SIX WEEK ON LINE WEB COURSE: I've learned from experience that fly fishing can be self taught, but very frustrating. You really can't get it out of a book. But with video and practice the process can be sped up. Anni is a regular follower of mine on G mail. This is not a paid advertisement for us, this is a recommendation. Wannabe flyfisher folk try Anni's course get on the water faster and more effectively! -Johnas Here is Anni's web site:

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For me fly fishing is the best and all time favorite reason to get outside, to get to nature, to get a chance to go listen to the sounds of the river. It’s just a way to feel more, to experience more. To live more! 🎣

And my super favorite thing is to get new people to fall for fly fishing.

So I’m really happy to announce a brand new Home Study version of the Fly School with Anni online course is out as of today!
To celebrate getting this NEW Home Study Course launched, I’m offering a sweet deal for those WHO KNOW they want more experiences, more fun and more fly fishing! And they know they want to start now!

Go and grab your place now on Fly School with Anni before Tuesday night, it's only for 24€. (Normally 39 €) 🎏
Get your place here -->
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