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 The MINUTE MAN PROJECT which we link you to here  asserts that were  68 Islamist terrorists plots disrupted or actual attacks on America between  9/11/2001 and 5/29/2015. Since 2015 we seen a number of attacks including a mass shooting in Orlando.  By all estimates it appears these sorts of attacks and plots are increasing in frequency and severity. Fortunately the two Muslim gunmen who attacked the cartoonist convention in Texas were shot before gaining entrance into the building. The HERITAGE FOUNDATION maintains that the Texas event points to a need for a serious reevaluation and reform of our counter terrorists strategy . Back in 2015 ISIS claimed to have over 70 trained terrorist then in 15 U.S. states. We haven't seen anything between 2015 and June of 2017 to indicate the number has been reduced. We urge our readers to link into these some what dated two linked articles. The game has been changing. The Obama administration did nothing to protect you. The Trump administration is just a little over 3 years into office at this point. So far all of the Trump Administration's attempts at protecting you have been met with court ordered pauses and Congressional foot dragging.  The targets are increasing. Your life, if we don't start really fighting back, is becoming more at risk and your freedom of movement is coming under fire. It is time for the gloves to come off and the Islamofascists to be put down.

 One credible threat recently articulated that few seem to be paying attention to is the threat against Christians and Jews at worship services. The Christian virtue of forgiveness does not preclude self defense. We probably don't need to remind Jewish Americans about the right , duty , and obligation that all people have towards their self defense. Security at worship services and religious community gatherings needs to be stepped up. We urge pastors and lead rabbis to contact the Church Security Alliance for information on some specific security measures that can be taken.

An Ann Arbor a Catholic priest raised a few eye brows recently when he sent a letter to the members of his parish urging them to arm themselves.  He invited them to take a concealed pistol class being offered at Christ the King parish. The Catholic Bishop didn't agree maintaining that security at churches should be provided by public and private security professionals and that the church building itself should be a "gun free zone". Interestingly the Bishop didn't disagree with the need for security just how it should be provided. We of course disagree with ever labeling any building that admits the public a "gun free zone", you may as well put out the "open season on citizens" sign as far as the bad guys are concerned. In the bible we read of the early Christians who were severely persecuted "posting a guard" while at community worship. Christians and Jews today in America as well as around the world are being persecuted. Its not as bad in America as elsewhere, but grows worse by the day. We urge pastors , Rabbis, Deacons and all Christians and Jews to start securing your places of worship today. Things are not going to improve until we protect ourselves and push back against the Islamification of America. So far every attempt by the Executive Department of the Federal Government to protect us has fallen before the socialists federal judges, the democratic party , and the Islamofacists. 

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