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THIS BAD: and worse

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 France used to be the "daughter of the Church", a defender of Catholic Christianity but in recent years the national government has adopted secular humanism as the de facto state "religion".  The wearing of religious symbols or garb in public schools is forbidden to both Christians and Muslims. Muslims who routinely demand special privilege in the West refuse to cooperate. The French left, responsible for the French experiment in "diversity" does little to enforce the ban against Muslim symbols and garb, especially in the "mini Caliphates" found in most large French cities today. The left never misses an opportunity to drive the Catholic Church, other Christian denominations, and Jewish congregations underground. The results are a rising tide of violence against native French by an increasingly emboldened Muslim minority. As might be expected a native movement is forming among the natural born French. The movement has so far been defensive, but quite willing to be violently defensive in the face of ever increasing Islamic violence and hostility. We are monitoring the French native "resistance" to the Islamification of France. It seems the more the leftist government demands that the native French bow to Islamification, in the false name of "diversity", the stronger the native resistance grows. The more the native resistance becomes manifest, the worse the Islamic reaction. One study mentioned in this video indicates that one in five native French nationals on average has directly experienced Muslim taunting, verbal insult, or violent assault. How long will the native resistance be defensive if the French government doesn't act to bring the Muslim problem under control?

 To the French native resistance, and to people of common sense everywhere "under control" is easy to define". First, the native resistance and people of common sense want one law to apply everywhere in France, and that law is the previously existent law of France, admittedly influenced by Judaeo / Christian principals, and  diametrically opposite the anti human law of the Sharia,  Second the native peoples of France want freedom of religion, and do not demand total freedom from religion. Separation of church and state is fine, but no special status for Muslims or their retrograde and inhuman law, no banning of Christian or Jewish symbols, or Muslim symbols for that matter with the exception of the flags of the avowed enemies of the state such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas , et al.  The native resistance also expects the right to self defense, no labeling using mace, or a club to defend yourself against a Muslim attack as a "Hate crime" while allowing Muslim attacks to go unpunished. The native resistance is not demanding death to all Muslims or even expulsion. But the native resistance does demand that Muslims who can't abide by French law and accommodate to French culture should in fact be expelled. 

 Frankly we are pleased to learn of the growing native resistance in France but we are not hopeful  that the leftist governments of France or the EU generally are listening to the original inhabitants. The left , if anything, seems more militant than ever that if the natives don't bend to their will, they will simply import more Muslims to assure compliance. The Muslims will eventually co-opt the leftist and create Islamic states, putting the detested leftist "useful idiots" to the wall and demanding conversion or abject subjugation / death to the rest of the native population. In the alternative, enough of the native French electorate might revolt sufficiently to put the left out of office at the next elections and a gradual screw tightening against Muslim violence might ensue. Many Muslims, if religious freedom vice Muslim dominance under the guise of freedom from religion  were enforced, would convert, ending the problem within a generation at least for those families. Many would leave, and the problem would simmer down to a manageable level. Failing either of those two alternatives , the most probable alternative is the rise of an offensive native movement and lots of blood shed, with the Muslims eventually driven out leaving their dead behind and leftist hanging from lamp posts. Sorry, short of the Second Coming, we just don't see any other alternative futures.

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