course. She said that she opposes minimum sentences and expelling illegal immigrants. But she said even more. Mrs Van Rens also criticized the judicial decision during my previous trial to approve our objection to the court. She said she did not understand that the objection was assigned by fellow judges because, and I quote: "there was no proper basis in penal law to allocate the objection."

Mr President, Members of the Court, there has been only one single judge in the Netherlands who has openly criticized the judicial decision in favor of me. Only one. And she is exactly the judge opposite me in court today.
Madam Judge, I hope you understand that I am saying this and that I do not find this very reassuring. It would do you credit if you would withdraw from this case and I strongly call on you to do so.
Mr President, Members of the Court.

I conclude.

I meant what I have said, I spoke on behalf of millions of Dutch, I retract nothing and have no regrets. I have said what I think and I will continue to do so. Always. But I hate no one, I do not incite any hatred and I abhor everything that has to do with discrimination. That is the truth. Only in a dictatorship, speaking the truth is a crime. And only in a dictatorship, the opinion of millions of people is criminalized.
I stand here before three judges, but actually it should be the 17 million Dutch who should judge my political expressions.
So I ask you: Let freedom of expression prevail.

Let the Netherlands remain a free country.

Acquit me.
Thank you very much."



“truth and liberty are stronger than you”