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the Maritime Executive carried a story that we link you to concerning a partner ship between French cargo ship Operator NEOLINE and French automobile manufacturer Groupe Renault.  the partnership has plans to build and operate an auxiliary sail powered ro ro between france and north east american and canadian ports. The primary propulsion will be sail. But this sail plan will feature the computer guided and automatically controlled modern self furling type sails and not the labor intensive rigs of yester year. Read all about this exciting development in the maritime executive

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American Cruise Ship Captain Fined Over Fuel Sulfur Content By French Court

The Azura (file image) from the Maritime Executive Post 

BY MAREX 2018-11-26 17:20:00
 On Monday November 26, 2018 a french maritime court in Maeseille finded American Master Mariner, Capt. Evans Hout, of the P&O cruise ship AZURA $110,000 for using fuel with a sulfur content 0.18% above a disputed regulatory limit. While the court did rule that the parent organization of the P&O , Carnival Corporation should pay $90,000 of the fine we have to wonder just how much the French Court thinks an American Master working aboard a foreign flag ship makes in a year. How accurate are the testing methods of sulphur content that a tiny fraction of 1% of the regulatory sulphur limit is detectable and not disputable? Why is the Captain's part of the fine higher than many fines to individuals for full blown larceny related felonies. More over why is the French court enforcing this regulation now after informing the cruise industry that it would not apply to cruise ships. This is just one more example of how socialists Western governments are making minute details of of deviations from regulated maritime activity criminal. One has to wonder why anyone would want to be a Merchant Marine Officer today. We urge our readers to review the full story in the MARITIME EXECUTIVE. The MARITIME EXECUTIVE appears to be providing excellent coverage of the broad problem of near global criminalization of minor maritime operational missteps. You can always find a live link to the MARITIME EXECUTIVE and other maritime periodicals in our NEWS AND INTELLIGENCE SECTION'

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Italy Recently Ordered The Seizure Of An NGO Owned "Rescue Ship"Over HIV / Meningitis / and Turberculis Infected Clothing Mislabeled as "Special Waste vice "Toxic Waste". 

  Needless to say the American MSM and the lefty media globally are promoting this as over kill and unkindness. We think it is a measure long over due. The offending ship the AQUARIS was at last report docked in Marseilles, France and beyond the reach of Italian authorities. But the charges certainly complicate the ship's ability to operate anywhere near Italian waters. The ship is operated by the NGO Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) which sounds a lot like "Doctors Without Borders" but its not. NGOs that continue to operate "Rescue Services" continue to encourage illegal migrant traffic into Southern Europe. They do not heed the instructions of Southern european National Coast Guards and are contributing top the problem and not helping resolve it. The Italian prosecutors fined the MSF and confiscated some of its assets in Italy. We go against the grain of the lefty dominated media globally here, but we applaud the Italian action. Below is our original item on the subject of NGOs as terrorists ferry services, some well meaning but increasingly simply Islamomilitant. 


File:Refugees crossing the Mediterranean sea on a boat, heading from Turkish coast to the northeastern Greek island of Lesbos, 29 January 2016.jpg

When does a rescue mission turn into a ferry service? KATIE HOPKINS reveals how the well-meaning groups trying to stop migrants from drowning may be risking the very lives they are trying to save

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American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

Now the Great Catfish Updates us on a recent development

Editor's note: We first published this post 2 years ago. The planet has moved a bit farther out of the former Exoatmosphere and winter is coming. We are expecting colder than recent past winters other than on the East Coast for quite some time now due to solar flare activity and the surface temperature inversion in the Atlantic of two years ago. The effects of the Solar flare activity of last year should wear off completely by 2020, but the effects of an Atlantic surface temperature inversion usually last 20 to 30 years. In any year the effects of a strong El Nino could cancel the effects of the solar flare activity and Atlantic surface temperature inversion in some places. But no one really knows how moving out of the relatively dense Exoatmosphere will affect weather or climate.The planet is changing neighborhoods and it hasn't done that in millions of years. Even Namazu with 3,000 years of weather observation admits to being a bit puzzled.


Greetings Bipeds!
 In the past when we have discussed the various natural causes of climate change, including sudden and dramatic climate change, we have mentioned besides such earthly causes as ocean current changes, and volcanic activity; changes that happen in space. These changes may include such factors as change in the shape of the Earth's orbit, it's angle of inclination on its axis, solar flares and similar solar phenomena. We have not mentioned previously that the entire solar system is moving slowly through space. The planets and other content of the solar system are not all just spinning around the sun in place for millenniums, we are not only moving around the sun and in circles relative to  each other, the entire solar system is moving slowly through space. In the AAB series "SPACE AS AN OCEAN" the authors did bring up the idea that Space isn't just , well, empty space, though in a comparative sense with the Earth's atmosphere it isn't very dense with stuff between planets and stars. 

 As it turns out for quite some time now we have been moving through a rather gassy area of space. The gases are no where near as dense as even a thin atmosphere as found clinging to planets, but it is there in detectable amounts with modern technology. Scientists call the region of space that we have been traveling through for the past few million years "the Local Interstellar Cloud". For the purpose of our discussion here I've coined the term the "Exoatmosphere" to underscore the idea that this is gas beyond the atmosphere. Thin and wispy to a point of being virtually, but not quite actually nothingness. None the less, we can detect the stuff of the "Exoatmosphere or "Local Interstellar Cloud" and determine its relative "flow" direction and velocity. There is no doubt that this Exoatmosphere can have a dramatic effect on the weather in the Earth's atmosphere, and climate is simply average weather over protracted periods.

 We recently became aware that the exoatmosphere of space contains not only gases that may affect planetary weather but also collections of particles in various configurations. Astronomers now suggest that we are probably approaching a "dark matter hurricane".This "particle storm" will envelope the Earth on its way through the Milky Way galaxy that we are a part of. But without instruments manned by astute astro physicists we mere mortals are unlikely to notice the "storms passage". It's called a dark matter "hurricane" more for the size and shape of formation than for its destructive capacity in the world of non dark matter.

 "Dark matter hurricanes" are associated at least as far we know today with particle streams in space that we are just starting to understand. It is almost as if the galaxy we live in has eddies and streams somewhat like our own planet's oceans have. There are a number of what astrophysicists call "Stellar streams spread throughout the Milky Way. These are gatherings of stars that were once dwarf galaxies or clusters of stars. Millions of years before even the birth of myself, the Great Namazu these star clusters were torn apart as they collided with our Galaxy as it passed through space. The debris from that collision left a stream of orbiting stars that circle our galactic center. As our Galaxy passed through the area of space where it encounter these debris stars we picked up the stars that lacked the velocity to travel into and then out of our system. No doubt this is one of the ways that galaxies grow in matter volume as they age and travel through space. 

 Of course we aren't exactly sure what makes up dark matter. The candidates for component parts include weakly -interacting particles appropriately referred to as "WIMPS" , and what sounds like their opposites  "gravitationally -interactive massive particles or Gimps and something called Axions which are still more theory than proven particles. Scientists have a net work of sensors around the globe in place in the hope that as we are over run by the "Dark Matter Hurricane" they will finally detect the dark matter and be able to move it out of the realm of theory and into the status of proven fact. For the rest of us the educated guess is that it will be a non event.

 But then we don't really know. The point is that space isn't nearly as empty as commonly thought and as our planet moves through different exoatmospheres the things it encounters in space often have effects great and small on our planetary weather. As we originally reported we are moving now into a new region of the exoatmosphere than that which we have been inhabiting for thousands of years.  

 Well, as my sailor buddies at the AAB say; "stand by for heavy rolls". As we reported about two year ago, our planet's long standing relationship with the Exoatmosphere may be about to change. Astronomer David McComas of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas believes there has been a shift in direction of the helium atoms that flow into the solar system. Think of this flow of helium atoms as a sort of measure of a more complex flow of atoms that we call the "interstellar wind". According to McComas if the direction change continues for  hundreds to thousands of years (something that no one can predict or determine with any accuracy at the moment) our solar system could be in for some big time change. This change in direction could signal a change in the heliosphere , a really big bubble of charged particles blown out by the sun in the solar wind that protects the solar system from harmful cosmic rays. The size, shape and effectiveness of the heliosphere is shaped by the balance between the outward push of the solar wind and the inward pressure from gas in the Exoatmosphere or Local Interstellar Cloud, otherwise called by real science guys "the interstellar wind." 

 As measured so far the perceived change in direction is small roughly about 6 degrees over the last 40 years (I'm not sure that before that we could measure these things). However if the flow continues in this direction the general current flow could shift to the other side of the heliosphere (what I have been calling the Exoatmosphere in this discussion) and distort its shape letting in more harmful cosmic rays that negatively impact life on earth. Now we all know that forests produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but fewer people realize that microscopic phytoplankton is the bigger photosynthetic oxygen system on the planet. These microscopic floating plants are probably much more sensitive to these cosmic rays than a sequoia. We could be in big trouble in the future (but probably not your life time) in terms of the oxygen content of the atmosphere. Now there is a climate change! 

 The more likely result may be a massive die off of the less cosmic ray resistant forms of life most importantly certain species of phytoplankton and an increase in the cosmic ray resistant variety with a lot of ecological instability during the transition. Climates change, its what they do , so does life. All states of apparent relative equilibrium are temporary, even if they last millions of years. Life forms including us who may be caught mid life cycle in one of these dramatic changes suffer.  

 We can't do a single thing about these potential causes of mega climate change. But we can do something about the results of such events. We now know that climates change and can change rapidly and drastically and we can't do anything about these planetary or cosmic change agents. We also know that the type of climate change that Al Gore talks about, if actually happening (a big if given the actual science) is beyond our ability to change due to global politics. The United States which never signed the Kyoto Accords continues to reduce green house gas emissions while others that did sign increase their production and continue to point their fingers at the United States.  So it is pointless to worry about the various causes of climate change. Change will eventually come regardless. It is time to do something about managing the negative consequences and protecting our large population centers. We can change building codes, flood protection systems, and food production/transportation systems to anticipate and compensate of such change when , not if it comes. These are the facts Jack

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Its been a couple of weeks since the President announced to the sound of crickets in the lame stream media his latest slap in the face to the Russian Bear. The bear needed at least a bitch slapping, if not a right cross, over its misbehavior and constant violation of the INTERMEDIATE RANGE NUCLEAR FORCE TREATY (INF). Regan and Gorbachev signed the treaty back in 1987. The treaty was supposed to eliminate all land based  missiles with effective ranges between 500 and 5,000 kilometers (310 miles to 3,417 miles). In fact it did eliminate the US Pershings and our ground launched cruise missiles. It probably eliminated some Soviet intermediate range missiles. Unfortunately while the US spent the years between 1987 and 1991 deconstructing this portion of our nuclear arsenal, the Bear just kept on violating the treaty while successive US presidents did nothing in protest. "The Donald" has ended that situtaion. 

Citing Article XV, paragraph 2 of the treaty he pulled the US out of the treaty based on past and now on going Russian violations. We've noticed that all over the English speaking world they name streets after the bear "ONE WAY". "The Trumpster's" response in this case was simply "America First you fat hairy bear!". 

The straw that broke the camel's back was that the Bear has been testing and probably deployed their M729 cruise missile.  This is a clear Russian violation of the treaty. The Dragon didn't sign the treaty and has been building such "theater wapons" as fast as possible. So while the Bear assures us that we must act to recover our defensive position relative to "Theater Nukes", the Dragon all by itself, makes it necessary to respond to their threat with weapons formerly banned to us by a treaty that the Bear refuses to honor. The lame stream media has largely not reacted to this story as it doesn't jib with their Trump as Russian puppet narrative. Where they have been unable to avoid carrying the story they scream that the President ( you know the one the American People elected vice her majesty Killarey) is making the world more dangerous. Which he is if you mean more dangerous for the Dragon, the Russians, the Iranians and other world dictator wanna be types. 

The analysts who have chosen to interpret this as Trump making the world more dangerous, couldn't be further from the truth. The world is only becoming less susceptibe to Russian and Chinese nuclear black mail. Credibility is the key to nuclear deterrence. If all we have is the big city / region leveling weapons we are unlikely to use them in the face of a hit by a smaller though nuclear weapon that confines its damage to say the space of a major strategic air base and some immediately surrounding territory. In short the United States as a moral and ethical nation is unlikely to respond to a base killer with a city killer weapon. But at present we have no appropriate nuclear response to the weapons the Bear and the Dragon are actually building and deploying. 

The Bear and the Dragon are starting to see American gigantic strategic, vice tactical nuclear forces as not very credible. Both beasts see the US as lacking the national will to respond to a local force annilating attack with a nation killing weapon. Of course neither beast would hesitate to do so. Donald Trump knows every attack on America will be met with massive antiwar movements. The Bear and the Dragon are probably right. So we are left with no choice but to restock our theater nukes. Formal withdrawal from the treaty is exactly the right first move. 

Right now neither beast is willing to do anything but forge ahead emboldened by 8 years of the Obama cowardice. But the President's bold move serves them notice that they have started an arms race. The Soviet Union fell due to such a race. President Regan forced them to go broke trying to keep up with the US. This move by Trump gives them an out. They can eliminate the possiblilty of regime change as a result of national bankruptcy by simply ceasing the expense of building an arsenal we can rapidly out pace, and redirecting the funds to quality of life measures for their own populations. Trump is inviting the Bear and the Dragon to sue for peace or risk regime change at the hands of their own people. It's all of a piece. Tariffs, arms races, even the US finincial debt to China are all being used by this President to halt aggression. As a business man he understands that just as lenders have leverage over browers, big enough borrowers have leverage over lenders. 

No one expects that if China started a war with the US that we would continue to pay our debts while engaged in a contest of arms. We don't owe Russia but we were a big help to them after the fall of the Soviet union. We won't be very cooperative if they continue to be hostile to our every intention. We have nothing to fear from a new Cold War. We won the last one, we'll win a new one. The Bear and the Dragon know their best bet is to avoid a new Cold War at all costs. But the constant presence of our internal enemies and their determination to bring down this President reinforce the determination of the Dragon and the Bear to continue towards peer power status. The challenge for the American People is simple. Can we hold on to Trump and defang the Democrats permanently? If yes America will hold on for at least another one hundred years. If not, don't make any long range plans its that simple.