Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sailing, Rowing,  Boat Building,  Pirates  Even!



The Long Boat Company is a bit like wilderness; you may not be able be aboard as often as you would like but it's good for the soul just to know its there. I first became aware of the existence of the Longboat company when I encountered former American Admiralty Bureau Examiner and retired Coast Guard Officer Bill Riley one night in Annapolis wearing a straw "boater" with horns.

  "Viking Summer Dress Hat" he nonchalantly explained. Then he explained how he belonged to this crew of viking boat replica builders and reinactors and general row and sail abouts who basically just like to row and sail about the Chesapeake in an authentic Viking long boat recreation, in or out of Viking costume.  They also generally like to consume prodigious quantities of "mead and ale" , or "whatever beer you got". The Longboat company generally, actually, usually, more or less sorta, avoids actual looting and pillaging, but they always like to look and sound the part in or out of costume, Can I hear an "ARRRRRRRRRRRR!".

 Really doesn't it do that part of your maritime heart that secretly admires the daylights out of the fictional "Capt. Jack" good to know that on any given day from March through November and at other unpredictable times, somewhere on the Chesapeake's quaint waterfronts there is a viking replica with a bedraggled boat keeper in it who upon seeing you, in your Sunday best with your best girl on your arm, will greet you with a warm and friendly "A goat and two pigs for the woman, mate!

 The hyperlink below takes you to a short video on the Longboat Company by early AAB commentator "SWORDWHALE". Apparently our own blog member "Teanna" is also a Longboater. . We can't all be Longboaters but ain't it good to know they are out there ? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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