Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Check Out This Hyperlink To Our New Promotional Video:


 At the Introduction section we still tell the new visitor what they can expect here at American Admiralty Books,.However, we now give the visitor the choice of wadding through several paragraphs of print for the rock bottom basics of clicking on a hyperlink , kicking back and enjoying a really stunning maritime video. Those of you counted among our earliest visitors have probably already read the introduction, but if you have a minute click on the above hyperlink to our "promo".  We didn't contract this out, the "promo" was done by one of our own "library elves", who just happens to be a graduate oceanographer and accomplished navigator. Like all of us here in the American Admiralty Books work shop our videographer has a connection to the federal maritime establishment. Since we make no promise to toe any government line, corporate line, publisher line, and frankly take kinder to "suggestions' than "rules" we don't often use the real names of our library elves working so diligently on constructing this site.   This way no overbearing "Fed" can claim that anything any of us has written could possibly be confused with any official position we may have to adopt in our day jobs. But if you like what you see on the "promo" keep in mind that the responsible library elf owns production equipment, is not adverse to outside income,and may be reached through this site. Just reference "Video Elf" in your comment or e-mail and we'll put you in contact with our video guru.

 Finally if you are a fan , and we hope you are please help us spread the word about our blog by copying the above hyperlink and sending it to anyone on your e-mail address book with a professional or recreational interest in things watery.

Thank you,

Chief Library Elf (CLE)

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